Overview of Akropolis

  • Akropolis delivers an average of 120 concerts and educational events nationwide each year; has premiered more than 130 works; runs an annual new music festival in Detroit called “Together We Sound”; is in residence at 3 Detroit high schools; their third album, The Space Between Us, was dubbed “pure gold” (San Francisco Chronicle), and Akropolis’ 4th album, Ghost Light, was just released on April 9, 2021 on New Focus Recordings and has already been called “audibly driven by real excitement and a sense of adventure” by The Wire U.K.
  • Akropolis: Journal of Hellenic Studies is an international peer-reviewed, open access scholarly journal, devoted to the study of Hellenic culture and civilization from antiquity to the present, featuring high-quality research articles and book reviews in all areas of Hellenic studies: philosophy, religion, archaeology, history, law, politics, literature, philology, art.
  • Akropolis is helping to rid the world of flaws in pension funds with a new immutable and transparent smart-contract-based pension fund infrastructure that will dramatically change the way humanity thinks about saving and investing.The Akropolis project aims to be the largest alternative pensions infrastructure in the world.
  • Akropolis has designed and taught music business management courses at the University of Michigan and Michigan State University, and delivered workshops on marketing, strategic planning, audience engagement, competition success, and more at dozens of universities around the country.
  • Akropolis has given collaborative concerts with Ddedicated Shifrin, Jennifer Frautschi, the Dover Quartet, BodyVox Dance, YAK, New Music Detroit, HarperCollins-published author and scientist, Vic Strecher, Arabic language poets Abdulrahman Alhumairy and Saeed AlMehrzi, and others.
  • Akropolis has committed to reviewing the code and "exploring ways to reimburse users for the loss in a way that is sustainable for the project." While it does so, it's paused all stablecoin pools and says it has informed exchanges of the hack.
  • Akropolis’ upcoming fourth album release will feature guest soprano Shara Nova as well as music composed for Akropolis by 2018 Pulitzer Prize finalist, Michael Gilbertson, and 2019 American Academy of Arts and Letters Music Award winner, Stacy Garrop.
  • Akropolis' mission is to give people the tools to save, grow and provision for the future safely and without dependence on geography, a central counterparty, or falling prey to the predatory financial practices of multiple intermediaries.
  • Akropolis has performed at two homeless shelters in Portland, Oregon, hosts a house concert and barbecue each year in Ann Arbor, MI, held its 3rd CD release concert at a local distillery, and has performed at numerous non-traditional venues.
  • Akropolis chose IBM Cloud, with its containers, security and DevOps features, because of the solution’s scalability, IBM’s longtime track record and quality standards, combined with industry trust, and ample support from the IBM team.
  • Blockchain

    After initial testing of its blockchain protocol running on a cloud platform, Akropolis came to the conclusion it needed a more robust and resilient solution — a secure, sustainable, distributed cloud infrastructure that could scale globally and handle high volumes of transactions.


    Akropolis is an open financial operating system that provides developers and users a seamless framework to interact with decentralized financial networks.There are currently two products built using the Akropolis OS – Delphi and Sparta.


    Akropolis delivers over 120 annual performances including ticketed recitals, K-12 outreach, and community residency activities.Akropolis will also co-produce a 10-show staged production with BodyVox Dance in Portland, Oregon.Celebrating their 10th anniversary, Akropolis’ 2019-20 season features 10 commissions for the ensemble including Storm Warning, the first concerto for reed quintet and wind band by Roshanne Etezady; CANE, by Jenni Brandon with guest bassoonist Monica Ellis of Imani Winds; Homage to Paradise Valley by Jeff Scott with support from the Chamber Music America Classical Commissioning Fund, celebrating the history of Detroit’s displaced Black Bottom neighborhood; and Sprocket, a work for reed quintet and rideable percussion bicycle by Steven Snowden.

    What Is Akropolis (AKRO)?

    Akropolis is a company that operates an Ethereum-based decentralized finance protocol that seeks to provide an autonomous financial ecosystem for saving and growing wealth, including through borrowing and lending.To do so, it offers a series of products including AkropolisOS, a framework for developing for-profit decentralized autonomous organizations, Sparta, a platform for uncollateralized lending, and Delphi, a yield farming aggregator and tool for dollar-cost averaging.

    How Many Akropolis (AKRO) Coins Are There in Circulation?

    Akropolis has a fixed maximum supply of 4 billion AKRO tokens.The company carried out two initial private token presales between January 2018 and June 2018.The first round was for investors, advisors and strategic partners, while the second was for active community members.The two sales combined represent 22.5% of the total token supply, and the AKRO sold was locked up for two months following its public sale, vesting monthly for another 12 months.

    What Makes Akropolis Unique?

    Akropolis was conceived as a distributed savings and pensions fund — a solution to what it described in its initial announcement as ""a looming pension deficit apocalypse"" resulting from the inevitable collapse of state pensions systems.But in August 2020, the company stated that it had shifted its focus to building the underlying framework for such a system by creating AkropolisOS to allow for the rapid launch of for-profit capital pools.

    What are the organization’s capabilities for doing this?

    Akropolis is a world class performing ensemble.We have won 7 national chamber music prizes including a Fischoff Gold Medal and Fischoff Educator Award.We have received 3 consecutive grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, released 3 CDs to national acclaim, and we have toured extensively, including major venues and series.We have significant cash reserves and 100% employee retention for the past 11 years.We partner extensively with nonprofits and for-profits in Detroit to ensure our programming reaches as many people as possible in a way most accessible to them.Our budget has grown 500% since we incorporated as a nonprofit in 2015.We are the state of Michigan’s leading nonprofit music ensemble, and we have an extremely nimble organizational structure: the 5 quintet members comprise our staff, along with two volunteer interns, and we have very little overhead.

    Who Are the Founders of Akropolis?

    Akropoli was founded in 2017 by Ana Andrianova, with Kate Kurbanova joining later as a co-founder.

    What is the organization aiming to accomplish?

    We aim to make world class contemporary chamber music at the highest level, and to make that music accessible to a variety of diverse populations throughout the United States.We aim to create new works of art by diverse composers, and to perform and record those works to as to build more legitimacy for our genre, the reed quintet.Then, we aim to create programs that disseminate these new musical works of art, in person and digitally, to diverse populations.These programs include our Together We Sound festival in Detroit, MI; our annual yearlong residency at 3 Detroit high schools, our nationwide touring programs and K-12 workshops; our collegiate workshops and Mastermind entrepreneurship boot c and our virtual presentations including our Web Premiere series, sheet music catalog, and full length albums.

    How Is the Akropolis Network Secured?

    The Akropolis suite of products utilizes a governance token, AKRO, to help secure its protocol.As an ERC-20 token, AKRO transactions rely on the Ethereum blockchain's proof-of-work consensus algorithm to validate any on-chain records.With a PoW consensus, miners compete among each other to add new blocks to the blockchain, and a majority of all nodes in the network must confirm a record for it to be posted.

    Where Can You Buy Akropolis (AKRO)?

    AKRO was first listed on Huobi Global, but it is now available for purchase on a number of major exchanges, including Binance, MXC.COM, KuCoin and Uniswap (V2).AKRO can be traded against fiat currencies such as the U.S.

    What are the organization’s key strategies for making this happen?

    Our strategies center upon sustainable programming leading to a sustainable organization.Sustainable programming means that the program is positioned to create excellent art that fulfills the Akropolis musicians, fueling satisfaction and legitimacy.This must be at the center of all programming.Then, we innovate programming that accomplishes this while bringing the artistic creation directly to the population we are impacting, such as with our workplace concert series.We ensure that the new musical works we perform reflect society today in meaningful ways, such as a new work we commissioned in 2019 that commented on mobility and the environment in Detroit by collaborating with a Detroit scrap metal artist and a well-known national composer to create a new piece of music for Akropolis an a rideable percussion bicycle.We performed the piece on Detroit’s bike paths, and it has been adapted into a touring program.Because artistic excellence is at the center of these projects, they can fuel additional projects, which impact more people and create more financial sustainability for our organization.

    What have they accomplished so far and what’s next?

    Over our first 5 years as a nonprofit (relative to our founding in 2009), we have made significant progress toward creating world-class contemporary chamber music and delivering accessible programming for diverse adults and youth nationwide.First, we have increased our capacity significantly, growing our budget 500% over the past 5 years, fully employing two quintet members as full-time staff, and adding significant partnerships in the areas of funding and programming.We have increased our individual giving base each year, and each year we have added new sponsors and granters.Artistically, we are just completing (May 2021 our largest performing season yet with 50 full-length concerts and over 75 K-12 presentations.We have performed on leading series like the Oneppo Series at Yale University, the Flagler Series in Palm Beach, Chamber Music Northwest, and many more.We have collaborated with leading artists including Shara Nova, Juan Martinez, BodyVox Dance, and more.We have premiered more than 70 new musical works, including 20 from Detroit students, and we have reached more than 6,000 Detroiters through our Together We Sound festival.What’s next: We are currently launching the first year of Akropolis Mastermind, an online, weeklong workshop for emerging contemporary artists.We are approaching the 3rd year of our residency at 3 Detroit high schools.During the 20-21 season we will conduct a 2-week residency with BodyVox Dance and this fall will be releasing our 4th album, containing music by 2018 Pulitzer Prize finalist, Michael Gilbertson.We will release significant digital content because of the COVID-19 outbreak, including a web premiere evening and soiree event featuring Jeff Scott’s “Homage to Paradise Valley,” and a music video release of “Portraits” by Grammy-nominated Pascal Le Boeuf.

    History of Akropolis

  • In 1987, Akropolis advanced for the first time to Division 3.
  • In 2006 the club made it to the second division, where they have stayed since.
  • In 2014 Akropolis was promoted from Division 2 to Division 1 again.
  • In 2016 the building was completely renovated, the layout was totally changed.