Overview of BeNative

  • BeNative is a modern consulting initiative, capable of dealing with the diverse and personalized needs of every individual or legal entity that chooses Greece and specifically the Ionian Region, as their ideal place of living or conducting business, aiming to offer a ‘’single-stop-shop’’ type of service
  • BeNative plans to have engaging events and partnerships with universities as well as government organizations to provide a platform for to today’s digitalized youth in both rural and urban India so they can be champions in their own fields in the language that the world speaks, Kaul adds.
  • BeNative has partnered with Ashoka University to know the needs of today’s youth and create a balance between the products currently being offered and what needs to be improved to target needs of the Indian market.
  • benative-bnv-official-listing-at.png BeNative BNV Official Listing at Dcoin Exchange BeNative announces its digital token BNV’s first official listing at Dcoin Digital Asset Exchange on Sept.
  • BeNative has been launched their business globally through SMATOOS Inc., the headquarter based in Korea, followed by other foreign corporate branches in Japan, Hongkong, Beijing and so on.
  • BeNative is now adding new contents like English Quizzes consists of various themes, including Daily English, YouTube, K-pop, Movies, Food, Enterprise Brand Quiz, etc.
  • BENATIVE SHANGHAI is a leading luxury shoe brand from China beloved by top celebrities, influencers, and millions of sophisticated modern women in China.
  • BeNative users now can enjoy the ‘Learn English, Earn Bitcoin’ experience which users are rewarded with Bitcoin based on their learning and XP gains.
  • BeNative is an online business English education service, with global business leaders, which include Google, Facebook, etc, appearing in interview videos.
  • BeNative has entered the Asian market by signing deals with major Asian companies, including Samsung Multicampus, SK Corp.
  • Blockchain

    Alan Moonsoo Kim (BeNative CEO) said, “BeNative has rewarded XP to the users since 2016, however, the process of small reward payment to global users was plagued by international remittance procedures and high fees.Now we have an environment where blockchain technology can be used to make compensation easier and simpler.Even though the blockchain technology has been invented from the west, BeNative will bring more learners motivated to learn foreign languages and contribute to the advancement of the token economy in daily life, leading the global ed-tech industry.”

    A qui s’adresse BeNative ?

    Vous n’avez pas de site Internet ?
    Vous avez déjà investi dans un site mais n’avez pas le temps de vous en occuper ? Vous n’avez pas de page Facebook ou de newsletter ? Ou vous les avez mais ils ne sont jamais mis à jour ?
    Le référencement de votre site n’est plus aussi bon qu’avant ?

    Nous pouvons vous aider.

    Comment pouvons-nous vous aider ?

    Nous accompagnons nos clients dans la durée (sur mesure selon vos besoins) pour rendre votre stratégie marketing et sa mise en opérations à la fois plus efficace et plus rentable, ceci dans le but d’entretenir une relation à la fois plus agréable et plus enrichissant avec vos prospects, visiteurs et clients.

    Is GST about ease of doing business?

    Three years after its inception, compliance with GST procedures remains a headache for exporters, job workers …

    Que signifie le nom BeNative ?

    “Native advertising.Contenus et publicité digitaux non intrusifs, qui répondent à un besoin réel des consommateurs.Utiles, intéressants et divertissants.Contenus sur pages web, blogs, articles sponsorisés, vidéo, publications sur les réseaux sociaux.”

    Nous croyons que le native advertising est la prochaine étape pour rapprocher les entreprises de leurs clients.Le contenu est au coeur de chacun de nos dispositifs e-commerce et e-marketing.

    Should You Choose Native?

    At the end of the day, your business model will dictate which software infrastructure you decide to use.

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    We still are left with a nagging question for the Wannabes: Why do they do it? Why do so many white people—from Elizabeth Warren to Miley Cyrus to Iron Eyes Cody—fashion a Native identity out of thin air?

    I contacted Aleiss about her research to ask her if there was anything that united this unruly tribe.The one common denominator she cited was “financial opportunity.” Indeed, there are many instances of whites making a buck while trafficking in faux-Native identity, but I’m not totally convinced it all boils down to money.According to the 2010 census, more than a quarter of Native Americans live in poverty, contrasted to only 10 percent of whites.There’s more money to be made in the white world than on the reservation.

    What do Bill Clinton, Miley Cyrus, Johnny Cash, and Elizabeth Warren all have in common?

    Answer: All of them have claimed to be part Cherokee, but none have been able to prove it.Not that any of these celebrities are unique in this regard.Rare is the Oklahoma family that doesn’t think it possesses at least one-sixteenth Cherokee blood.

    What is BeNative Agency’s official website?

    BeNative Agency’s official website is www.benative.

    Why Do So Many People Pretend to Be Native American?

    On Iron Eyes Cody and “the tribe of the Wannabe.

    History of BeNative