Overview of AMIX

  • Amix operates facilities in Campbell River, Howe Sound, Prince Rupert, and Nanaimo offering a range of economical alternatives for moving cargo between road, rail, and waterways.
  • AMIX offers a technical support for the installation , a business team to guide you in your project as well as an engineering team which realises your needs and 3 year warranty.
  • AMIX 1000 has numerous applications, for example in asphalt additives, corrosion inhibitors, gasoline and lubricant additives, or as an intermediate for epoxy hardener systems.
  • Amix Recycling is an industrial metal recycling and processing center located in Surrey, BC.We buy and sell recycled metal and provide customized services to the industry.
  • AMIX™ products enhance performance, complimented by a delicious taste, all available at highly competitive prices that have steered consumers to trust in AMIX™ Nutrition.
  • Amix provides customized roll-off and shop bin service to all our customers; yard clean-up, job sites, metal recyclers, scrap metal collectors, and manufacturers.
  • Amix Group specializes in tug and barge marine services and transport, marine projects, marine salvage, and heavy lift operations.
  • AMIX fully integrates spectroscopic and statistical analysis of NMR, HPLC and LS-MS data to better find valid metabolomic results.
  • AMIX contains all necessary tools to build up your own spectra bases or use Bruker‘s commercial spectra base.
  • Amix™ Guarex® Energy & Mental SHOT is an excellent energy shot based on high content of Guarana extract more
  • Can I be environmentally “green” by building with concrete?

    Building green with concrete is becoming more popular because of all the attention being given to sustainable construction these days.Using recycled materials in the concrete mix is making the term “green concrete” part of our everyday language in the concrete building industry.


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    How to include your own stuff?

    After you have installed the setup, you can create ~/.vim_runtime/my_configs.vim to fill in any configurations that are important for you.For instance, my my_configs.

    How to install on Windows?

    Use gitforwindows to checkout the repository and run the installation instructions above.

    How to install the Basic version?

    The basic version is just one file and no plugins.Just copy basic.vim and paste it into your vimrc.

    Looking for a remote-first job?

    Maintaining this Vim configuration isn’t my day job.Daily I am the founder/CEO of Doist.You could come and help us build the workplace of the future while living a balanced life (anywhere in the world ??????).

    Ready to discover your family story?

    Simply start with a family member and we'll do the searching for you.

    What did your Amix ancestors do for a living?

    In 1940, Farmer was the top reported job for people in the US named Amix.

    What do "nita" and "amix" mean?

    I commonly hear Mexican girls refer to each other as “nita” (it may be “mita”), or call it out to get each others attention.

    What does “MPA” refer to?

    MPA is a term used to denote the strength of the concrete.In layman’s terms, the higher the MPA, the stronger the concrete.A higher MPA concrete is usually the result of adding more cement powder to the mix.As the cement content increases, several benefits occur.You will get a stronger, more durable, denser, concrete that is easier to pour into place.

    What does the term “slump” mean?

    Slump refers to the workability of the concrete or how “wet” the mix is.The higher the slump, the more water is generally in the concrete.Caution must be taken because too much water will affect the strength and overall longevity of the concrete.For most applications, a 100mm (4 inch) slump is all you need to place and finish concrete.

    What is the average Amix lifespan?

    Between 1969 and 2002, in the United States, Amix life expectancy was at its lowest point in 1983, and highest in 1973.The average life expectancy for Amix in 1969 was 85, and 70 in 2002.

    What’s the difference between concrete and cement?

    Often times, people refer to concrete as cement when really; cement, a fine, manufactured powder properly known as Portland cement, is just one ingredient to a mixture that creates concrete.

    When should I order my concrete?

    It is recommended that you order your concrete at least two days in advance.In the summer months however (May 1-Sept 30), the industry is a lot busier and the sooner you order your concrete in advance the better as a day can fill up very fast.During the winter months (Oct 1-April 30) you can generally get away with ordering your concrete a day in advance.Nevertheless, if you need concrete ASAP, never hesitate to call us and find out how we can service your needs.

    History of AMIX

  • in 1990 for the Amiga computer family as an alternative to AmigaOS, which shipped by default.