Overview of Aegis

  • AEGIS provides support to EU-US ongoing dialogues and discussions related to cybersecurity and privacy by providing a practical and effective international collaboration platform engaged in: (a) discussing progress and priorities; (b) setting the cybersecurity and privacy research agendas to be pursued at an international level; and (c) coordinating the sharing of policies and best practices, standards, test facilities, knowledge and experience in order to stimulate cooperation around cybersecurity and privacy research and innovation approaches and thus contribute in shaping the future global cybersecurity landscape.
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  • Aegis delivers its multi-level investigative solutions to its clients through proprietary software tools that integrate data and transform it into actionable information with intuitive user interfaces and dashboards that prioritize information and alerts to support decision-making.
  • AEGIS® offers a completely alternative third and final step to your cleaning programs; applied residual bacteriostatic and fungistatic surface protection against damaging microbes that can cause odors, staining, and premature product deterioration.
  • Aegis Insurance & Financial Services is a TEXAS Based full-service insurance agency with Agents specializing in all alternative forms of Insurance, Commercial Coverage, including Homeowners, Auto Insurance, and Life Insurance needs.
  • Aegis systems have tested “launch on remote” capability where an interceptor can use off-board radars to pick up the initial track of a threatening missile and then on-board radars for final tracking and intercept.
  • AEGIS is a Marie Skłodowska -Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) for early stage researchers (ESR) funded by the European Commission under the H2020 Programme the EU framework programme for research and innovation.
  • Aegis hunts, captures and retains live and static open source information to deliver business analytics for brand protection, partner risk assessment, market intelligence and operational insight and efficiency.
  • Aegis, also spelled egis, plural aegises or egises, in ancient Greece, leather cloak or breastplate generally associated with Zeus, the king of the gods, and thus thought to possess supernatural power.
  • Aegis specializes in recycled water planning, customer water connections, site retrofits, water pipeline and utility inspections and regulatory compliance for municipal water and wastewater utilities.
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    What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?

    While many think of rheumatoid arthritis, often referred to simply as RA, as being a disease solely of people’s joints, the fact is that this chronic inflammatory disorder can be more widespread than just that part of the body.Rheumatoid arthritis is actually an autoimmune disorder.

    What is Neuropathy?

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    Why Choose Us?

    Aegis Medical Group is a comprehensive network of physicians working together to make sure your
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    How Does Diabetes Affect the Body?

    Most people try to do whatever they can to make sure they remain healthy in order to live a healthy, active life.However, there are some conditions that if not diagnosed prior to them turning into a disease, will end up being a lifelong battle that can be difficult to manage.

    Is Your Building Compliant?

    It may seem like a small thing, but if a single fire door fails to do its job, it most likely will cost lives.Annual inspections of fire door assemblies help facility owners to verify that their doors function properly.

    Why Choose Aegis Fire Barrier Consultants?

    We recognize that your facilities’ resources are not limitless, and that you face many challenges in achieving compliance with a multitude of various regulations.We want to make fire doors and barriers one less worry for you.Our clients trust our integrity and our attention to detail and that is the difference AEGIS brings to this industry.

    Who Are We?

    Aegis Insurance Services, Inc.has a combined 100+ years of experience in the Moving & Storage Insurance industries.Our quality service and knowledge cannot be surpassed.

    Just What Does That ‘Ae’ Say?

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    What Is AEGIS®?

    AEGIS Microbe Shield® is a revolutionary, highly effective quaternary silane based antimicrobial technology that protects surfaces by inhibiting the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi.This technology is a full spectrum liquid antimicrobial suitable for use in a wide range of surfaces and environments.AEGIS® technology has a unique mode of action and is easy to apply on surfaces by either spray or the “wet and wipe” method.


    AEGIS is a Horizon 2020 project focusing on EU-US cybersecurity and privacy dialogue.

    History of Aegis

  • In 1970 then–Captain Wayne Meyer was named Manager Aegis Weapons System.
  • In 2004, the Aegis system began its support for ballistic missile defense missions by serving as a surveillance and tracking radar for intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM).
  • In 2008, the Aegis system was used to intercept a non-functioning and potentially toxic satellite as part of Operation Burnt Frost.
  • In 2010 it was reported that Aegis radar systems on board some individual warships were not being maintained properly.