Overview of 2key

  • 2KEY tokens are a crypto currency, an integral part of the blockchain infrastructure powering 2key network.The 2key network tokenomy includes auto-hodling, auto-demand and auto-burning mechanism that increase the value of 2KEY tokens in direct proportion to the network use, benefitting all users.
  • 2key cutting edge technology, developed in parallel with its unique product, positions 2key to be a key actor in onboarding the non-crypto Internet users onto the decentralized web.‍With 2key SmartLinks, users don’t even need to know about the existence of Web 3.0 to leverage its advantages.
  • 2key Network is the rational Decision: Smart Links are able to capture various other aspects, including the on-chain identity of the clicker, the on-chain identity of the people whose shares led to the click, and the identities of the people a converted lead forwards the link.
  • 2key Network is the rational Decision: 2key Network is able to track the entire lifetime of a link’s shares and thus incentivizes people to share links without being concerned about whether the link’s share chain has become too long to be detectable by the tracking mechanism.
  • 2key is decentralized, built on blockchain to ensure full transparency and immutability and eliminate the need for a middleman, and SmartLinks are run by smart-contracts that cannot technically be modified once they are deployed, guaranteeing their execution.
  • 2key is on the fast track to bring mass adoption to the crypto space.The organic spread of 2key SmartLinks has begun, drawing strength from 2key unique blockchain-based referral solution, and boosting value for the 2KEY token hodlers as the network grows.
  • 2key Network is another intriguing project with a solid use case and the team are setting out to disrupt the online advertising and referral marketing sectors that have become entirely dependent on large centralized operators.
  • 2key protocol eliminates that barrier of entry, bridging the gap between HTTP links and smart contracts by turning users’ browser into a node with a non-custodial address that can seamlessly reward actions with tokens.
  • 2key is safe and secure because personal information isn’t needed to connect and all data is anonymous and encrypted to the highest level (not even 2key can access it) so no one except the users will ever see it.
  • 2key Network is the rational Decision: 2key campaigns are incredible easy to start as a contractor needs to merely make an account and then simply fill in a few data fields to launch the campaign.
  • Blockchain

    Projects such as Leadrex, Coupit, HOQU, and Reftoken are currently aiming to disrupt the affiliate marketing sector while other projects operating in the blockchain digital marketing niche include Basic Attention Token for online advertising, BitBounce for email marketing, Steemit and Decent for content marketing and Santiment for marketing analytics, and as a result 2key can be compared to the following projects in terms of valuation.


    Crypto adoption rate remains low due to complex onboarding process and steep learning curve.That is how user-friendly 2key network design is!2key is a layer-2 scalability solution interacting with Ethereum mainnet to combine the agility, flexibility, and speed of layer-2 with the immutability, and stability of layer-1 while minimizing the gas costs.‍In the near future, 2key SDK will enable developers to jumpstart DApp development and enrich apps and software by accessing the protocol functionalities and web 3.02key is paving the way for full Web 2.0-Web 3.0 inter-operability.Users do not even realize that they are part of the Web 3.0 revolution until they decide to withdraw their rewards.


    2key uses multi-step tracking technology that makes it possible to track and record each person involved in a link-sharing chain.As a result, ARCs can perform self- tracking and play out 2key smart-contracts as they are distributed online using any web3.0 wallet which supports ERC20 tokens.Each Contract run on the network issues its own batch of ARCs, which act as a native web 3.0 multi-step referral and conversion tracking mechanism, which can also be viewed and interfaced with by using any ERC20-compliant client.The protocol also acts as a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum and incorporates Action Referral Contracts (ARCs) which are novel, patent pending solutions which see 2key’s multi-step tracking technology being natively integrated into the blockchain infrastructure.The team at 2key have created a social economy supported by blockchain technology that provides a new economic model for online sharing and rewards the various participants involved in the dispersion of online content and link sharing.

    What’s Next on the 2key Roadmap?

    2key plans to hold a presale in the third quarter of 2018, with the full token sale taking place by the end of the year.The company plans to concurrently create a system for exchanging fiat currency for 2key tokens within the 2key system itself.The company’s core referral products are due to be launched in the first quarter of 2019, with the roadmap into the second half of 2019 dominated mainly by adoption and promotion.Technological development and product improvement is an ongoing process, the team stated.

    What’s the Market Like?

    2KEY is an ERC20 token with a total supply of 1 billion.The coins will be minted, with about 45 percent slated for sale at a price of $0.095 by the end of 2018.

    Who’s the Team Behind 2key?

    The CEO of 2key is Erez Ben-Kiki.Before founding 2key, Erez founded marketing firm EBK Olam in Tel Aviv, Israel.He also previously worked as a social media buyer for William Hill.The company’s chief technology officer and co-founder is eiTan LaVi.LaVi previously served as the director of data science at Keywee, a content delivery system.

    What is 2Key?

    2Key is a Layer 2 Protocol on Ethereum that allows users to unlock the true potential of their organic reach through a blockchain referral solution.2Key easily fuses smart contracts and multi-step tracking into HTTP Links.

    How Does the 2key System Work?

    2key’s referral system operates via a series of bids and offers between influencers and advertisers.The actions of influencers are recorded on the 2key blockchain and rewarded via smart contract triggers.

    Interested To JoinOur Team?

    2key is actively building the decentralized economy infrastructure enabling the 3.5 billion people connected to the Web to benefit directly from their online activity.

    What is Chainlink?

    Chainlink is a network that allows decentralized applications secure access to off-chain data and systems needed to trigger and settle smart contracts.It does so using a decentralized network of oracles — digital agents employed by a smart contract to retrieve and/or connect it to data and systems outside its native blockchain (off-chain).Oracles enable tamper-proof smart contracts to execute actions on trusted non-blockchain infrastructure and interact with data without any centralized vulnerability.It’s an all-in-one network for users to customize how their contract communicates with anything off-chain using varying levels of decentralization, data aggregation, and oracle selection.

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