Overview of Achain

  • Achain won
    the “Most Valuable” award issued by the 6th China financial summit, “Excellent Blockchain Enterprise
    / Community” issued by Finwise global blockchain summit and “2018 Most Investment Value Blockchain
    Project” by Hurun Hundred Fortune.
  • Achain is making efforts to build up a high-performance decentralized enterprise blockchain platform to develop business blockchain applications, to eliminate cognitive fear of enterprises facing blockchain technology or corresponding applications, and to make the blockchain visualized and configurable.
  • Achain’s RDPoS is inseemed to be better than DPoS for one main reason: while DPoS only allows one validator to generate a block, RDPoS enables all of the top 99 validators to participate in transaction verification in a few instances if needed.
  • Achain is sponsoring the LatAm 2018 Blockchain Conference in Sao Paulo on May 28th, where Jonah Schulman, Achain’s US community manager, will be speaking and will officially announce Achain’s plans for expansion within Latin America.
  • Achain, a blockchain platform that is already popular in China, has recently uploaded its source code to GitHub and launched a community in an attempt to draw in blockchain enthusiasts and developers.
  • Achain, a public platform that enables developers to issue tokens and create custom smart contracts announces the listing of its ACT token on Latin America’s biggest crypto exchange, Bitlnka.
  • Achain has since won many competitions in China including the Innovative Application Competition in 2016 and the China Blockchain Development Competition in 2017.
  • Achain (French pronunciation: ​[aʃɛ̃]; German: Eschen) is a commune in the Moselle department in Grand Est in northeastern France.
  • Achain can create and run smart contracts, issue various types of digital assets, copyright protection, certificates of evidence, etc.
  • Achain (ACT) has several notable exchange listings, particularly with popular Asian exchanges like Huobi, OKEx, and KuCoin.
  • Blockchain

    He was an early investor in blockchain and is a veteran
    of the industry.He was later awarded the “Future Star” by Zhongguancun Alliance and was listed 30
    under 30 on famous venture capital magazine “CYZONE”.In 2017 Goopal became the founder member of Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance.on
    the world-famous technology business magazine Red Herring Global as a Top 100 technology award recipient.Tony Cui is the founder of Achain and Goopal.Under his leadership, Goopal was listed..


    Achain is a public blockchain platform that enables developers of all levels to issue tokens, create smart contracts,
    build decentralized applications and blockchain systems.Achain is committed to building a global blockchain
    network for information exchange and value transactions.


    According to various online discussions, there are still a couple of good options to choose from.For example, you can create your own ACT web wallet on the Achain Browser site.In addition, Kcash is a popular choice that supports ACT as well as hundreds of other cryptocurrencies across nine of the most popular public blockchains.Since Achain has its own blockchain, some of the more popular cryptocurrency wallet options do not currently support ACT.


    Achain is “a public blockchain platform that enables developers of all levels of experience to issue tokens, smart contracts, create applications and blockchain systems.Achain is committed to building a global blockchain network for information exchange and value transactions.”But let’s go slowly.

    Achain – Smart Contract Network & Blockchain Wallet Platform?

    Blockchain technology offers users and developers a wide range of applications that aren’t limited to use as currency.Smart contracts are one of the most promising and interesting technologies to develop from the blockchain, and have the potential to completely replace traditional contract law and- according to some industry observers- render lawyers obsolete.

    How can Achain create another 1,000 Litecoins?

    Litecoin is a fork of Bitcoin with the goal of decreasing block generation time to 2.5 minutes.As compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes, this results in faster transaction speeds.This kind of willingness to innovate is in Litecoin’s core and they’ve proven it time and time again.They adopted Segregated Witness and the first Lightning Network transaction was done through Litecoin.

    Is it as easy as that?

    Any change comes with risks and overhauling the mechanics of such a long-established system is no exception.One of the biggest challenges will be for parties that are used to dealing with the members of the supply chain that are directly above or below them adjusting to, and ensuring there are appropriate processes to enable, the multi-party approach that deploying blockchain effectively could require.In particular, consideration needs to be given as to how best to create and formalise strategic partnerships and agreements to utilise blockchain so that the potential benefits can be maximised for all parties.

    What Is Achain?

    The Achain platform has already been under development for more than two years, and has gathered a significant amount of attention for the unique way in which digital asset issuance can be executed on it.Users of the Achain platform are able to deploy digital assets quickly and easily, as well as enterprise-class decentralized apps and smart contracts.

    What problems could it solve?

    By recording each transaction at every step of the supply chain, a product can be traced to its point of origin in seconds.On 12 June 2018, the Journal of the British Blockchain Association (JBBA) reported that, in the US, Walmart recorded that it could trace a mango from store to farm in around seven days using traditional methods.Using blockchain, it took 2.2 seconds1.Clearly, blockchain provides the potential for an immediate, verifiable and comprehensive record of an item’s journey without response times or human error.

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    What is Achain?

    Achain is a decentralized blockchain based on BTS1.0, which integrates lua virtual machine-based smart contracts.It is also a software platform designed to help coordinate voluntary free market operations amongst a set of social actors.

    History of Achain

  • In 2017 Goopal became the founder member of Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance.
  • In 2017, Spotify acquired blockchain startup Mediachain, which had been developing a “decentralized media library,” to better identify the rights holders of songs on Spotify’s platform for royalties payments.
  • in 2018, Blockchain) | Work together on areas such as co-marketing campaigns, business developments in Southeast Asian markets as well as technology enhancements.