Overview of Agora

  • Agoras were built of colonnades, or rows of long columns, and contained stoae, also known as a long open walk way below the colonnades.[11] They were beautifully decorated with fountains, trees, and statues.
  • AGORA, from the ancient Greek word meaning “Marketplace” is a delightful market to find your specialty Greek foods and grocery items, plus much more, all in the heart of charming Mattituck.
  • Agora also exemplifies our Benedictine hallmark of “community” as it’s non-exclusive: Students involved work alongside students from across the classes—freshman to senior—and across the disciplines.
  • Agora’s financials make its IPO pricing a neat puzzle, so let’s pull apart the good and the bad to better understand why the market was willing to pay more than the company anticipated.
  • Agora Gallery connects artists with professionals, art collectors,
    and other artists to create an ever growing family dedicated to the world of fine
  • Agora Portal checks all these sites every 3 minutes and if a site is slow or not responding, then the service is temporarily grayed out for 3 minutes or until the site is available again.
  • Agora started in 2014 with 30 students as an experiment within another more traditional school, to see if the whole idea of what education is could be designed alternatively.
  • Agora is the AI partner for oilfield operators ready to harness the full power of IoT and edge computing to accelerate their digital transformation journey.
  • Agora Downtown Coffee Shop, owned by sisters MJ Stone and Andi Stone Chitty, is a coffee shop, used bookstore, gift shop, and a tremendous labor of love.
  • Agora raised well over $100 million while a private company, backed by GGV Capital, Coatue and others, according to Crunchbase data.
  • Encryption

    Agora encrypts all data with 2048-bit encryption.Your portfolio is an asset and deserves to be treated like one.


    A call for submissions of poetry, short fiction, graphic art, and photography goes out yearly to the entire Belmont Abbey community and a student board of editors decides what works will be published.Agora is Belmont Abbey College’s student literary magazine, published yearly during spring semester.Prizes are also awarded for the best submission in the categories of written work (poetry and stories) and art (graphic art and photography).The winners are determined by Agora’s student editors.

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    In ancient Greek cities, an agora was an open space serving as an assembly area and a place for commercial, civic, social, and religious activities.Use of the agora varied in different periods.Located in the middle of the city or near the harbor, it was often enclosed by public buildings, covered areas containing shops, and stoas for protection from sun and bad weather.The highest honor for a citizen was to be granted a tomb in the agora.

    How can I get an email address?

    If your email address is blank in Agora Portal, then you do not have a Boston College email address.To request a BC email address, contact the BC Help Center at 617-552-HELP (4357).

    How do I update my addresses, phone numbers (home, mobile, work, etc), and emergency contact?

    In Agora Portal, under the "Account and Personal Info" section, click "Address/Phone/Emergency Contact" & follow the on screen instructions.

    How do you measure progress without tests?

    So if students aren’t being tested in specific subjects, but rather working on a huge range of different projects, how are they tracking their progress? It’s a good question, and like the design and layout for the building itself, the answer came not from the faculty, but from the students.

    Is Climate Change Changing Art(ists)?

    Climate change is at the forefront of new and innovative work by artists around the globe.

    Need Help Getting Started?

    Our onboarding team is ready to show you how Agora can transform the way you operate.

    Need Help Getting Started?

    Our onboarding team is ready to show you how Agora can transform the way you operate.

    What are the unicorns waiting for?

    In a move that highlights how open the American IPO window may be at the moment, China-based Agora priced its public offering at $20 per share last night, ahead of its $16 to $18 proposed price range.(Update: As noted here, the company has a second HQ in California.

    What does it mean if a service is grayed out on Agora Portal?

    If a service is grayed out, it may mean that a service in not available 24/7 or there are a few services that are dependent on third party sites (including non-BC sites).Agora Portal checks all these sites every 3 minutes and if a site is slow or not responding, then the service is temporarily grayed out for 3 minutes or until the site is available again.

    What happens when I suppress my email address?

    If you choose to suppress your email address, your address will not appear in any printed or online directories, nor will it show up in directory searches.


    AGORA is an integrated software solution for security companies or multi-site companies.Security companies can increase revenues by selling innovative services.Multi-site companies can reduce operational costs and centralise security operations.

    Why am I not receiving any email?

    It could be that you have suppressed your email account.Please read the question below.

    Will I be automatically logged out of Agora Portal after a period of inactivity?

    Yes.For security reasons, all open Portal services will log out automatically after 2 hours of inactivity.

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    History of Agora

  • In 1968 the venue opened the nation's first in-house recording studio, producing many live albums.