Overview of Bcnex

  • Bcnex is intent on providing a complex solution to four overarching issues pertaining to the dominating majority of crypto and digital asset exchanges, precisely unsophisticated and incompetently developed technical architecture; lax security of traders’ assets and operations; insufficient market liquidity which often results in slippages, a real scourge of crypto exchanges that discourages traders, especially those that operate with high volumes, for using a particular platform.
  • Bcnex was initially developed on the basis of Ethereum blockchain, but later has been redeployed on CryptoNote, a piece of technology that is known primarily for its ring signature feature, which provides for untraceable payments, and the capability of creating numerous one-time public key to ensure the non-traceability of transactions. 
  • Bcnex is cryptocurrency exchange that that was created by a team of visionary and experienced team, that recognizes many lapses in the existing cryptocurrency exchanges and as such built exchange that is not only sound in grade A technology, but also with pleasant user�s experience as one of the priorities.
  • Bcnex is a user-centric exchange developed as a result of the collaboration between experienced developers and trading experts with a proven track record in automating distribution, designing high performance web applications and facilitating access to the financial market.
  • Bcnex is a user-oriented exchange platform that is taking over the crypto market by resolving the consensus barriers and leading innovation with an all-in-one platform for trading ethereum, bitcoin, litecoin and other cryptocurrencies aligned with legal frameworks.
  • BCNex is enhanced by an optimal asset storage model completed by combining hot wallets, cold wallets, and secure hardware with related operational structures applied by banks, ISP providers, and the governments of developed countries.
  • Bcnex is expected to be at the forefront of efforts to develop Vietnam into a country of startups, and blockchain technology is gradually asserting its important role in Industry 4.0.
  • Bcnex Launchpad hosts and guides startup teams and businesses going through alternative rounds of funding — from Private Sales/Angel Funding Sessions to Public/Open Funding Rounds.
  • Bcnex Vietnam’s first legally compliant exchange is launching soon and will put an end to a lot of issues related to the illegal structure of crypto payments services.
  • Bcnex reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition or competition rules at our sole discretion and without prior notification.
  • Blockchain

    The good news for investors is that Bcnex will be releasing their own token called BCNX.The serve as huge opportunity for investors to be a part of this amazing project early as Bcnex is the next best thing that will happen in crypto-world.The total supply of BCNX token is 200,000,000 and it is an ERC233 standard token of the Ethereum blockchain.Since the goal of Bcnex and its team is to create a blockchain-based exchange that is accessible and affordable for users, the fund generated from token sale and will help in financing platform development as well as marketing.


    Bcnex – The rising star among Vietnamese blockchain startups.Bcnex – This ultimate Blockchain Trading Platform is a cryptocurrency trading platform developed by a group of Vietnamese crypto enthusiasts.He contributed to Decree 1255/QĐ-TTg, issued on August 21st, 2017 by the Prime Minister, to “…reconsider and appraise virtual assets and cryptocurrency in Vietnam and to research and examine international experience.” In Vietnam, the CEO of Bcnex is also known as a vocal public figure who usually shows up on the news, calling for the reform and regulation of the crypto market and implementing more crypto-friendly policies.Mr.Ngo has spent years working with the Vietnamese government to give suggestions and improve the legal framework for managing virtual currencies and digital assets.This group is led by Bcnex Co-Founder & CEO Ngo Hoang Quyen, one of the most prominent policy lobbyist and public figures in Vietnam.


    CMC Telecom, a Vietnamese information and communication technology firm, and Akamai, a US-based network service provider have signed a cooperation agreement with BCNEX to help prevent DDoS attacks.


    Furthermore, because of the vast experience of the team behind Bcnex in the forex trading industry, and the fact that they have worked with, as well as operated several trading platforms for their business parttners across the world, the issue of low market liquidity that is often experienced on several existing exchange will be not be experienced on Bcnex as the exchange have high liquidity, takes its investors seriously and support them to trade on the users, friendly exchange that is Bcnex.


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