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Overview of ADAB Solutions

  • ADAB Solutions proceeds from the fact that this project will generally benefit the market, since halal projects in their essence have utility and value, and their definition will contribute to the development of useful ideas and a decrease in the number of projects in the market, which are haram in its essence.
  • ADAB Solutions will solve the problem of halal cryptocurrency transactions, providing access to the cryptocurrency market for the Muslim Ummah , which accounts for 22% of the world’s population and manages Islamic financial assets with a projected volume of 3.8 trillion USD.
  • ADAB Solutions integrates the Islamic management model into the business management and business risk management system as an integral part of the company’s management system, and ADAB Solutions will create the Shariah Advisory Board (Islamic Finance compliance Council).
  • ADAB Solutions will solve the problem of halal cryptocurrency transactions, providing access to the
    cryptocurrency market for the Muslim Ummah, which is 22% of the world population and manages
    Islamic financial assets with a forecasted volume of 3 800 000 000 000 USD
  • Adab Solutions – will attract millions of users who have not previously invested in crypto assets and this will benefit the entire crypto-economy that will increase with new participants, who previously just watched its development from the sidelines.
  • Adab Solutions makes it possible to perform cryptocurrency transactions in accordance with the principles of Islamic finance on the basis of Shariah norms and we are the first company that solves this problem.
  • Adab Solutions for activities of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange (FICE)in this project has designed ADAB Tokens based on the Blockchain Ethereum and the ERC-20 standard.
  • Adab Solutions already are in the Pre-ICO phase and although they had 700 applicants who registered only 10 could actually make the payments due to regulatory issues.
  • ADAB Solutions’ placement on the key ICO-listing will allow an independent expert evaluation of the project and access to informed investors.
  • Adab Solutions reached its highest price on June 10, 2019, when it was trading at its all-time high of $ 0.131643.
  • Regulation

    Projectibility of the project.The Adab Solutions project forms a system of values based on Shariah norms and principles of Islamic finance, which will become the basis for self-regulation of the cryptocurrency market and will increase the level of confidence in a key cryptocurrency instruments.The Adab Solutions project is aimed to a huge audience of 1.8 billion potential Muslim users of the cryptocurrency market.The Adab Solutions project is designed in accordance with the highest security standards and has unique technical features of key software solutions.


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    If income earned from business activities in cryptocurrencies will not be Halal, Muslim investors will certainly not be interested to enter to this ecosystem.

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