Overview of Blackstar

  • Blackstar, an Epic Midstream Company, offers an array of industrial-grade managed fiber and wireless based services throughout Texas and New Mexico with a focus on energy and under served communities.
  • Blackstar is the accompanying score that sees Bowie masterfully combining minimalist production over ambient synthesizers with pulsing jazz melody that recall Bowie’s exemplary Berlin trilogy.
  • Blackstar later expanded the range with larger combos and head versions, catering for gigging musicians looking for versatile, roadworthy amplifiers loud enough to punch through any mix.
  • Blackstar has Ddedicated Bowie embracing his status as a no-fucks icon, clutching onto remnants from the past as exploratory jazz and the echos of various mad men soundtrack his freefall.
  • Blackstar was designed to handle numerous missions: strategic reconnaissance; anti-satellite; quick-reaction small satellite launch; and delivery of small conventional warheads.
  • Blackstar is paving the way for the digital oilfield and enabling the deployment of next generation automation and safety technologies via its proprietary network and platforms.
  • Blackstar Amps are a proudly British amp company that have garnered trust from users and a staunch reputation as one of the worlds pioneering guitar brands in their field.
  • Blackstar’s patent-applied-for True Valve Power offers six distinctly alternative power valve responses – EL84, 6V6, EL34, KT66, 6L6, KT88.
  • BlackStar Projects and our year-round programs are generously supported by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, Andrew W.
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    Are Blackstar Amps good?

    Blackstar amps are immensely popular, particularly their valve-powered HT Series amplifiers which combine affordability with unrivalled versatility – making them extremely gig-worthy.The British brand’s digital amplifiers are also acclaimed, notably those from the ID:Core and Silverline ranges which feature various amp “voices” and multiple built-in effects for ultimate flexibility.

    How do I connect my Blackstar amp to my computer?

    Digital amps from Blackstar’s ID:Core and Silverline ranges are compatible with the brand’s ‘INSIDER’ software.Giving you access to more effects and sounds, the INSIDER software ultimately allows you to get the most out of your Blackstar amplifier.To connect your Blackstar ID:Core or Silverline amp to your computer and gain access to INSIDER, use a mini USB cable.The USB outputs on these amps can also be used for direct recording into a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

    Is a Blackstar amp good for metal?

    Blackstar Amps are used by myriads of metal guitar players.Their valve-powered Series One amplifiers are known for offering copious amounts of gain, with models from the more affordable HT Series also capable of delivering searing distorted tones.Blackstar’s digital ID:Core and Silverline amps come equipped with various amp “voices”, including specific presets designed for metal tones.

    Should I go with a different amp brand?

    The main appeal of Blackstar is to the modern player who dabbles in a lot of hard rock, and perhaps even some metal.

    What do Blackstar amps sound like?

    Blackstar amps are known for their versatility and can cover a lot of sonic territory.This can be attributed to one of Blackstar’s signature design features – the ‘ISF’ (Infinite Shape Feature) control.Found on most of their amplifiers, the ISF function serves as an additional EQ dial that lets you alter their tonal response to project a British or American voice.

    What have the artists said about the song?

    Saxophonist Donny McCaslin has claimed that the song was written about ISIS, though other reports denied this.

    What was the critical reaction to the song like?

    The reaction to the song itself was firmly positive.Mojo described the song’s blend of rock and jazz influences as “exciting and adventurous”, while Alexis Petridis of The Guardian described how it “carries the listener along with it as it conjures up an atmosphere of mounting dread”.

    What’s been said about the video?

    The bizarre music video was directed by John Renck, who used the song as the theme music for crime show The Last Panthers.

    Where are Blackstar Amps made?

    Blackstar Amps are based in the UK.All of their amplifier models are designed and engineered at their headquarters in Northampton, with most of their manufacturing taking place in the Far East.

    Why choose us?

    There are plenty of options when selling or managing your used equipment.Black Star wants to be the option of choice based on our extended reach capabilities and our personalized proprietary approach within the marketplace.

    History of Blackstar

  • In 2004 four friends, all bandmates, were looking for a new challenge.