Overview of Akroma

  • Akroma was a sentient illusion, created by Ixidor on Dominaria in the image of his lost wife, Nivea, who was killed by Phage in her premier pit fight.[1][2]
  • Akroma was an angel born of the illusionist, Ididor, after he discovered how to use his powers for tangible means.
  • Akroma’s existence was a tragic weaving of fate so one cannot be sad she died as she lived.
  • Akroma met a bitter death with her task incomplete yet at the same time Phage was dead.
  • Akroma was left with no choice but to kill Phage with her own hands.
  • Akroma’s card ironically would kick Phage’s around pretty easily!
  • Akroma returned to Ixidor, weeping in immense pain.
  • Akroma partner with the 0 mana kobold seems fun
  • Akroma has a current supply of 19,177,485.
  • Akroma is down 0.28% in the last 24 hours.
  • History of Akroma