Bitcoin Cash


Overview of Bitcoin Cash

  • Bitcoin Cash has a number of significant differences to Bitcoin: it’s advertised as being faster and cheaper to use, the maximum block size is eight megabytes against one in previous Blockchain, and it has an emergency difficulty adjustment feature.
  • Bitcoin Cash’s increased block size allows it to handle more transactions per second than Bitcoin, but the higher block size limit comes with its own downsides as well – for example, it’s more expensive to operate a full node. 
  • Bitcoin Cash may be a long-term investment opportunity given the underlying potential; however, if original Bitcoin manages to resolve all of its issues related to delays and processing fee, BCH might not remain as relevant.
  • Bitcoin Cash was formed by a group of developers in August 2017 who viewed a larger block size as necessary for Bitcoin to scale and adequately function as a P2P digital currency originally envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • Bitcoin Cash is the product of one of these solutions, known as a ‘hard fork’, where the original blockchain architecture is used to build a new blockchain, and by extension, a new cryptocurrency. 
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is another peer to peer electronic payment currency that aims to enable consumers and merchants to send and receive payments without having to deal with long delays and high fees.
  • Bitcoin Cash offers more privacy and anonymity than traditional payment systems like bank transfers and credit card payments, since it’s normally impossible to know who controls a Bitcoin address.
  • Bitcoin cash (BCH), received after the Bitcoin (BTC) hard fork in 2017, constitutes taxable gross income, according to a memorandum released by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • Bitcoin Cash is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that aims to become sound global money with fast payments, micro fees, privacy, and high transaction capacity (big blocks).
  • Bitcoin Cash price page is part of The CoinDesk 20 that features price history, price ticker, market cap and live charts for the top cryptocurrencies.
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    Despite the name being closely related with the original crypto, Bitcoin Cash is not correlated with Bitcoin itself, rather the crypto is an offshoot of the original as a result of debates between members of the crypto community on how to resolve some of the more pressing issues in the Bitcoin blockchain, namely a spike in transaction volumes slowing down their resolution speed. 


    This has encouraged some miners to adopt BHC as they can make more money but it also has the side effect of flooding the market with a large number of coins at once, thus pushing down the value of Bitcoin Cash.


    “One of the things that most people don’t realize — there are already more transactions happening on the Bitcoin Cash network, right now, today, than there are on the Bitcoin network,” executive chairman and Bitcoin Cash promoter Roger Ver told Forkast.News in a video interview.“Right now, today, as we’re recording this, more people are going to transact on the Bitcoin Cash network than on Bitcoin.”


    You can import your private keys into a Bitcoin Cash wallet here is the list of supporting wallets- Best Bitcoin Cash Wallets.Out of this list, Coinomi & Electron Cash etc wallets allow you to import private keys.


    Bitcoin Cash was officially released in August 2017, as a result of a discussion about the scalability of Bitcoin; the community had some concerns about Bitcoin’s ability to process the large number of transactions on the Bitcoin network.Looking for a solution, the community was divided into two groups.Unable to find a compromise, a hard fork was implemented, and Bitcoin Cash was created.

    Are all the top cryptocurrency exchanges based in the United States?

    No, definitely not! While some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges are, indeed, based in the United States (i.e.Coinbase or Kraken), there are other very well-known industry leaders that are located all over the world.For example, Binance is based in Tokyo, Japan, while Bittrex is located in Liechtenstein.While there are many reasons for why an exchange would prefer to be based in one location over another, most of them boil down to business intricacies, and usually have no effect on the user of the platform.

    Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction: Is BCH a Buy or Sell in May?

    The Bitcoin Cash price is paring some of the losses it made during the American and Asian sessions.The Bitcoin Cash price is paring some of the losses it made during the American and Asian sessions.BCH is trading at $970, which is slightly above $945, where it declined to a few hours ago.BCH is trading at $970, which is slightly above $945, where it declined to a few hours ago.It is about 40% above the lowest level on April 23.It is about 40% above the lowest level on April 23.Bitcoin Cash has a total value of more than $18 billion.Bitcoin Cash has a total value of more than $18 billion.

    Can Bitcoin Cash Be Used Anonymously?

    Although cryptocurrencies like BCH offer some anonymity level compared to conventional financial institutions backed payment methods, you should always be mindful of the fact that any activity on the internet is traceable.Moreover, increasing regulations on cryptocurrency trading means that many exchanges are now required to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.This leads to the collection of personal data for individual verification.

    Can other Alts incur the same level of institutional interest?

    They possibly will but not… on the same level.

    Does Amazon accept Bitcoin Cash?

    At this time, Amazon does not accept Bitcoin Cash, you can’t pay Amazon directly with Bitcoin Cash.Some services like have made it possible for users to indirectly purchase items from Amazon through their third-party software, and some digital gift card retailers accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as payment.

    History Of Bitcoin Cash: What’s The Story?

    Bitcoin Cash is the result of a long-running argument between different factions of the Bitcoin community.The argument is about scalability.

    How did bitcoin cash come about?

    For years, bitcoin miners have been anticipating problems in the scaling of bitcoin, and its 2017 surge in popularity brought this to a head.Bitcoin traders were facing increasingly long approval times, and were obliged to pay additional fees if they hoped to speed up the process.

    How do I get Bitcoin Cash?

    There are several easy ways to get Bitcoin Cash.You may not even have to leave the BitPay or Copay wallet.

    How do I pay a BitPay invoice with Bitcoin Cash?

    To pay a BitPay Invoice with BCH, just follow the instructions in How To Pay guide.The steps are the same for Bitcoin Cash as they are for Bitcoin.

    How do you buy Bitcoin Cash?

    Bitcoin Cash is available at a variety of crypto exchanges, depending on your region.For the latest list of exchanges and trading pairs for this cryptocurrency, click on our market pairs tab.Be sure to do your own research before picking an exchange to buy Bitcoin Cash.

    How do you mine Bitcoin Cash?

    Mining is the process in which new Bitcoin Cash transactions are confirmed and new blocks are added to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.Miners use computing power and electricity to solve complex puzzles.By doing so, they gain the ability to produce new blocks of transactions.If one of their blocks is accepted by the network, the miner, or mining pool, earns a block reward in the form of newly-issued Bitcoin Cash.

    How Does Bitcoin Cash Mining Work?

    In order to ensure transactions are always processed smoothly Bitcoin Cash operates a scalable mining difficulty.

    How Does Bitcoin Cash Work and What Technology Is Behind It?

    Apart from the differences in philosophy and block size, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin are pretty identical in terms of how they work.They both use a peer-to-peer network of computers or nodes made functional with the help of miners who verify transactions to earn rewards or use Proof of Work (PoW) consensus to mine new tokens whose supply is limited to 21 million.In the past, the algorithm of Bitcoin Cash was used to raise the mining difficulty after every 2016 blocks.But, recently, the developers have made the mining process easier as miners were making a shift to BTC.It also makes use of what developers call Segregated Witness solution or SegWit.This method proposed that instead of storing all the information related to the block's transaction, it can be stored on a separate file that's outside the block.This will enable the blockchain to have more transactions on the block, reducing processing time.However, the solution hasn't been popular with cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and it's still to be seen if Bitcoin Cash blockchain can handle a large number of transactions.

    How Does Bitcoin Cash Work?

    According to Satoshi’s design from the Bitcoin white papers, Bitcoin was supposed to be a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency for everyday transactions.As its popularity and growth increased, people began to use it more as a wealth creation vehicle than as a currency.

    How Does Media Attention Impact Prices?

    Like other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Cash is heavily influenced by media attention.You should keep an eye on the headlines when deciding how to invest in Bitcoin Cash.

    How is Bitcoin Cash Mined?

    Like most cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Cash is decentralized.This means that no single person or authority has control over the network.

    How is Bitcoin Cash Mined?

    Bitcoin Cash is mined similarly to Bitcoin.Unlike banks or Governments, which physically print currency, Bitcoin Cash is created digitally by its community.

    How Safe Is Bitcoin Cash?

    Bitcoin Cash uses a robust blockchain technology, which is pretty much impossible to break into.Your transactions and fund transfer records can't be tampered with or changed by a single individual as blockchain requires unanimous approval from all nodes.Cryptographic encryption adds another layer of security to the entire payment infrastructure providing a way to conduct safe and secure transactions.

    How to pick the best crypto exchange for yourself?

    Picking out the best crypto exchange for yourself, you should always focus on maintaining a balance between the essential features that all top crypto exchanges should have, and those that are important to you, personally.For example, all of the best exchanges should possess top-tier security features, but if you’re looking to trade only the main cryptocurrencies, you probably don’t really care too much about the variety of coins available on the exchange.

    Is Anyone Supporting BCH?

    You may think that no one would support this new kid in the crypto market.

    Is Bitcoin Cash a Better Alternative to Bitcoin?

    Both cryptocurrencies serve different purposes.If you are looking for a secure means of carrying out digital payments, you should look at Bitcoin Cash, but if you want to trade or invest, then Bitcoin is most likely your best bet.

    Is Bitcoin Cash A Currency Or A Commodity?

    You might be wondering why we’re covering Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies here at – a site all about commodities.

    Is Bitcoin Cash different from Bitcoin?

    In 2017, the Bitcoin project and its community split in two over concerns about Bitcoin’s scalability.The result was a hard fork which created Bitcoin Cash, a new cryptocurrency considered by supporters to be the legitimate continuation of the Bitcoin project as peer-to-peer electronic cash.All Bitcoin holders at the time of the fork (block 478,558) automatically became owners of Bitcoin Cash.Bitcoin, which was invented by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakomoto remains a separate cryptocurrency.

    Is Bitcoin Cash Real Money?

    BCH provides versatility in terms of offering a complete payment alternative.It's accepted in more than 5,000 physical locations across the globe, but you can also use it for shopping online and paying for your meals at selected cafes and restaurants.Moreover, Bitcoin Cash brings support for popular third party payment gateways, enables BCH donations for WordPress and non-profit organisations, and offers a Point of Sale (POS) solution for businesses.

    Is Bitcoin Cash Secure?

    BCH, like most cryptos, guarantees some level of anonymity compared to traditional financial assets like bonds.However, you should note that activities on the internet are traceable.With increasing regulations on crypto trading, most exchanges now collect personal data for customer verification.

    Is Bitcoin Cash the same as Bitcoin?

    No, it is not.Bitcoin Cash was formed after a hard fork from Bitcoin.It’s similar to BTC (it even shares the same name), but is different in that it has much bigger block capacity, and so each block can hold more transactions within itself.Also, a single look at exchanges such as Coinbase will tell you that the prices of the two cryptocurrencies in question are also going to be quite…Different.

    Is Bitcoin Cash worth investing in?

    The answer to this question depends on a lot of different factors.It’s truly something that you yourself should figure out, in accordance with the reasons why you’d want to invest in the cryptocurrency, in the first place, and also the timing of the matter, as well.If you’ve decided that it is, in fact, something that you’d like to do, then make sure to pick the right exchange platform – Coinbase is one of the better options.

    Is Bitcoin Cash Worth the Investment?

    Given the volatility of cryptocurrencies, including BCH, there is no definitive answer to this question.Cryptocurrency trading can wipe out your capital in no time and double it in a matter of minutes.Nobody is entirely aware of what direction the market is going to take.That makes Bitcoin Cash a high risk and high reward investment.

    Is it risky giving up my ID in order to buy?

    It depends how much you trust the exchanges.

    Is it worth anything?

    Right now, bitcoin cash is actually worth quite a bit — on paper at least.Some are trading it at around a value of $400 per coin, which makes it the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap right now.

    Now Let’s See… Who/What is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is the DADDY of cryptocurrencies.

    Now what?

    So what’s next? The general consensus in the cryptocurrency community is that most people are just going to sell bitcoin cash as soon as they get the chance to — which, if happens, will further drive down the price.But there’s always a chance that people will flock to this coin and it actually retains or appreciates in value.Essentially, like everything else in crypto, no one knows what’s about to happen next.

    Should I leave my bitcoins on the exchange after I buy?

    We really recommend storing any bitcoins you want to keep safe in a wallet you own.

    So, Which One?

    What we can infer here is that Bitcoin Cash has a much stronger capacity to handle a growing scale of the user base.The crypto scene is gaining momentum with each passing month, and you have more people looking forward to testing the waters now than you had 7-8 years back.In that light, you need a coin with increased scalability to handle increasing traffic and Bitcoin Cash surely shows immense promise here.The cheaper transaction rate is another big draw here.

    Want To Know The Facts?


    What are risks are involved buying bitcoins with cash?

    Buying bitcoins with cash can be very low risk.

    What are the benefits and advantages?

    It’s easy to buy small amounts of bitcoin with cash.

    What Are the Benefits of Bitcoin Cash?

    Extremely Low Fees – BCH offers transaction charges that are next to nothing.It means people can send and receive any sum of money without worrying about exorbitant service fees.

    What are the differences between bitcoin and bitcoin cash?

    As we have seen, bitcoin cash was created as a result of a hard fork with bitcoin.This means that while there are similarities, there are also some key differences between the cryptocurrencies.

    What are the disadvantages?

    It can be hard to buy large amounts of bitcoins with cash, especially with cash deposit.

    What can happen and what do you need to do?

    You do not need to do much, but you need to be updated and agile about all of this.If you want access to your BCH coins, you will require your private keys.

    What can I do with Bitcoin Cash?

    While many traders and investors argue that Bitcoin Cash’s primary use case is speculation on price movements, anyone who runs an e-commerce website has the ability to accept Bitcoin Cash.Well known retailers like Lush, Overstock, and Newegg use the BitPay platform that allows users to pay with Bitcoin Cash.

    What Does Bitcoin Cash Do?

    Bitcoin Cash was officially released in August 2017.Its technology is very similar to Bitcoin, and there is also the same amount of coins — 21 million.

    What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and how do I use it with BitPay?

    Bitcoin Cash (BCH) forked from the Bitcoin (BTC) Network on August 1, 2017.BCH is a fork of bitcoin which allows for more transactions in each block.This allows for lower average fees and faster average confirmation times.

    What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

    Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork of the Bitcoin protocol that was born from a long-running debate in the Bitcoin community over the size of blocks in the blockchain.Bitcoin Cash was formed by a group of developers in August 2017 who viewed a larger block size as necessary for Bitcoin to scale and adequately function as a P2P digital currency originally envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto.

    What Is Bitcoin Cash and How Does It Work?

    Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is another peer to peer electronic payment currency that aims to enable consumers and merchants to send and receive payments without having to deal with long delays and high fees.BCH denotes Bitcoin Cash, and it's a decentralised and permissionless digital currency that works without any involvement of banks, governments, or any other central authorities.

    What is Bitcoin Cash used for?

    Bitcoin Cash combines gold-like scarcity with the spendable nature of cash.With a limited total supply of 21 million coins, Bitcoin Cash is provably scarce and, like physical cash, can be easily spent.Transactions are fast with transaction fees typically less than a tenth of a cent.Anybody can accept Bitcoin Cash payments with a smartphone or computer.

    What Is Bitcoin Cash: How it Started?

    It all started with agreements and disagreements about how to improve Bitcoin’s technology.You see, one of the problems with Bitcoin is, as more people use it, the networks take longer and longer to process a transaction.

    What is Bitcoin Cash?

    Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a peer-to-peer electronic payment currency that enables users to send and receive payments without the inconveniences of long delays and high transaction fees.It’s a fork of Bitcoin aimed at providing a more transactional peer-to-peer electronic cash payment system.

    What is Bitcoin Cash?

    Bitcoin Cash (BCH) * is a crypto asset which launched in August 2017, created from a hard fork of Bitcoin (BTC).

    What is bitcoin cash?

    Bitcoin cash (BCH) is both a cryptocurrency and payment network.It was created as a result of a hard fork with bitcoin in December 2017, with the aim of increasing the number of transactions that could be processed.

    What is Bitcoin Cash?

    Bitcoin Cash is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that aims to become sound global money with fast payments, micro fees, privacy, and high transaction capacity (big blocks).In the same way that physical money, such as a dollar bill, is handed directly to the person being paid, Bitcoin Cash payments are sent directly from one person to another.

    What Is Bitcoin Cash?

    Bitcoin Cash is a direct split from Bitcoin and is trying to define the direction of Bitcoin.Many view the emergence of Bitcoin Cash as a battle for the soul of Bitcoin.

    What is Bitcoin Cash?

    Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency created via a fork of the Bitcoin network.This means that any user who held Bitcoin at the time of the fork (August 1st, 2017), now has an equivalent amount of Bitcoin Cash on the forked Bitcoin Cash blockchain.Early Bitcoin adopter Roger Ver is a strong advocate of Bitcoin Cash.

    What is bitcoin cash?

    Bitcoin cash is a standalone digital currency, created as an offshoot of bitcoin in August 2017.While similar to bitcoin in many ways, it operates under its own unique set of rules and with its own blockchain.

    What is Bitcoin Cash?

    Bitcoin cash is a cryptocurrency created in August 2017, from a fork of Bitcoin.?? Bitcoin Cash increased the size of blocks, allowing more transactions to be processed and improving scalability.

    What Is Bitcoin Cash?

    Bitcoin Cash was created in 2017 as a “fork” of Bitcoin.The fork that created it increased the size of its blocks, which are pieces of Bitcoin data that cannot be altered once recorded.This change allowed more transactions to be completed using Bitcoin Cash, which also makes it easier to scale.In 2018, it forked once again, into Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV, which stands for Satoshi Vision.

    What Is Bitcoin Cash?

    The three most popular types of Bitcoin cryptocurrency are Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin Gold (BTG).All three types are traded on many exchanges, with Bitcoin being the most popular and available in the most places.Bitcoin Cash was created in part to limit certain groups from controlling Bitcoin.In order to understand Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold, it’s necessary to understand the evolution of Bitcoin.

    What Is Bitcoin Cash?

    Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork from the original Bitcoin blockchain.This split occurred on August 1, 2017.

    What Is Bitcoin Gold?

    You can “mine” Bitcoin with specialized “ASIC” mining computer equipment.This is expensive hardware and consumes a lot of energy.That cost has caused the main version of Bitcoin production to land more and more in the hands of the elite.

    What is The CoinDesk 20?

    The CoinDesk 20 filters from the larger universe of thousands of cryptocurrencies and digital assets to define a core group of 20.

    What is the difference between a crypto exchange and a brokerage?

    In layman’s terms, a cryptocurrency exchange is a place where you meet and exchange cryptocurrencies with another person.The exchange platform (i.e.Binance) acts as a middleman – it connects you (your offer or request) with that other person (the seller or the buyer).With a brokerage, however, there is no “other person” – you come and exchange your crypto coins or fiat money with the platform in question, without the interference of any third party.When considering cryptocurrency exchange rankings, though, both of these types of businesses (exchanges and brokerages) are usually just thrown under the umbrella term – exchange.This is done for the sake of simplicity.

    What Is The Purpose Of Mining Bitcoin Cash?

    This has two purposes.Firstly, It acts an incentive for users to process the transactions on the blockchain.

    What Makes LocalBitcoins Different than Other Exchanges?

    The difference between Local Bitcoins and most exchanges is that with Local Bitcoins, you must physically meet up with or connect digitally to the person you are buying from or selling to.

    What Now?

    We hope this information gives you a clearer understanding of Bitcoin Cash, it's history, and vision.We encourage you to study it more, look at the evidence and use cases, and try it out! Below are some more great resources for information about Bitcoin Cash.

    What wallets support Bitcoin Cash?

    Various desktop, mobile, and hardware wallets are available to store your Bitcoin recommends users to use one of their featured wallets like’s online wallet, Coinomi, BitPay, Edge, Jaxx, Mobi, Copay, Badger Wallet, Exodus, Ledger, and Trezor.Alternatively, you can store your Bitcoin Cash on a paper wallet.

    What Was Bitcoin Cash Designed For?

    Put simply, Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork from Bitcoin.It is designed to solve Bitcoin’s scalability problem by directly increasing the blocksize on the chain.

    What’s so special about bitcoin cash?

    If you know anything about cryptocurrencies you know there are a ton of them.Like thousands of them.Some are legitimate and substantially different (arguably better) than bitcoin, and some are pretty much just copycats trying to make a quick buck.

    What's in a Name?

    Is Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin? Well as of now, most media outlets and exchanges refer to Bitcoin (BTC) when they say Bitcoin through control of all the major Bitcoin discussion channels.But, one thing is clear, the original spirit, excitement, and revolutionary idea of digital cash for the world is alive and well with Bitcoin Cash.

    When Will Bitcoin Cash Reach Maximum Circulation?

    Eventually, Bitcoin Cash will a 21 million cap and no more coins will be produced.At this point, miners will instead be rewarded with a small cut of each transaction.

    Where Can I Trade Bitcoin Cash?

    See our full guide to trading Bitcoin Cash, or start your research with reviews of these regulated crypto brokers available in .

    Where can I use Bitcoin Cash?

    You can use Bitcoin Cash for payments with BitPay’s consumer products, and you can use Bitcoin Cash to pay for things with most BitPay merchants.

    Which cryptocurrency exchange is best for beginners?

    Reading through various best crypto exchange reviews online, you’re bound to notice that one of the things that most of these exchanges have in common is that they are very simple to use.While some are more straightforward and beginner-friendly than others, you shouldn’t encounter any difficulties with either of the top-rated exchanges.That said, many users believe that Coinbase is one of the simpler exchanges on the current market.

    Which Financial Institutions Are Invested in Bitcoin Cash?

    Bitcoin Cash being direct competition for traditional financial institutions and banks means they won’t put their own money for adding value to the blockchain or its infrastructure.If it succeeds as an alternative payment system, it’ll cannibalise one of the major businesses of financial institutions.

    Which Idea was the Most Popular?

    Anyone wondering about what is Bitcoin Cash should be aware that, in the case of Bitcoin, nobody can make changes to the system unless most people agree.

    Which of the two crypto coins offers the best investment?

    Bitcoin is no longer the sole star in the crypto scene.Yes, no one is denying that the coin still holds the numero uno stature, but it is also true that the crypto world has recently embraced a bunch of new coins that speak of great promise as well.Among the new powerful coins that can pose serious competition to BTC today, one of the crucial names is Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

    Who is Roger Ver?

    Roger, Roger Keith Ver by his full name, was born on the 27th of January 1979, in San Jose, California.He invested in Bitcoin since 2011, and invested millions dollars in bitcoin related businesses.Roger Ver is the creator of many bitcoin related business and start-ups and is called the “Bitcoin Jesus” due to his active work on promoting Bitcoin.Roger Ver served as CEO of Bitcoin.Com until 1 August 2019, when he shifted to the Executive Chairman position, and the Fortune Magazine referred to him as the co-creator of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

    Why Bitcoin and Ethereum?

    For the most avid crypto enthusiasts and traders, this question does not require an explanation but to cover the bases, it is necessary.Institutions may have picked up on the Bitcoin mania only in the past few months, but the availability has been there since 2018.Grayscale got the ball rolling initially with the GBTC trust fund, and CBOE and CME launching their BTC futures after the 2017 bull run.

    Why Bityard is different?

    Bityard engine is the fastest on the market, processing up to 1 million transactions per second.The exchange is available for both mobile (Android & IOS) and web, and has the lowest transaction fees.The website interface is available in nine different languages with customer support 24/7 via email and live chat.

    Why do Local Bitcoins and Bitcoin ATMs have a higher price than other exchanges?

    The average buy price on Local Bitcoins and Bitcoin ATMs is usually 5-10% higher than the average global rate.

    Why Was Bitcoin Cash Invented?

    As Bitcoin gained more popularity, its price didn't only surge but also became highly volatile, making it more of an asset class instead of a traditional currency alternative.The Bitcoin blockchain failed to scale proportionately with the growth in the number of transactions, which led to processing delays and higher fee.It was caused by the block size, which was capped at a maximum of 1MB.As a result, transactions got in line waiting to be verified as smaller blocks weren't able to handle more transactions while maintaining a faster processing speed.

    Why Were Bitcoin Transactions Becoming Slow?

    One of the biggest drags on transaction speed is the digital signature.This signature is designed to verify that the sender has the necessary funds to make a transaction.

    Will this mindset over other assets change?

    Institutionally, investors are not looking at any other asset other than Bitcoin and Ethereum for the sole reason that their value is inherent and also derived from their vast community.Other assets neither display a similar market cap nor indicate resistance to market volatility.Institutions have definitely entered the crypto space but they are hardly going to move away from Bitcoin and Ethereum in the near future.

    WTF is bitcoin cash and is it worth anything?

    Early yesterday morning bitcoin’s blockchain forked — meaning a separate cryptocurrency was created called bitcoin cash.

    History of Bitcoin Cash

  • In 2014, Commmunity raised $30,000 for Jamaica’s bobsled team and sponsored further events.
  • In 2016, it started to offer a US-only debit card.
  • In 2017 the supporter’s of a blocksize increase forked Bitcoin and created the Bitcoin Cash chain.
  • In 2017, those who wanted to increase the blocksize created a fork of Bitcoin known as Bitcoin Cash – a product capable of completing every day transactions. 
  • In 2018 Bitcoin Cash subsequently split into two cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Cash is sometimes also referred to as Bcash.
  • In 2018 Coinbase launched their independent mobile wallet for iOS and Android investor protection in your or.
  • In 2018 Coinbase launched their independent mobile wallet for iOS and Android.
  • In 2020, the Bitcoin Cash community began to face more internal divisions.
  • In the 1990s, everyone was talking about how to build the first decentralized currency system that could transcend traditional financial institutions, be above complications such as exchange rates, and remain immune to organizational interference (i.e., governments, for example).
  • On 1 August 2017, bitcoin hard-forked into two separate cryptocurrencies: bitcoin and bitcoin cash.
  • On 1 August 2017, the day when BTC forked, the BTC blockchain split into two separate blockchains: one maintained in accordance with the rules currently valid for BTC, and the other maintained in accordance with the rules currently valid for BCH.
  • On 25 May 2018, Alex sold the 10 Bitcoin Cash for $4,000.