Overview of Axia

  • Axia and its parent company, The Telos Alliance, are committed proponents of AoIP interoperability — first as charter,
    supporting members of the X192 Working Group which defined AES-67, and now as members of the Media Networking Alliance, a group of prominent broadcast equipment manufacturers formed to
    actively promote the adoption and implementation of the AES67 standard.
  • Axia is a multi-entity and -dimensional wealth management platform covering all aspects of modern investment needs ranging from portfolio management on a single platform, client onboarding, custodian interfaces, powerful reporting to automated robo advisory services or hybrid service models.
  • AxiaMed’s cloud-based healthcare payment platform integrates into various EHRs and practice management systems as well as revenue cycle, patient engagement, and related software applications to provide secure, flexible patient payment options with industry-leading features and optimal workflows.
  • AXIA’s refit team was chosen based “not only the finished yacht, but on the teamwork, problem-solving and efficacy of everyone involved in the refit.” We’re proud to have been an integral part of that team, and we look forward to seeing AXIA win more honors on the race course.
  • Axia has extensive experience delivering broadband solutions to rural areas, including the Alberta SuperNet, a 9,320 mile next generation network which provides high-speed Internet services to 429 communities in Alberta, Canada.
  • AXIA is headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus, regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (License No: 086/07) and fully licensed to provide financial advisory services in many financial markets around the world.
  • AXIA’s interior combines rich honey-colored teak walls with raised paneling, offset with white overhead ceilings, gold plated hardware, plus subtle granite and marble to create an elevated, elegant ambiance.
  • Axia xSelector combines the routing functions of an XY router control panel with the audio outputs of an Axia xNode – a dual-purpose device equally useful in studios, rack-rooms or transmitter sites.
  • Axia’s expertise in the PBM industry, advanced analytics, hands-on experience, and vendor procurement process — combined with their client engagement processes — deliver consistently high value.
  • Axia  Payments is a registered ISO/MSP of Merrick Bank in South Jordan, Utah and is located at 1933 Cliff Drive, Suite 12, Santa Barbara, California 93109.
  • Network

    Axia has assisted our organizations on multiple levels, providing essential guidance in our assessment of the PBM industry, transplant networks, oncology and risk management, and data informatics solutions.Axia’s consultative approach clearly outlines and defines each option, promoting the product transparency needed to reach the best conclusions.


    aXia is an annual subscription provided by Faye to clients to help them get the most out of their technology.From user adoption to enhanced productivity to premier support and more, aXia is a one-of-kind, annual subscription vehicle to increase the ROI of an organization’s investment in technology and related services.

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    What is accessibility?

    The concept of accessibility means putting a product or service within reach of as many people as possible.Making products accessible is required by some federal laws, such as the ADA and Section 508.More importantly, however, accessibility is doing the right thing.

    What makes the difference?

    The travelling column milling machine AXIA represents a pure box-in-box concept, combining an innovative ram droop mechanical system with a unique ram guiding system.

    Why Axia?

    Axia Suite offers investment professionals and their clients 24/7 access to their most precious information from anywhere.Following international best business practices, Axia has an advanced design that enables Wealth Managers and their clients to access appropriately authorised data and documents using either mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets or desktop computers, whenever and wherever needed.

    History of Axia

  • In 2003, Axia Audio, the studio audio division of the Telos Alliance, invented Audio-over-IP for broadcasting.
  • In 1800, Johann Schröter made observations of surface features, claiming to have observed 20-kilometre-high (12 mi) mountains.
  • In 1973 the system was upgraded with a larger cartridge, which includes film with magnetic sound.
  • In 1975 an even larger 200-foot (61 m) cartridge became available which could be used in specifically designed cameras.
  • In 1993 the company’s Super8 Sound, now called Pro8mm, pioneered the use of the color negative in Super 8 by custom perforating and loading a variety of 35mm film stocks into the Super 8 film cartridge.[4] This included emulsions from Kodak, Fuji and Ilford.
  • In 2003, Axia Audio, the studio audio division of the Telos Alliance, invented Audio over IP for Broadcast. We did what no one had ever done before—create professional radio gear that networks using standard Ethernet, for use in digital audio routing, mixing, and distribution systems for Broadcast and other Pro Audio applications.
  • In 2010 the owner of Axia decided to change out the rig from aluminum to carbon to increase the performance of Axia for Corinthian racing.