Overview of BlitzPredict

  • BlitzPredict strength in their decentralized, blockchain-based service is in ensuring that winners on their platform receive rewards immediately at the conclusion of an event, whereas centralized markets often have long waiting periods for payouts and rewards.
  • BlitzPredict will soon expand its focus to the eSports market, launching tournaments, and implementing “smart contract” betting functionality, enabling users to execute pre-set wagers when optimum criteria are met, similar to stock price triggers.
  • BlitzPredict (XBP) has today released the alpha testnet version of their BlitzPredict Exchange, a peer-to-peer, non-custodial betting exchange built on Ethereum and utilizing each of the Augur (REP) and 0x (ZRX) protocols.
  • BlitzPredict has been in development since the middle of 2017 according to CEO Brett Richey, following a shift from BlitzPick, an app that had been developed for daily fantasy sports platforms DraftKings and FanDuel.
  • BlitzPredict says it’s the first company to record sports predictions to the blockchain, time-stamped against true market odds, to provide a permanent, verifiable record of an expert’s success.
  • BlitzPredict’s decentralized liquidity reserve will guarantee that users can always get paid immediately upon conclusion of an event, no more waiting days or weeks for a site to cash them out.
  • BlitzPredict has been on the leading edge of integrating blockchain into sports betting, and if its predictive models are as successful, BlitzPredict could become a household name for bettors.
  • BlitzPredict is positioning itself to be a leader in the space and is actively exploring potential marketing partnerships and technical integration opportunities.
  • BlitzPredict aims to address the issues present in the present day prediction market which include traditional sports books, which function as centralized authorities.
  • Blitzpredict (XBP) est en diminuer de 0.00% au cours des dernières 24 heures.
  • Blockchain

    The BlitzPredict Liquidity Reserve will allow our users to collect their winnings immediately after an event is completed – without waiting for a sportsbook to transfer winnings or for reporters to confirm the results as valid on the blockchain.


    BlitzPredict plans in providing users with the best available odds at any given point by using a highly intelligent aggregator.BlitzPredict is developed by an experienced team of developers and supported by advisors.CoinSwitch has a simple BlitzPredict converter which can be used to see the price of XBP as compared to fiat currencies, like USD, EUR, GBP, etc.CoinSwitch is an exchange for cryptocurrencies which aggregates over 300 different kinds of cryptocurrencies and alt-coins, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, BlitzPredict and Monero.You can buy XBP from CoinSwitch, the largest cryptocurrency exchange enables the buying, selling and trade BlitzPredict as well as facilitating XBP exchange in the most seamless manner.or other cryptocurrencies like BTC, NEO, Tether, etc.CoinSwitch makes it easy to trade BlitzPredict with transactions between the sender and the receiver made simple using the user-friendly UI which deposits the ether into the benefactor’s XBP coin wallet with a public address and a unique private key, which is never asked by CoinSwitch to be revealed.Whilst the concept of applying blockchain technology to the prediction market is not new, the BlitzPredict platform has a tight focus which, if successful, would significantly disrupt the sector.


    Not only will transactions be secure, but blockchain technology allows BlitzPredict to verify the performance of the oddsmakers and predictors that it features, eliminating the risk of false claims by experts.With the recent Supreme Court decision allowing states the jurisdiction to legalize sports betting, the BlitzPredict model is positioned to bring a new level of trust, transparency and credibility to the industry as it expands to new markets.

    More companies like BlitzPredict to come?

    The legalization of daily fantasy sports has spawned a number of sidecar DFS companies across the US.There are a few startup platforms, content and strategy sites by the dozen, and an established network of affiliate sites.

    Can you talk about the variables one must take into account for a soccer model? Are some sports more difficult to model than others?

    Some sports are definitely more difficult to model than others.An easy example is baseball vs football — modeling baseball is almost purely a mathematical process and there is so much data out there — each team plays 162 games and every play is tracked from almost every possible angle.

    Does your development team have any prior experience building blockchain applications?

    We have a strong team of four full-time developers, all with previous work experience together (All four worked at BlitzPick and Smart Social Media and two of them worked together at Microsoft before that).They did not have any experience building blockchain applications before BlitzPredict but spent last summer learning Solidity and have been coding in Solidity since the fall, so we are confident with our tech team’s blockchain prowess at this point.

    Can you tell us about our background and what led you to create BlitzPredict?

    I’m a former poker pro that went into Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) to build a consumer-friendly mobile app for FanDuel and DraftKings users.Our ultimate goal was preparing for legalized sports betting in the U.S.but when the DFS market cooled off we decided to head into the blockchain to start building our platform without waiting for legislation to pass.

    Can I download this icon for free?

    Yes! This icon has been open sourced,
    and can be downloaded at no charge / for free.

    How did BlitzPredict decide upon this token distribution?

    We chose a low hard cap with a long-term vest for team and company tokens to align our interests with the community’s.The decision is generally between going for a low cap and holding more tokens back, or going for a higher cap and distributing more tokens.I think either path is fine, it just depends on what’s right for the project.

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    Can I use this icon for commercial purposes/projects?

    Yes.This icon can be used for commercial purposes,
    but may require attribution (eg.a link).If it’s a logo or
    trademark, it may be owned by another company.

    What is your opinion on Bitcoin and other crypto assets? Where does BlitzPredict see short-term (1–2 years) applications of blockchain technology arising? Long-term (5–10 years)?

    I’m not a trader but I’m bullish on Bitcoin.I agree with the general consensus that most projects are overvalued right now, but some will create tremendous value in the long run.I think there’s too much hype around what *could* be built in the future, as opposed to what’s actually achievable right now.We are focused on our initial use case of recording predictions to the blockchain, time-stamped against true market odds.

    How is BlitzPredict different from prediction markets offered by Augur and Gnosis? Byteball?

    We are not a prediction market or a sportsbook ourselves, we merely provide information and tools for users of these platforms.We are excited about Augur and Gnosis and plan to build tools to improve the experience for their users, however, since they haven’t launched their platform yet, we are currently focused on sportsbooks and esports books.

    What challenges has BlitzPredict faced as a user facing product? How has BlitzPredict overcome those challenges?

    We have faced plenty of challenges in the past few months but we have emerged as a stronger, more cohesive team as a result.One of the main challenges as a US company doing an ICO was from the regulatory side.Due to the changing regulatory climate at the start of the year, we ended up restricting the sale to accredited investors, banning Americans, and pushing the date of the sale back.Overall, I think the response from the government has been positive and they seem to want to support this new technology and fundraising mechanism as long as it’s done in a compliant manner.

    Can I use this icon for personal purposes/projects?

    Yes.This icon can be used for personal projects including
    websites, designs, presentations and other things.

    Where can I find free currency icons & illustrations?

    Iconduck has 116,704 free open source icons & illustrations.You can find more currency icons right on this website.

    How Does it Work?

    BlitzPredict hopes to maximize the efficiency of sport betting markets.Many betting platforms can take up to a week to make payouts resulting in tied-up capital which could be used elsewhere.But in this bookmakers free bets, they work to minimize transaction delays and even give great rewards for new players.The project is attempting to stand out from their competitors by aggregating the latest betting odds.

    What is BlitzPredict?

    BlitzPredict delivers a cutting-edge betting exchange focused on sports, esports and politics.Built on the Ethereum blockchain and powered by Augur and 0x, BlitzPredict harnesses the power of blockchain technology to deliver low fee, high transparency markets with reduced counterparty risk.The XBP token will be used to provide added functionality via staking mechanisms.

    Does BlitzPredict have any direct competitors?

    We don’t see anybody else recording predictions to the blockchain against time-stamped market odds, but there are several indirect competitors.Content sites like Covers, analytics sites like Sports Insights, and pick-selling sites like Pregame could all be considered competitors.

    Where Can You Buy and Store XBP?

    Unfortunately, XBP still suffers from low liquidity and can only be found on several exchanges.IDEX, Bancor Network, and Cryptopia all provide options for buying and selling tokens if you can find a counterparty.As with all Ethereum tokens, you will be able to store XBP in an Ethereum wallet using MyEtherWallet.This is probably the best way to manage your ERC-20 tokens at this stage.

    How is BlitzPredict different than traditional sports books and online gambling sites?

    We aren’t a sportsbook or gambling site ourselves — we provide information and tools for sports bettors and esports bettors.We aggregate lines from throughout the industry to ensure our users always get the best odds available.All predictions made on BlitzPredict are recorded to the blockchain and time-stamped against true market odds.This means there is no way for someone to lie about or otherwise forge their record — we want to bring truth and transparency to a notoriously opaque industry.

    Who are the top 10 Investment Companies?

    Investment is a very lucrative method for generating future income.However, it requires individuals…

    For anyone who wants to make an account with BlitzPredict, how can they do so?

    They can head to and register for an account! Anyone interested in becoming an expert can contact us and we can activate their expert profile — otherwise, we will be opening up the ability to become an expert and record your predictions to the blockchain to everyone by this summer.

    What is BlitzPredict?

    At its core, BlitzPredict is a social and utility platform for the online sports betting community.It’s not a sportsbook itself, but it provides tools and liquidity for bettors around the world.

    How to find new cryptocurrency projects?

    One of the biggest challenges in the crypto space is to find the right projects at the right time.There are hundreds of projects launched…

    What is the current regulatory landscape for sports betting? How has this impacted BlitzPredict’s operations?

    The current regulatory landscape looks very promising — the Supreme Court is expected to rule on legalized sports betting by the end of June and it seems likely they will rescind the federal ban.This will allow states to opt-in and offer sports betting and there are already ~20+ states preparing legislation to allow sports betting.I expect legalized sports betting to spread rapidly across the US over the next few years, and although a federal framework would be ideal, it looks like the initial rollout will be state-by-state.

    History of BlitzPredict