Overview of ATTN

  • ATTN: videos focus primarily on subjects like social justice, the environment, politics, health, criminal justice reform, immigration and drug policy.[6] The company consists of an editorial team of writers and journalists that contribute articles and opinion to the website as well as an in-house production and animation studio that produces original video content primarily for social distribution, but more recently also for streaming services which include Apple Music, HBO Go and Spotify.[7][8][9] The company’s Co-Founders and investors have also expressed an interest in creating original content for linear TV.[10]
  • ATTN: has been accused of having a liberal bias by a few commenters, but Segal said while the company strives to present the facts in non-partisan, human way, he acknowledges they "obviously have a point of view on certain topics." The company is also facing a discrimination lawsuit alleging an employee was fired because she protested a slur made by one of its investors.
  • ATTN, the leading e-commerce platform for all your security solution in the Philippines, is place for buying security cameras, biometrics and access control, video management systems, digital signage, fire detection and alarm systems, paging systems, parking barrier systems and many more.
  • ATTN: uses hot takes on controversial issues to rile people up and get engagement on social, and at the pivotal time I was there — ramping up to the 2016 election — this is exactly the type of thing we all now understand played into getting Trump elected.
  • ATTN: was founded in 2014 to create solutions-oriented narratives around the world's biggest issues – sustainability, education, health, civic engagement, civil rights and more – to move social-first audiences to create positive change.
  • ATTN:, a media company that bridges entertainment with topical issues, was one of the early adopters of Instagram’s IGTV long-form video platform, and a new slate of original fare from ATTN: will hit IGTV this year, starting Thursday.
  • ATTN:, the digital media company that focuses on social change content, has landed a 7-figure deal with TikTok to produce videos for a new initiative called "TikTok for Good," ATTN: co-founder Matthew Segal tells Axios.
  • Attn: Grace cofounder Abbruzzese also emphasized that “in recent years, we have finally seen investors start to realize the impact of investing in women’s health companies that are actually run by women.
  • ATTN continues to evolve and adapt to the needs of its customers by continuously streamlining website, constantly growing the inventory of security items, and offering convenient payment options.
  • AttnGAN incorporates attention between the text and image features, and proposes a contrastive text-image feature matching loss as an auxiliary objective.
  • Blockchain

    ATTN is described to be a digital ecosystem platform for eSports games based on blockchain technology, featuring a variety of popular, self-designed NFT games.Migrating up the chain with tens of millions of active users, ATTN is a system to integrate all of the business practices in gaming industry, which is committed to creating a closed loop network ecology with the core goal of maximizing the gaming eSports IP value.

    Are there benefits to distraction?

    Distractions, when properly managed, can be highly beneficial, if they pull us away from negative thoughts or unhealthy activities.Video games, for example, can draw our attention away from overeating or alcohol and drug use, and music can help us stick with a strenuous workout.But while distraction can be a useful short-term aid in suppressing negative emotions, it can backfire as a long-term solution.

    Are You a Worrier or a Warrior?

    E.Paul Zehr Ph.D.

    Can you tell us about a day in the life at ATTN:?

    We have a daily editorial and content meeting where our video editors and producers all meet and we come up with ideas that we believe are important for the world’s stories to tell.Most of them are evergreen, not tied to breaking news.

    Can your own mind distract you?

    It’s not unusual for our focus to stray, especially when we’re consumed by stress or when the task is routine.Many people, for example, have found themselves in their driveway without remembering anything about their trip home.When we are preoccupied by our inner thoughts and self-talk, though, the costs can sometimes be tragic, such as leaving a child unoccupied in a car.

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    Sales partners are able to leverage a broad portfolio to shop vendors for the best price and make them compete for their customers’ business.Sales partners customers will typically pay less than when buying direct, since Sales partners have more leverage than direct reps.

    Do some people have shorter attention spans?

    The ability to focus on a particular task for an extended period of time can vary widely among individuals.Evolutionary psychologists speculate that individuals with long and short attention spans both had value in early human societies.The latter, for example, might have been novelty-seekers, more adventurous and quicker to migrate than others.

    Do you think genres even exist in 2020?

    HOLLIS: They absolutely exist.We just aren’t sticking to one.

    Does Your Personality Determine How You Perceive Illusions?

    Nicolas Davidenko Ph.D.

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    It’s tempting to surround children, especially young children, with an array of toys, crafts, and games.But research suggests that when children are presented with an abundance of play options, they get quickly distracted and the quality of their engagement suffers.When they have only a few toys to choose from, they play with more focus and creativity.

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    Every cognitive skill, including attention, can be trained and improved.CogniFit may help you with its training programs.

    How do you manage strategy across different audiences?

    Twofold — at the macro level, the Facebook audience in general, and the Instagram audience.Certain best practices to create language and visuals that work.On the more micro level, we’re speaking to slightly older millennials in a more advanced stage in their life, that’s the core audience that we really want to reach.We call them late millennials and we love to reach them.

    How do you measure and assess attention?

    Evaluating attention can be helpful to understand attention in a number of different areas.Academic Areas to know if a student will have trouble studying or if they’ll need extra breaks.Clinical or Medical Areas to know if a patient is able to carry out their daily tasks independently and safely.Professional Areas to know if a worker is able to perform well in certain positions, or if they will be able to stay focused and work well throughout their entire shift.

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    How important is social media and distribution to your strategy, and why?

    It’s not only important to our strategy, it is our strategy.The way to meet consumers today is on the platform they live.The average consumer under 35 is logging onto Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter multiple times a day.If you don’t make content that meets them there natively where they live, you’re in big trouble.

    Is Attention Interpretable?

    Sofia Serrano,
    Noah A.

    Is it possible to multitask?

    Many people attempt to perform two or more tasks at once—driving while texting, for example, or reading while listening to a podcast—but a growing body of research finds that attempting to split our focus actually leads to lower efficiency on both tasks, greater stress and distractibility, and even reductions in the brain’s grey matter.

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    What are some key attributes that ATTN: content has to have?

    We’re really careful not to be invested in just retelling the news.There are so many outlets out there to tell the world what’s happening.

    What are the benefits of daydreaming?

    In studies, people who tracked their episodes of daydreaming reported feeling refreshed and more effective after they snapped back to attention.Unfocusing and refocusing, some experts believe, may be a secret to solving personal and professional challenges, as when we walk away from a vexing problem only to have the solution pop into our head quickly when we return to it.

    What are your challenges? How have you overcome them?

    We face challenges all the time.Building up a piece of content and not bringing home the goods.It’s difficult scaling the company and getting teams to work efficiently.You learn from challenges — you have to get strikeouts to get home runs.

    What are your goals for ATTN:? Is there anything you’re looking forward to in terms of new platforms, technologies, tools?

    We made it no secret that next year we’re getting into more longer form content in general.Taking 2-3 minute videos and extending them to 5-10.We’ve got a knack for storytelling on the internet but now we want to take it to a longer view.

    What Does Attention Mean?

    Definition of Attention: Attention is defined as notice taken or someone or something; the regarding of someone or something as interesting or important.

    What have you mastered? Any tips for other content creators? A secret recipe?

    I think we’ve gotten really good, maybe the best, at taking complex issues and making them digestible.That’s what we’re really proud of.

    What Is 'Attention'?

    The most important rule of Marketing: Attention is limited.People are expert at filtering, because they can't pay attention to everything.

    What is a Master Agent or Technology Distributor?

    A Master Agent takes on the back office and administrative work to contract with vendors and pay out commissions.Typically it also provides pre- and post-sales support.This can include marketing resources, generating contracts for services, and white-label engineering.The best Master Agents grow by being the best at enabling and empowering their Sales Partners.

    What is Attention?

    Attention is the ability to choose and concentrate on relevant stimuli.Attention is the cognitive process that makes it possible to position ourselves towards relevant stimuli and consequently respond to it.This cognitive ability is very important and is an essential function in our daily lives.Luckily, attention can be trained and improved with the appropriate cognitive training.

    What makes ATTN: unique as a publisher?

    As a publisher, we strive to give as much context to relevant topics as possible.We don’t assume our audience lives and breathes politics and news, and insider info all day.We try to approach through a conversational viewpoint.We obsess over giving context to issues as opposed to just summarizing ‘here’s what happened today’, or giving a partisan viewpoint.

    What products & services are available?

    ATTN Solutions offers a broad range of telecom, cloud, and IT technology products and services.The 6 big categories are ISP and Data Connectivity, Voice and Communications, Cybersecurity, Mobility and Telecom Expense Management, Cloud and Colocation Services, and International Solutions.

    Who Needs Empathy?

    Darcia F.Narvaez Ph.D.

    Why do I sometimes feel time speeding up or slowing down?

    Older individuals tend to experience time as passing more quickly, as do those who find their days to be monotonous or wasted.And research on the so-called “Matrix effect” has found that, in moments of extreme danger, such as a near accident, our perception of time slows significantly, enabling us to remember moment-by-moment details we cannot produce for more mundane events.

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    Will meditation improve my focus?

    Mindfulness training can help people stay calmer and more focused when their mind wanders.With greater mindfulness, many individuals find it easier to accept and sit with negative thoughts, develop greater personal awareness, and sustain attention.There is mixed evidence, however, on whether meditation is any more effective at heightening focus than other mindfulness techniques.

    You’re exploring Facebook Watch too, right? How’s that been?

    Facebook funded three shows.They’ve all been really interesting experiences for us.We’re at a point right now we’re where trying to condition our audience to watch things in the 5-7 minute range.We did successful things historically, so now it’s time to experiment and test the waters.It’s my hope we’ll be doing more with them in 2018.

    History of ATTN

  • In 2014 the two launched ATTN:.
  • In 2018, ATTN: partnered with Freeform to produce a one-hour documentary that aired on the network called “For Our Lives: Parkland,” a documentary that follows the lives of student survivors from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.
  • In 2019, the company launched an events division, dubbed ATTN: Moment.[16]