Overview of BitcoinSoV

  • BitcoinSoV describes itself as a mineable, deflationary, open-sourced, decentralized cryptocurrency designed to function as a store of value against the monetary inflation of fiat currency.
  • BitcoinSoV presents a possible solution to the problem with inflation which has inevitably and negatively effected the worlds currency, the United States dollar.
  • BitcoinSOV is a 100% community-driven cryptocurrency and does not rely on centralized decision makers or traditional power structures to survive.
  • BitcoinSoV is one of those currencies, although it seems unlikely this ERC20 token will make much of an impact.
  • BitcoinSoV has implemented this ongoing experiment onto another concept which BitcoinSoV borrowed, 0xBTC.
  • BitcoinSoV is a Proof of Work Decentralized, Fungible, Censorship Free, Deflationary Currency.
  • BitcoinSoV has a maximum supply of ∞ BSOV and a circulating supply of 3.8M BSOV.
  • BitcoinSoV uses a alternative algorithm called the SHA-3 (Secure Hash Algorithm).
  • BitcoinSoV all-time high is $0.30939 This ATH was reached on Mar 14, 2021.
  • BitcoinSoV price needs to rise 179.25% to reach a new all-time-high.
  • Mine

    Anyone can mine, buy and sell BitcoinSoV.BitcoinSoV is the Worlds First Mineable & Deflationary token.


    For those users unfamiliar with minable ERC20 tokens, the concept works a bit differently compared to Bitcoin and other standard cryptocurrencies.Mining in the case of BitcoinSoV simply means minting, rather than securing the network or making it more resilient.That is not necessarily a bad thing, as one would have to attack Ethereum to effectively disrupt this token’s ecosystem as well.

    Another Bitcoin Clone?

    The answer to that question is not as cut-and-dried as one might assume at first.Although this token borrows the Bitcoin name simply for marketing purposes and in an effort to generate hype, that is where the similarities end.Although this is a mineable ERC20 token, most people will know by now how such tokens tend to peter out pretty quickly once the initial interest calms down.

    Can’t access an exchange?

    Some internet providers block some websites.You can use a VPN to solve this.

    How much does it cost to mine 1 BSOV?

    These are estimates that are calculated solely from the current gas prices of Ethereum (ETH) network which is used to mint BSOV tokens.There are also other factors that decide the cost of mining BSOV; like electricity cost, mining difficulty, mining unit cost.

    Is it profitable to
    invest in BitcoinSoV?

    Yes.The long-term earning potential is
    +30.92% in one year.

    Mining calculator – How much can you mine?

    In the Stats-page, you will find a mining calculator.

    Want Daily BSOV Price Updates?

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    What is
    the BitcoinSoV price today?

    The current price of BitcoinSoV is
    0.281 USD today.

    will BitcoinSoV be worth in five years

    The BitcoinSoV (BSOV )
    price will be
    0.875 USD.

    Will Anyone Truly Care?

    As is usually the case when a new project is created with Bitcoin in the name, there will be some genuine discontent among cryptocurrency users.So far, it seems as if most users shrug this project off as another botched attempt to create a pump-and-dump coin.It is difficult enough for projects to stand out, but when they receive a lot of flack from day one, it seems unlikely that a lot of people will still care about BitcoinSoV in a few months from today.

    Will BitcoinSoV crash?

    According to our analysis, this will not happen.

    Will BitcoinSoV hit 1 USD in a year?

    Not within a year.See above.

    Will BitcoinSoV hit 10 USD in a year?

    Not within a year.See above.

    Will BitcoinSoV hit 5 USD in a year?

    Not within a year.See above.

    Will BitcoinSoV price fall / drop?

    No.See above.

    Will BitcoinSoV price grow / rise / go up?

    Yes.The BitcoinSoV price can go up from
    0.281 USD to
    0.368 USD in one

    Will BitcoinSoV replace / surpass / overtake

    According to our predictions, this won’t happen in near future.

    History of BitcoinSoV