Overview of Alphacat

  • AlphaCat Managers, the insurance-linked securities and collateralised reinsurance investment management entity of insurance giant American International Group (AIG), has secured a high-profile new hire in Adam Szakmary, who will join AlphaCat as Chief Underwriting Officer (CUO).
  • AlphaCat, the third-party reinsurance capital and insurance-linked securities funds unit of Bermuda domiciled insurance, reinsurance and alternative capital manager Validus Holdings, continues to make a positive contribution to the firm.
  • Alphacat’s predictive investment tools give its users a competitive edge by leveraging proven and patented trading algorithms, and combining them with advanced Artificial Intelligence and Big-data technologies.
  • Alphacat simplifies the entire reporting process from data import, data validation and review to reporting and fully automated production of XML reports for submission and further reports for analysis.
  • Alphacat has also won the admiration of one of the most vocal boosters of the real Obama: the Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan, who judged his impression as “better than Fred Armisen” on his Daily Dish blog.
  • Alphacat offers a complete ecosystem for financial experts and developers to easily design, deploy and monetize, their own financial tools and inventions based on AI and big data technologies.
  • Alphacat’s real name is Iman Crosson, a 26-year-old Dayton, Ohio, native and dance major who started perfecting his Obama impression while working as a waiter in Manhattan.
  • AlphaCat & Terra Brasis Re announced a $5M private catastrophe bond transaction, the 3rd issuance of this pioneering arrangement covering LATAM risks.
  • AlphaCat helps investors find opportunities in private
    reinsurance transactions and catastrophe bonds, an asset class with low
  • AlphaCat Managers had ended the first-half of the year with $4.1 billion of ILS assets under management, $4 billion
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  • Blockchain

    Alphacat combines the power of Artificial Intelligence and big data with blockchain technology and the digital financial markets.Once reserved only for large financial institutions, these advantages would now be made accessible to everyone.The advantages of these technologies have shown to be superior in both their cost and efficiency, versus traditional investment means and methods.We provide competitive, cutting edge applications and robo-advisors that utilize our proven and patented prediction algorithms, as well as other technologies not yet commercially available.


    AlphaCat is the global brand used by AlphaCat Managers Ltd., a Bermuda
    based investment adviser managing capital for third parties in insurance
    linked securities and other property catastrophe reinsurance
    investments.AlphaCat is a member company of AIG.To learn more, visit

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