Basic Attention Token


Overview of Basic Attention Token

  • Basic Attention Token compensates users of the Brave Browser—a fast, open source privacy browser that blocks third-party trackers and ads—by tracking user attention and engagement with advertising and attention-based services, cutting out unnecessary and costly coinbase bitcoin into wallet coinbase requirements middlemen and resulting in: Coinmarketcap tracks the trading volume on cryptocurrency exchanges around the word.
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT), Dai (DAI), Ethereum (ETH), Kyber Network (KNC), Aave (LEND), ChainLink (LINK), Decentraland (MANA), Maker (MKR), Augur (REP), Synthetix (SNX), TrueUSD (TUSD), USD Coin (USDC), Tether (USDT), Wrapped BTC (WBTC), 0x (ZRX), Synthetix USD (SUSD), Uniswap (UNI) and Ren Protocol (REN).
  • Basic Attention Token Launch
    The Brave browser’s tipping feature initially supported Bitcoin; however, due to concerns over Bitcoin’s scalability, the project pivoted to a new cryptocurrency that could meet the needs of the burgeoning Brave ecosystem.
  • Basic Attention Token highlight on their website several reasons why they believe the three stakeholders in the relationship of digital advertising (user, publisher, and advertiser) are disadvantaged by how digital advertising works.
  • The Basic Attention Token is an ERC-20 token, which means that it’s built on the Ethereum blockchain using a standardised smart contract template (smart contracts are bits of code that execute once a certain condition is satisfied).
  • Basic Attention Token, or BAT, is the token that powers a new blockchain-based digital advertising platform designed to fairly reward users for their attention, while providing advertisers with a better return on their ad spend.
  • Basic Attention Token is based on the Ethereum blockchain, and users use the company’s dedicated web browser (Brave) which measures the users’ activity and rewards them for the attention given to ads.
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a utility token that can be used as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, and users on the BAT platform (a blockchain-based digital advertising and services platform).
  • Basic Attention Token launched in 2017 following one of the fastest sell-out initial coin offerings (ICOs) of all time, with the platform raising a total of $35 million in under a minute.
  • Basic Attention Token has two founders: Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy — two highly distinguished individuals in the internet browsing software industry.
  • Blockchain


    In a blog post released in March 2017 Brave announced a new blockchain-based digital advertising platform using an innovative Ethereum-based utility token called Basic Attention Token (BAT).

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    If you’re familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies, you likely already have some ETH or BTC laying around somewhere.

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    No, definitely not! While some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges are, indeed, based in the United States (i.e.Coinbase or Kraken), there are other very well-known industry leaders that are located all over the world.For example, Binance is based in Tokyo, Japan, while Bittrex is located in Liechtenstein.While there are many reasons for why an exchange would prefer to be based in one location over another, most of them boil down to business intricacies, and usually have no effect on the user of the platform.

    Are you a Content Creator?

    Earn more for content you publish on your website, Youtube or Twitch by signing up as a verified content creator on Brave Rewards.

    Are you an Advertiser?

    Partner with Brave by advertising on the first global ad platform built on privacy.Our superior ad matching system guarantees that 100% of your ad spend goes only to engaged users who want to see ads.

    Conclusion – Is Basic Attention Token a good investment?

    BAT is one of the very few tokens that have a solid use case for a real world problem.Brave browser is a step forward in privacy and security for the end users, also for advertisers represent a major breakthrough in high quality information while cutting the middleman out of the equation.

    Did you know?

    The founder of Brave, Brendan Eich, was the co-creator of the popular programming language, JavaScript.He also co-founded the popular web browser, Firefox.

    Did you know?

    Brave raised $36m in its BAT public sale that lasted less than 30 seconds.Five buyers managed to purchase half of the tokens sold.

    How do I buy Basic Attention Token?

    It is not possible to buy all cryptocurrencies with U.S.dollars.Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and other popular cryptocurrencies can be purchased with U.S.dollars using Coinbase or BlockFi.Once you have purchased Bitcoin using Coinbase, you can then transfer your Bitcoin to an exchange such as Binance to purchase other cryptocurrencies, including Basic Attention Token.

    How Do I Buy Basic Attention Tokens?

    As a younger, less popular crypto coin, BAT coins must be bought by exchanging other coins.To buy BAT, a user must first set up their crypto wallet—a digital “bank account” that stores cryptocurrencies—and link it to an exchange.

    How Do I Turn Basic Attention Tokens into Cash?

    To withdraw BAT from an account, users must convert their BAT coins into Bitcoins.After the BAT coins are turned into Bitcoins and moved to the wallet, Bitcoins can be exchanged for the fiat currency of the user’s choice—typically the currency they first funded their account with.

    How do users earn Basic Attention Token while browsing?

    As the Brave Browser blocks all the image and most of the script ads by default, you may think at this point “Ok, and how is that the users and publishers earn money with this?”.First, as you start to use the browser, you’ll get free tokens each month; as part of the tokens the developers hold on the User Growth Center to help engage new users.Secondly, when you open the browser, you can activate the option to receive awards for watching ads using BAT.How? When you open the browser for the first time, you’ll see that on the right side of the Settings bar there’s an option called Brave Rewards.Once you open it, you will see the instructions to activate the service, and once you do it, it is only a matter of using the browser normally; just as you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

    How does Basic Attention Token work?

    Advertisers pay BATs to publishers to run their ad campaigns, and users are rewarded in BATs for viewing ads on the Brave browser.User attention is measured in real time on the Brave browser; valuation metrics are applied to this attention which takes the visibility of the advertisement, time spent on the ad, as well as the traditional cost-per-action model of user engagement, into account when deriving attention value.

    How does BAT work?

    Most digital adverts are seen directly from the internet.This is different with Brave.Online ads are blocked and databases full of advertisements are instead downloaded onto users’ devices.The BAT ledger system is based on the Ethereum blockchain.It anonymously records internet history to build up a picture of what the user’s interests are.It also determines ads with the most user engagement.This is calculated by how long users watch or listen to the adverts, as well as how much of the screen the ad took up.Using internet history and attention data, the Brave browser chooses adverts from the database that users are most likely to engage with.These are then shown on websites visited by the user.

    How Does ‘BAT’ Work?

    Users, publishers, and advertisers usually come to the Brave web browser with the lone thought of Basic Attention Tokens in mind.This web browser turns into an isolated ecosystem of a sort.

    How does the Basic Attention Token (BAT) work?

    Unlike Bitcoin, ETH or other cryptocurrencies, BAT is a utility token.The Basic Attention Token can be defined more accurately as a value of exchange inside the Brave Browser, which measures the attention per se.In other words, the token is a tool to measure, reward, track and sell the user’s attention.It is used on a three-wheel basis: The publishers get “paid” by the advertisers, basically buying their tokens and exchanging them with “real-world” money; giving the first ones the metrics we talked previously, and assuring that the users will see the ad.On the other hand, the users get “rewarded” for viewing ads (besides seeing less advertisements), and they can use their BATs on the Brave platform, buying services or added-value content that Brave browser offers.

    How is BAT produced?

    Basic Attention Tokens were pre-mined prior to the token sale in 2017.The total supply is capped at 1.5 billion tokens.One billion were sold during the ICO, with a further 500 million BAT held in reserve for user growth and the development of the platform.

    How Is the Basic Attention Token Network Secured?

    Basic Network Token (BAT) is an ERC-20 token.As such, it is built on the Ethereum blockchain.Like any ERC-20 token, BAT is secured by a rigorously tested proof-of-work (POW) consensus algorithm supported by an extensive Ethereum miner network.

    How Many Basic Attention Token (BAT) Coins Are There in Circulation?

    Basic Attention Token has a maximum total supply of 1.5 billion tokens.This cannot be increased without switching to a new token smart contract.

    How To Buy Basic Attention Token?

    Brendan Eich, the inventor of internet game-changers like JavaScript, Netscape Navigator (RIP), and Mozilla Firefox, developed the concept of the Basic Attention Token, or BAT, in conjunction with a new form of internet browser called Brave.He has observed the evolution of the internet into a platform for rampant spamming, badly targeted ads, and ad trackers that piggyback off of user bandwidth, costing users money they never agreed to spend to be marketed to.

    How To Get A Basic Attention Token Wallet?

    With the recent announcement that Brave Wallets can now be used to support your favorite YouTube Creators (as well as bloggers, and more), there have been a few questions about how a user funds their wallet.It is our aim to make that process clear in this short guide.

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    How to Survive the Crypto Winter: Why did the Basic Attention Token (BAT) succeed while others failed?

    In early January 2018, the crypto market was on fire.It was a time of frenzied excitement as token values skyrocketed and the combined market cap for cryptocurrencies soared to $813 billion.Then, irrational exuberance switched to pessimism: the bubble burst and the fallout was swift and brutal.By December, the market had crashed to $101 billion, an overall decline of 88% from the peak.

    How will Basic Attention Token Scale?

    Much ink has been spilled online about blockchain’s greatest nemesis—scalability.The blockchain platforms that have sprung up over the years are incredible.But many, if not all of them, struggle to scale well.As values rise and price charts expand, blockchain platforms are still left unable to process large amounts of transactions at a time.In this case, Basic Attention Token is no different.The company’s leadership hasn’t released any details about their plans, but they are confident they can build and scale this system to have complete user control and much better economics.

    How will the user growth pool be used?

    Once in the system, users will be able to obtain services and gain and spend BAT in a number of different scenarios.Users will be able to use tokens in exchange for premium content from publishers.Users will also be able to donate tokens to publishers.The Brave browser already has a donation system in beta.Publishers could also incentivize users to download their app with BAT.We are confident there are many other services and use cases that will surface as the ecosystem comes to life.

    New to the world of crypto coins?

    What about those who are new to this, and don’t know what cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and hashes are? No need to be worried, our partners at Uphold have created a very user-friendly experience.

    Want Daily BAT Price Updates?

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    What are the VAT/GST implications of my voluntary contribution?

    However, as provided in the Brave Rewards Contributor Terms of Service, you are responsible for determining what, if any, taxes apply to your voluntary contributions.You are also responsible for withholding, collecting, reporting and remitting the correct taxes, if any, to the appropriate tax authorities.You may wish to consult a tax advisor regarding these issues.

    What are the VAT/GST implications of my voluntary contribution?

    At this time Brave does not believe the voluntary contributions are subject to VAT/GST, on the basis that they represent pure donations and are not linked to any benefits being derived by the voluntary contributor or another third party.The Brave browser gives all users exactly the same level of experience, regardless of whether such users are voluntary contributors to publishers.

    What can you do with BAT?

    The vast majority of tokens will be used to reward publishers for their ad space.Advertisers can pay the publishers in BAT, with the amount determined by the website’s level of user engagement.Users will also be compensated with BAT tokens.These can be exchanged for services on the platform as well as to purchase premium content.Brave has suggested that this might include access to higher-quality films or music.

    What coins are similar to Basic Attention Token?

    The following coins use Basic Attention Token’s ETH Token algorithm and proof-type: Chainlink, THETA, Binance USD, DREP, DREP [old], PancakeSwap, Aave, Maker, FTX Token, Huobi Token, Coin, Dai, Polygon, Chiliz and Holo.

    What do BATs represent?

    Additional information regarding the utility of BAT is available in the terms and conditions.

    What hashing algorithm does Basic Attention Token use?

    Basic Attention Token is a coin that uses the ETH Token algorithm.

    What Is a Basic Attention (BAT) Token?

    The Basic Attention Token (BAT) was created by the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, Brendan Eich, in an effort to improve the security, fairness, and efficiency of digital advertising through the use of blockchain technology.It is the native token of the Brave web browser and is built on top of Ethereum.BAT’s white paper is dated January 7, 2018.As of 2020, the project is still being developed, although a beta version of the Brave browser is available for download.

    What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

    Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a cryptocurrency token issued by Brave Inc.It enables a decentralized payment system to reward Brave users for surfing specific websites.BAT sees more than 25 million monthly active users and over 9 million daily active users.According to CoinGecko, BAT is ranked #66 in terms of a market cap of $1.903 billion.

    What Is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

    Basic Attention Token, or BAT, is the token that powers a new blockchain-based digital advertising platform designed to fairly reward users for their attention, while providing advertisers with a better return on their ad spend.

    What Is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

    BAT is a digital advertising token built for the Brave browser on top of the Ethereum network.The idea is to remove privacy-invading cookies and trackers that built a data profile based on your browsing history by offering publishers a different way to monetize their content through BAT.

    What is Basic Attention Token Mining?

    Basic Attention Token mining is the process of verifying all transactions that occur on the platform.In this process, miners validate groups of transactions—called blocks—which are subsequently added to the blockchain.Blockchain mining smooths out the ledger while simultaneously providing accountability and transparency.

    What is Basic Attention Token?

    Similar to its peers, Basic Attention Token is a blockchain.Blockchains can be defined as verifiable ledgers that maintain records of all transactions that take place on said ledger.With a given blockchain, hundreds, even thousands of users can view and audit the blockchain, meaning all users can verify all transactions on the platform.As a result, the blockchain is secure and transparent.

    What is Basic Attention Token?

    BAT stands for “Basic Attention Token”.BAT is (first of all) a utility token and an ad exchange program integrated into the Brave web browser.It’s decentralized, open-source and based on the Ethereum blockchain.These features make it unique.The current goals of the team working with BAT is to expand it into other more popular, mainstream web browsers.

    What is Basic Attention Token?

    Basic attention token (BAT) is a new type of crypto asset that was developed to change the relationship between publishers, advertisers, and users.

    What is Basic Attention Token?

    Basic Attention Token radically improves the efficiency of digital advertising by creating a new token that can be exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users.It all happens on the Ethereum blockchain.The token can be used to obtain a variety of advertising and attention-based services on the Brave platform.The utility of the token is based on user attention, which simply means a person’s focused mental engagement.

    What is Basic Attention Token?

    Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an Ethereum-based token that improves the efficiency of digital advertising by creating a new unit of exchange between publishers, advertisers and users.You can earn BAT using the Brave Browser.

    What is Basic Attention Token?

    The Basic Attention Token is an Ethereum-based token that can be used to obtain a variety of advertising and attention-based services on the Brave platform, a new Blockchain based digital advertising system.User attention is privately monitored in the Brave browser and publishers are rewarded accordingly with BATs.Users also get a share of BATs for participating.

    What is BAT?

    The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is the currency that powers a blockchain based digital advertising system made up of users, publishers, and advertisers.The BAT is an ERC20 utility token for the Brave browser — an open source browser with a privacy focus.When BAT is integrated into the Brave browser, the attention that a user gives to content on the browser is valued in BAT tokens; users receive a payout (in BAT) equal to 70% of the gross ad revenue, and publishers receive a percentage of the remaining 30% as well as a payment (in BAT) from the advertisers whose content they publish.

    What is BAT?

    BAT is a utility token, designed initially as part of a whole new digital advertising platform known as Brave.At its heart is a web-browserthat blocks adverts and keeps personal data and people’s identities, protected.While it keeps people’s identity secure, however, BAT also commodifies users’ attention.The distributed ledger its built on can collect accurate data on where the adverts are going and just how effective they are.Armed with this information, advertisers can create better marketing campaigns and budget better.The network also uses a token, the BAT, that can be used to pay publishers for their ad space and even to compensate users for watching or clicking on their adverts.

    What is GXT?

    GXT is based in the Virgin Islands and is launching its business in Singapore,..

    What is the Basic Attention Token used for?

    The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is the currency that powers all the ecosystem behind Brave Browser.Users, publishers and advertisers perform transactions with the Token to either be rewarded for their attention, creativity or effective ad placement costs.

    What is the Basic Attention Token?

    The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an innovative utility token built on the Ethereum platform that powers Brave Web Browser, a project built to ensure that browsing the internet could be done with privacy.Users get rewarded with BAT Tokens for the attention they give to certain ads while publishers and creators earn ad revenue and tips.

    What is the Brave (web browser) and BAT?

    Most people’s first experience with the Basic Attention Token is with the Brave (web browser).Brave is web browser that prioritizes privacy, blockchain ads, trackers or in general, unwanted content.Integrated into the Brave web browser is a ledger system that keeps track of users’ oline attention (anonymousl) and then privately rewards these people with tokens.The tokens of choice for the Brave web browser are Basic Attention Token (BAT).

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    What is the distribution of tokens?

    One billion BAT was sold.In addition to the tokens sold, we created a development team pool of 200 million tokens.Finally, we created a user growth pool (UGP) of 300 million BAT.

    What is the Reddit page for Basic Attention Token?

    The official Reddit community (subreddit) for Basic Attention Token is r/BATProject.

    What is the value of Basic Attention Token?

    One Basic Attention Token (BAT) is currently worth $1.20 on major cryptocurrency exchanges.You can also exchange one Basic Attention Token for 0.00002195 bitcoin(s) on major exchanges.The value (or market capitalization) of all available Basic Attention Token in U.S.dollars is $1.79 billion.

    What Makes Basic Attention Token Unique?

    The primary use case for the Basic Attention Token is as a payment token for running advertising campaigns through Brave Ads.As of November 2020, advertisers must commit to a minimum ad spend of $2,500 per month to be able to launch their campaign, but a self-serve platform with potentially lower limits is currently in the pipeline.

    What need is Basic Attention Token addressing?

    So, we can see the digital advertising market and industry is significant and growing.Also, mobile advertising is accounting for a large percentage of the total spend.

    What should I do in order to transfer funds to my bank account if Uphold is not currently connected to my country's banking system?

    We’ve reached out to Uphold for information to help you address this issue.

    What’s Next?

    The good news is that BAT is currently live and in market.Users download a new browser called Brave which blocks traditional ads and allows users to directly and anonymously reward websites that they find interesting.At writing there are over 3 million people using the Brave browser, and almost 20,000 content creators in the system.

    Where can I get Basic Attention Token wallet?

    Basic Attention Token produces its own wallet software that is available for download on its website, which allows you to store Basic Attention Token on your computer.For maximum security, you can store your cryptocurrencies on a dedicated hardware wallet such as a TREZOR wallet or a Ledger Nano X.If you do not wish to buy a hardware wallet, you may consider using a mobile wallet such as Atomic Wallet, Jaxx, or Coinomi to store multiple cryptocurrencies with some added security benefits.

    Where can I store BAT?

    Since BAT is an ERC20 token, you can store it in any wallet that supports ERC20 tokens.The most recommended options are cold wallets, such as Ledger Nano S and Trezor, however, Coinbase is also among the TOP options.

    Where Can You Buy Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

    Basic Attention Token can currently be traded on the majority of popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms, and currently has excellent liquidity.Binance, Coinbase Pro and Huobi Global count among the most reputable exchanges for BAT trades.

    Where can you buy BAT?

    BAT is now available to trade on Liquid exchange.Currently, the available trading pair is BAT/BTC.

    Where to buy BAT (Basic Attention Token)?

    You can easily purchase BAT on Binance.All you need to do s deposit some FIAT currencies (USD, EUR, or others) and use them to purchase BAT immediately.

    Where To Spend Basic Attention Token?

    We are building the BAT platform to integrate the Brave browser (see below), Brave’s ledger system, as well as a BAT wallet and related blockchain-attested functionality.The utility token is for conducting transactions and obtaining services on the platform.The token will be used, for example, in acquiring ad slots to be filled with privately matched, anonymously confirmed ads.

    Where will BAT be used?

    Given the open-source nature of the project, however, we also envision that as we develop the BAT protocol, third-party developers may come up with new and novel uses for the token.

    Which cryptocurrency exchange is best for beginners?

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    Who Are the Founders of Basic Attention Token?

    Basic Attention Token has two founders: Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy — two highly distinguished individuals in the internet browsing software industry.

    Who created BAT?

    BAT was created by the Brave browser project.With headquarters in San Francisco, the senior team are alumni from established tech companies, like Microsoft and Intel.

    Why Basic Attention Token?

    The basic attention token team hopes to create a more transparent, fair, and safe environment for advertising; allowing advertisers to have better insights into their ad campaign, publishers to experience less friction (no intermediaries) when doing business, and users to earn revenue for the attention they pay to advertisements while preserving their privacy on the internet.

    Why BAT?

    As I’ve mentioned in the previous chapters, the BAT token has a wide variety of usages, which makes it very attractive to all different kinds of users.Now I’d like to give you some simple examples of why specific groups of people might want to use the BAT tokens.

    Will I lose my BAT after 6 months?

    In the near future, we will use tokens set aside in the User Growth Pool (UGP) to incentivize users to join the platform.If these tokens are not claimed by recipients within 90 days then they will be returned to the UGP.

    History of Basic Attention Token

  • In 2017, Brave crowdfunded $35M in 30 seconds during its Basic Attention Token (BAT) ICO, geared toward compensating advertisers and users.