Overview of Aventus

  • Aventus Cologne delivers the full experience of this Aventus-eau de cologne hybrid in the rich eau de parfum strength, thus not losing any of the famous Aventus richness or complexity while still delivering the refreshing qualities of the more casual, bitter-fresh eau de cologne format.
  • Aventus has become a badge in the fragrance community for men who want to assert their own desirability – a cult product that gents will happily spend hours discussing, from how many compliments they get to which vintage batch was the best.
  • Aventus Health is providing game-changing services to healthcare providers who want to offer personalized care and precision treatments to their patients without adding significant costs and resources to their practices.
  • Aventus Biolabs uniquely combines the industry’s best genetics testing solutions with full toxicology and core lab testing services—making us a game-changing lab partner for physicians and other healthcare providers.
  • Aventus Cologne presents itself in a grey, delicately rippled design, thus symbolically merging the black and white colours of Creed’s two bestsellers, Aventus (original) and Aventus for Her, respectively.
  • Aventus Group portfolio spans 536,000m2 in gross leasable area and features a diverse tenant base of 593 quality tenancies, with national retailers representing 87 per cent of the total portfolio.
  • Aventus garnered critical acclaim from fashion critics and the general public alike and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on the fragrance website Basenotes based on an average of 1312 votes.
  • Aventus said in a statement: “We’re excited to be able to make AVT available to more users, and will continue to announce more supported platforms as we grow.”
  • Aventus Group devotes a part of its profits to charity each year, mainly supporting charity projects in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Poland.
  • Aventus has been one of my favorite “unique boutique” BPO’s that focus on my clients by delivering that personal style of customer support.
  • Blockchain

    Aventus is a layer-2 blockchain protocol that brings scalability, lower costs, and speed to Ethereum transactions.


    Even though Kafka’s observations about Aventus overlap with mine, we diverge opinions on longevity.I suspect the short longevity Kafka experienced might have been due to the fact she was using a sample.My tests, on the other hand, are based on the bottle I own, which gives me very liberal sprays.She found Aventus short-lasting, while I can easily get 24 hours out of it.


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    Charles Schwab’s Guide: How Do I Choose the Right Advisor?

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    How did you come up with the gray bottle?

    As our loyal Creed customers know, the Aventus bottle is black, the Aventus for Her bottle is white, so it made sense for Aventus Cologne to be gray in order to complement the trilogy.The color gray is in between black and white which also speaks to Aventus Cologne as a universal scent made to be worn by men and women alike.

    How is Creed Aventus made?

    Most Creed perfumes are made in-house.There are no borrowed formulas the Creed family is using.They’ve been known to spend years in the development of new formulas and they have a strong interest in natural ingredients.

    How long does Creed Aventus last?

    There are a few methods that allow the Creed Aventus to last even longer than most expect, for an entire day.Wearers should know that the skin needs to be properly moisturized for this to happen.Taking a shower and even applying a moisturizer and allowing it to be absorbed into the skin can be a good method of ensuring the skin is not dry when the Creed Aventus is applied.

    How to spot fake Creed Aventus cologne?

    It can be difficult to spot a fake Creed Aventus cologne.But the first thing to look at is the packaging of the product.Whenever the spray cap doesn’t properly close with a magnetic feel to it, this might be an indication of either a fake Aventus or a perfume used as a tester.Inside the cap, there should be a white line as indicated by many unboxing videos.

    Is Creed Aventus unisex?

    The Creed Aventus is a unisex perfume.It is often preferred by men but there are plenty of women who simply cannot find a better replacement and wear it as well.While the Aventus for Her has been received well, it has different ingredients and only partly reminiscent of the Creed Aventus.

    Is Creed Aventus worth it?

    Creed Aventus is certainly worth investing in.Perfumes are most often a question of personal choice, a subjective matter.But most of those who’ve tried the Aventus say it’s truly worth it.Many products try and mimic the Aventus for a lower price and with varying degrees of success.A simple search finds products marketing themselves to be “as good as Creed Aventus”.

    What Do The Frag Heads Say About Creed Aventus?

    It’s hard to find a reviewer who doesn’t like Aventus.It gets so much love that it regularly tops many fragrance ranking lists online.

    What Does Creed Aventus Smell Like?

    If you forget all the silly imagery of Napoleon and ever galloping towards success, Aventus is a masterpiece.

    What inspired you to develop Aventus Cologne?

    Aventus is such a legendary scent within our collection –the best-selling scent in the history of Creed.For that creation, I was inspired by the dramatic life of a historic emperor.In 2016, we launched Aventus for Her as the counterpart to the legendary Aventus.It took three years to create something befitting of its male counterpart that truly embodies powerful women – past, present and future.With Aventus Cologne I was inspired to create a universal scent – a fresher, modern take to complement these two icons but that would provide an olfactive experience entirely of its own.

    What is Creed Aventus cologne?

    The newly-released Creed Aventus cologne comes in 50ml and 100ml versions.It offers a fresh experience on its own and it has different ingredients compared to the Creed Aventus perfume.The ingredients start with ginger, mandarin, and Baierose tope notes.Patchouli, Indian sandalwood, and vetiver make up its mid notes.The base notes include styrax, birch, musk, and tonka bean.

    What type of customer did you have in mind when developing this scent?

    The Aventus Cologne wearer is a true individual and a risk-taker; they don’t follow the status quo.They are the ones setting the trends vs.just wearing them.I see this client as the younger, cooler cousin or sibling to Aventus and Aventus for Her.It’s a contemporary and expressive scent.

    When and how to wear Creed Aventus?

    In theory, the perfume is made for any outfit.However, there are a few men who abide by its casual use.While its price keeps it from being worn every day, it is the type of perfume that can be worn to work.It may be too strong for those looking to attend a gala or an opera event as it persists for hours.It may not be the perfume to wear at the pool for this reason as well.

    Where to buy Creed Aventus cologne?

    Creed Aventus cologne is sold by online and physical stores.It’s discount rates may vary according to the batch number.For the biggest savings, Creed Aventus cologne fans look online where it is more affordable.Online stores don’t have rent overheads and it can be a reason why the cologne can be bought at a better price when shopping from home.

    Who made Creed Aventus cologne?

    The Creed Aventus cologne has been made by the same famous father and son team.Both Olivier and Erwin Creed worked over a year to develop the formula of the cologne.The original Aventus was launched in 2010.The Aventus for women has been launched in 2016.Then, the Aventus cologne came to create a new direction for the Creed family of perfumers.

    Why is Creed Aventus cologne so expensive?

    Historically associated with prestige and the royal British family, the Creed Aventus cologne’s legacy is seen in its prices.While there are a few doubts about some of these historical claims, it’s clear that the Aventus made its mark in the scents’ world.With added natural ingredients, the cost of production might also be higher.Years of research and premium packaging also makes these colognes more expensive than most expect.

    Why is Creed Aventus so good?

    The mesmerizing perfume is what makes Creed Aventus so good.The combination of pineapple and blackcurrant, as opposed to the smoke earthy profile, makes it very appealing.This combination is immediately recognizable.

    Why is Creed Aventus so popular?

    The scent of the Creed Aventus is still the main reason why it’s one of the most popular products on the market.Often seen as masculine, it is described as fresh.With its musky, woody and sweet notes, it has a certain appeal that is hard to match.

    Why was it important to create Aventus Cologne?

    For years, we have seen a very loyal following for our Aventus and Aventus for Her fragrances.With Aventus Cologne, I saw an opportunity to create a universal scent that could be enjoyed by men and women alike.For me, it’s not about creating a scent that will sell, but more about developing an olfactory masterpiece that marries our art of perfumery with the best ingredients in the world.

    History of Aventus

  • In 2010 Olivier Creed masterfully blended roasted pineapple, smoke and creamy vanilla.