Overview of BitcoiNote

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  • BitcoiNote is so light and easy to mine that everybody can do it – we want you to be able to mine and confirm a transaction with any device, even your smartphone!
  • BitcoiNote stands for real privacy, speedy transactions, dynamic block sizes and the possibility to mine coins with just a mobile phone or IoT device.
  • BitcoiNote Trading Up 153% Over Last 7 Days (BTCN)
    Fri, Apr 30, 2021 6:36 AM
  • BitcoiNote has a total market capitalization of $131,654.56 and approximately $42.00 worth of BitcoiNote was traded on exchanges in the last []
  • BitcoiNote (CURRENCY:BTCN) traded 34.3% lower against the dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 15:00 PM E.T.
  • BitcoiNote keeps the fair spirit of the early cryptocurrencies and is the real people’s coin, available to everyone.
  • BitcoiNote currently uses lightweight Proof of Work protocol that is oriented towards GPUs, NOT ASICs.
  • BitcoiNote is a decentralized, public blockchain and cryptocurrency project that is fully open source.
  • BitcoiNote to North Korean won on 6 May 2021 – 7.673859 North Korean won.
  • Blockchain

    It is a 3rd generation cryptocurrency that resolves the issues of Bitcoin.The coin combines the familiarity of Bitcoin and advantages of the CryptoNight-Lite Variant 1 algorithm.


    BitcoiNote is also ASIC-resistant which means you will not need special devices to mine and mining will not be centralized by any particular group.


    Anyone can mine without specialized and expensive devices from big hardware companies that have been in control of mining cryptocurrencies.ASIC resistance is crucial in order to keep BitcoiNote a fully decentralized network.The next step will be to be able to mine BTCN with mobiles and smart TVs – IOT is planned as well!


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    BitcoiNote stands for real privacy, speedy transactions, dynamic block sizes and the possibility to mine coins with just a mobile phone or IoT device.Thanks to the best features of the CryptoNote algorithm – the dynamic block size, short block validation time and difficulty recalculated with every block – transactions are never backlogged!

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    Why Should I Buy BitcoiNote (BTCN)?

    BitcoiNote is a cryptocurrency that is identified by the symbol BTCN.

    History of BitcoiNote