Overview of BITCORN

  • BITCORN Development Farm is currently staffed with 25 individuals (and counting), all working towards the same passion of seeing BITCORN succeed all at their OWN expense – volunteering their time to help develop and create.
  • BITCORN’s made for streaming game BITCORN BATTLEGROUNDS is in DEMO/MVP stage and has just begun running on BITCORNhub’s Twitch channel where you can win Bitcorn. 
  • BITCORN is a cryptocurrency with knowledgeable people behind it, committed to helping the community learn about blockchain technology.
  • Bitcorns is an idle game of accumulation, similar to AdVenture Capitalist, where the only objective is to accumulate BITCORN.
  • BITCORN cannot be bought, rather, it gets harvested by bitcoin addresses (“farms”) proportionate to their share of 100 CROPS.
  • Bitcorn Crops (CROPS) are Counterparty assets that raise funds for the “idle” farming game, called Bitcorns.
  • BITCORN games offer the ability to earn spend currency while playing with the in-game currency as a service technology.
  • BITCORN is a Proof of Stake, Masternode Currency and Chatbot Loyalty System allowing you to share value with others.
  • Bitcorn Uncensored | Crop Talk Ep 10 – mightbemike (the lost but then recovered episode)
  • BITCORN is an educational tool designed to show everyone how easy crypto is to use.
  • Blockchain

    But now… I’m hungry for more… Corn.I would of gone on happily trading the volatility of XBT and been just fine.If it wasn’t for Bitcorn I most likely never would of looked into blockchain, would never of known what staking was or how to set up and run Master Nodes.It’s a funny thing.Then one day a project comes along within a space you are familiar with yet completely distant from and it changes everything.You trade something (Crypto) for years without any real understanding or care for how it works other than it bring in the $$$s.


    We are creating our own value and use cases for BITCORN and our success will be determined by how hard we work.


    For technical support, please speak up in #bitcorn-support in our Discord server.


    Click the transaction to open the transaction details window.Go to the transactions tab and locate the 10 000 000 BITCORN collateral transaction you sent to MN1 earlier.The transaction id of this transaction is your HASH, which you will paste into the notes you made earlier.

    Questions or Concerns?

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    Want to learn how to trade?

    The MarketTradersTV twitch stream is running 24/7 and is run by a team of expert traders with years of experience.

    What is BITCORN?

    BITCORN is a real cryptocurrency that encourages community development and relationship building.It lives on many Twitch streams and works on Discord, Reddit and Twitter.

    What is BITCORN?

    BITCORN is a cryptocurrency that is forked from PIVX, which is a fork of DASH.The premise of BITCORN is simple: have FUN with it! The ecosystem being Masternode + Point-of-Stake + a new form of earning that we like to call Point-of-Idling; meaning any tier subscriber of our Partnered Twitch channel, "CryptoTradersTV," earn BITCORN by the minute, as long as they are idling in chat! Here, we educate the general public on Technical Analysis of Financial charts, no matter what the market is: Crypto, Traditionals, FOREX, etc as well as educate our audience about GENERAL investing such as how real estate markets work/operate – a FREE, 24/7 LIVE running 'Investopedia' with broadcasters there to help answer any questions you may have, live on air.No FUD, No SHILL.

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    The origin piece of my crypto allegories illustration series was created during the mining of bitcoin blocks #652900 – #652911.Bitcorn™ is shining into the bright crypto future.

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    History of BITCORN

  • In 2020, BITCORN Games Studio will release their first game BITCORN BattleGrounds.