Overview of Bitspace

  • BitSpace AS / Quarterly Update / Oslo, Norway  September 30th 2019 Following a productive second quarter in 2019 BitSpace has continued to build with a strong focus towards internal company development, regulatory requirements for our businesses and growing our…
  • Bitspace is a Norwegian technology company specialising in enterprise consulting and application development within emerging technologies which include DLT, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Finance.
  • BitSpace also owns a large number of bitcoin network computing servers and has in-depth cooperation with many well-known domestic blockchain data consumption industrial parks.
  • BitSpace created a community platform in the Nordic region and will work with Nexus to arrange mutually beneficial community events and educational conferences.
  • BitSpace jointly with the Company will implement 2800 miners of Ant Series T19, which will be deployed in the next 6 months upon certain conditions.
  • Bitspace, the webapp that allows you to upload your music collection we reviewed 2 months ago here, has been up to a few amazing stuff recently.
  • BitSpace helps educators across the globe engage all students in a way that sparks wonder and joy while embracing the power of iteration.
  • BitSpace’s forward thinking team is ahead of the game in their understanding of such abstract, yet powerfully disruptive concepts.
  • Bitspace offers a highly profitable, global cryptocurrency ecosystem that doesn’t rely on banks or financial institutions.
  • Bitspace Double Basic – 20 GB – €3.99/month – First month free
  • Blockchain

    SOUNDAC, a public blockchain infrastructure for the music business, is happy to announce its strategic partnership with BitSpace, a Norwegian award-winning technology company that specializes in blockchain services and is at the forefront of Scandinavian blockchain industry and is pushing for mass cryptocurrency adoption in the region by developing a platform that allows users to buy cryptocurrency instantly without  knowing your customer by making use of BankID, a citizen identification solution that allows companies, banks and government agencies to authenticate and conclude agreements with individuals over the Internet.

    ?At BitSpace, I get to use tools that I never would’ve been able to?

    (Tools) like laser cutters, 3D printers, coding and virtual reality.That would’ve never been provided at school for me so I’m very grateful for that.

    Am I expected to stay with my child?

    No need.

    Can I still switch to a different session after I’ve signed up?

    You can IF there are spots left and you make the request 30 days before your camp start date.Please message us through the chat box on this page to get assistance.

    Can my child keep what they make?

    Absolutely.As long as it can fit through our doors and yours and they have approval from you — the parents.

    Do all of the tools, hardware and materials cost extra to use?

    No.Once your child gets registered, they’ll get free access to our tools and equipment during their stay at the camp.

    Does my child need to have a product idea before joining the camp?

    Kids don’t need to have a specific product idea to join the camp.Part of what we do is to help them generate and refine their ideas as we dive into making.

    How much agency does my child have over their ideas and projects?

    They have as much agency as an architect would have when asked to design a museum.Their ideas are 100% their own but within the container of a conceptual topic.

    Is my child allowed to bring additional supplies to the camp?

    We manually consider which items will be allowed and whether such items are needed for the child’s project.Please call ahead to check with us.

    Ready to Sign Up?

    Choose a week that works for you (you can register for more than one).

    Want to talk?

    We are always looking to meet the right people.

    What are your policies on refund and cancellation?

    If you need to cancel your registration completely, we will refund you in full as long as you have made the request at least 30 days before your camp starts.Beyond this time, we will no longer issue any refunds.

    What exactly do kids do during 5 days of camp?

    Please click here to see a description of what a typical day looks like at our summer maker camp.

    What is Bitspace Solutions Private Limited’s official website?

    Bitspace Solutions Private Limited’s official website is

    What is Bitspace?

    BSX is a decentralized digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world.BSX uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority.

    Why Bit Space?

    Every piece of content has been produced by our senior guides who have spent the past five years re-defining what’s possible for kids to do with design and making in the classroom.

    Why exchange rings where you can exchange NFTs?

    Everyone wants their wedding ring to be unique, and what’s more unique than an NFT? In comparison to conventional wedding rings that lose value with wear and tear, an NFT is expected to increase in value over time.

    History of Bitspace