Overview of BitDegree

  • BitDegree, a blockchain based education company offering people online courses with transparent blockchain-based scholarship system and achievement tracking, recently moved into a new office in Kaunas, Lithuania, designed by architecture and designer Vaiva Andriusyte.
  • BitDegree is one of the global leaders in the field of Blockchain in Education, recognized as one of the leading EdTech startups in Europe and in 2019 has won the World Summit Awards by the UN in the Education category, given to solutions that improve society.
  • BitDegree offers to solve the motivation problem that MOOCs and higher education have by offering financial rewards for micro-completions throughout a course, rather than just the theoretical promise of a career after graduation or course completion.
  • BitDegree is also going to be largely siphoning its user base from a 29 million active member community which comes from Hostinger and 000webhost (the community is going to be receiving an airdrop of BDG to further pique interest).
  • BitDegree will directly align the incentives of students and anyone who wants them to become knowledge workers in digital economy – like current or potential employers, digital service providers and sponsors.
  • Bitdegree understands that mere degrees or certificates won’t help students to land them to their dream careers and so they are focused on providing students the required skills according to market demands.
  • BitDegree is described as ‘The world’s first blockchain-powered online education platform with token scholarships & tech talent acquisition’ and is an app in the Education & Reference category.
  • BitDegree will be based on smart-incentives, a smart contract on the Ethereum network ensuring the exchange of tokens between a sponsor (the Incentive Creator) and a student (the Incentive Receiver).
  • BitDegree offers interactive video courses on game development, ecommerce, data science, gamified coding courses, information security, graphic design, programming languages, web development.
  • BitDegree free Certificate of Completion shows the name & surname of the student, course name and length, a date the course was finished and the Certificate ID number.
  • Blockchain

    On top of all that, the blockchain education verification system that BitDegree offers will make it easy for sponsors to identify who they want to offer their more advanced courses to, which will allow them to recruit new employees from around the world directly off the platform.


    Roberto Santana, former senior manager at Coursera, a prominent online education web service, has also joined the ranks as an advisor to the BitDegree team.Seeing such a prominent figure in the online education industry join BitDegree helps validate this startup, as well as assisting it in reaching its goal to become a worldwide education platform.


    exchange, such as Ethereum.When you want to sell your BitDegree tokens, you’ll need to swap your BDG for a token supported by a U.S.You can then send your Ethereum tokens back to your Coinbase account to cash out of your investment.

    BitDegree Review : Earn While You Learn – Is it Worth it?

    BitDegree is a leading online education platform, powered by the blockchain-based reward system.The platform aims to revolutionize education through gamification and rewarding learners for their progress.

    Can I get programming certifications with BitDegree?

    Of course, programming is one of the most in-demand profession right now and having certificates will only increase your chances to land a job as a professional.

    Development activity?

    17 events  +1,600.

    Does BitDegree always offer free online certifications or it’s a limited-time offer only?

    No matter if the course is paid or free, your certification will always be for free.Learn, acquire new skills and get proof of your knowledge by taking the courses you think are the most useful for you.

    Does BitDegree offer free certifications online for paid online courses only?

    Both free and paid online courses have completely free certificates of completion! Meaning, no payments have to be made to receive the best certifications available online, so whether you are enrolled in paid or free courses – all you have to do is complete the course and claim your Certificate of Completion.

    Does the BitDegree free Certificate of Completion have its unique ID number?

    All of the BitDegree certificates of completion have their unique verified ID numbers, which you will be able to check in the future with our ID number checker in your dashboard.

    How advanced is the project?

    BitDegree already has two introductory Beta courses uploaded on their platform.One being a web development guide, and the other in an introduction to Blockchain (From and its applications.BitDegree is also going to be largely siphoning its user base from a 29 million active member community which comes from Hostinger and 000webhost (the community is going to be receiving an airdrop of BDG to further pique interest).

    How are career development opportunities at BitDegree?


    How BitDegree Works?

    Companies incentivize people who are willing to participate in a training course offered by BitDegree to learn new technologies or services.By incentivizing, companies explicitly signal the demand for certain qualifications and informs about the skills required to use the newly introduced technology or service effectively.By catching these signals, learners will develop skills and knowledge to use the new in-demand technology in the industry.Job seekers participate in subsidized courses to develop advanced skills within selected technology.

    How will I receive the Certificate of Completion?

    After you finish a course, the Certificate of Completion will be sent directly to your given email address and available to download.You can also access it from your user profile in the Certificates section.

    Is BitDegree a Good Investment?

    BitDegree attempts to solve a real world problem with a practical solution.Users are incentivized to use the platform, and so are employers.BitDegree’s success relies on its user base, which is quite small compared to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.While a high risk investment, BitDegree offers an intriguing opportunity for risk tolerant investors.

    Joining BitDegree as an Instructor?

    To become an instructor on Bitdegree, one just needs to sign up and after completion of the required information, upload the course with the videos to get started.

    So What is BitDegree?

    BitDegree is an online platform, with its own native cryptocurrency, that was founded at the start of 2017.BitDegree intends to revolutionize how education functions today and allow prospective users to learn technology-based skills through online courses.

    What are the tokens used for and how can token value appreciate?

    Sponsors (companies looking to hire talent on the BitDegree platform) need to purchase BDG tokens to initiate, fund and create courses, and to establish scholarships.Content providers, assessors, and mentors will receive BDG tokens as a reward for their contributions on the BitDegree platform.Students will receive BDG tokens for studying and completing the courses.Overall, as the project grows, gains more users, and legitimacy through sponsorships/institutional incentives, the utility and the value of BDG tokens should appreciate.

    What benefits do the free online courses with certificates bring and where can I use them?

    When you finish online certification courses you not only gain professional knowledge and skills but also get a great proof of your efforts! It may increase your chances of landing a qualified job position, of getting promoted in your current workplace or getting a big salary raise.You can use the certificates of completion everywhere you want: share them on your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & especially on Linkedin.You can also print the Certificates and take it to your job interviews or add it to your resume.

    What does the company/project do?

    BitDegree is a blockchain powered/funded educational platform specifically in the tech sector.Their goal is to create easily funded, specialized training/courses for employers and potential/existing employees, dependent on market demand for skills at any given time.This is done through the creation of “Open Position” smart contracts, which will be bound to a select few students.Upon completion of the course, which is tracked, recorded, and, if certain conditions are met, paid for, the students who learn the requisite material will be hired by the aforementioned company.To further incentivize learners’ completion rate (in a space where ~5% completion is the norm), BitDegree will use the Octalysis framework for Gamification.

    What exactly is BitDegree?

    Bitdegree claims to be the world’s first blockchain-powered online educational website which focuses on providing IT and digital skills with the aim to make learning a fun process.

    What is a Certificate of Completion?

    Certificate of Completion is a document which verifies that a student has finished an online course.BitDegree free Certificate of Completion shows the name & surname of the student, course name and length, a date the course was finished and the Certificate ID number.You can use the certificate as a proof of your knowledge when looking for career opportunities.

    What is BitDegree?

    BitDegree is an Ethereum based token that aims to solve the disconnect between what is taught at university and what skills an employer wants their employees to have.The platform has courses that employers request, and anyone can learn these skills to earn BDG tokens as well as a certificate certifying their competence in certain skill sets.

    What is BitDegree?

    BitDegree is an online educational website that offers job-ready digital skills, such as data science, ecommerce, machine learning, graphic design, gamified programming courses, web development, the blockchain, and many more.

    What is BitDegree?

    BitDegree is the world’s first blockchain-powered MOOC platform.It rewards users with cryptocurrency for successful completion of its courses.Such positive reinforcement very much aligns with basic tenets of gamification design.Moreover, this “learn to earn” business model not only makes skills-based training free and thus accessible to all in need, but it is both inherently and highly incentivizing.Since the rewards earned are a direct reflection of skill, it engenders Octalysis Core Drive 3: Empowerment of Creativity and Feedback, which is responsible for long term motivation in experiences.

    What’s Included in the BitDegree Course?

    The beauty of BitDegree’s course is that it is practice-orientated.That’s important because the topic is so complex that it is never going to sink in if you spend all your time reading the theory and avoiding real-world usage.

    Where can I share the Certificate of Completion?

    You can share the best certifications provided by BitDegree wherever you like! Though we suggest to share it on platforms in which you have visibility & you know that a lot of people will see it.Share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and especially Linkedin, since it’s the platform of many employers looking for potential employees.

    Which BitDegree courses are valid for free certifications online?

    All of them! There are no exceptions among the courses.You can earn the best IT certifications, marketing certifications, graphic design certifications, business certifications, cryptocurrency certifications & more.

    Which formats of Certificates are available?

    There are three main formats: online one, which you can share on your social media, send out to friends and colleagues to boast about your achievements, and also two downloadable formats: the old and trusty PDF format, and a new shiny even more reliable blockchain certificate that you can download.Also, every single certificate that you’ve earned will be easily accessible and displayed in your BitDegree user dashboard, so you will have all of them in one place.

    Which online courses will grant me the best IT certifications?

    All of the IT courses we offer have valid & verified free certifications.You can view all of the online IT courses that include programming certifications on the BitDegree Platform.

    Why should I choose BitDegree free online courses with Certificate of Completion instead of others?

    You do not have to pay for some of the courses and you will still get a valid certificate of completion, also completely for free.A lot of other online learning platforms only offer paid certificates which, in our point of view, is not fair to the student, as he/she earned the certificate with the efforts he/she put in.The certificate of completion being free does not mean it’s invaluable – BitDegree believes in the availability and affordability of education and provides trusted & one of the best certifications.

    Why you should obtain free certifications online?

    Our certificates of completion will help you stay ahead of the game: with online certificates you’ll be able to prove your professional growth to anyone.

    History of BitDegree