Overview of Blucon

  • Blucon cardholders will have access to lower service and transfer fees through transacting with DGX tokens, facilitating better savings and driving forward the growing crypto-as-payment movement in Korea.
  • BluCon’s objective is to achieve very low production costs in order to allow the production of PLA-based bioplastic (poly lactic acid) at costs competitive to fossil fuel-based plastics.
  • Blucon have there own apps to load on to your phone and upload results n to the cloud called Linkblucon and FollowBlucon but most users think xdrip+, Spike and Nightscout are better.
  • BluCon Biotech GmbH is currently developing a unique process that allows L-lactic acid to be produced at the lowest possible cost, which in turn paves …
  • BLUCON that provides the crypto-based integrated payment solution, presented a road map aimed at launching a practical card in the 1st half of this year.
  • The Blucon is an electronic device which reads NFC (near field communication) tags and then sends any data to a bluetooth enabled connected device.
  • Blucon Group was founded with the vision of providing our Clients with a solution for all of their demolition and associated needs in Birmingham.
  • BluCon Biotech GmbH was established in June 2017 and is based at the Cologne BioCampus where it runs both research laboratories and offices.
  • The Blucon is safe, but I feel it’s important to note that it’s NOT FDA approved for relying on the blood sugars to make medical decisions.
  • Blucon® lo comercializa una empresa americana denominada Ambrosia System® y los vende en dos formatos:
  • Support

    However, if you have placed an order for Trans Am, you will need to change the order to NightRider BluCon by contacting customer support at

    Can I purchase using my Medical Flex Account?

    Currently you can not use HSA/ FSA account to pay online but you can try submitting the receipt to them with an explanation.FSA or HSA may reimburse you but we can not promise.

    Do I need to buy NFC based phone?

    No, you don’t need to buy any NFC based phone.It’s a Bluetooth transmitter and it works with all Bluetooth Low Energy (Low Power Bluetooth/ Bluetooth Low Energy) enabled Android and iOS devices.Your phone should support BLE.These days most phone supports BLE, in case you have any doubt please send us an email at contact@ambrosiasys.

    Do I still need a Libre Reader to activate my Libre Sensor?

    Yes, Libre reader or Libre Link App would be required to activate the sensor.

    Do you ship outside of the USA? If yes, what is the delivery time frame?

    “Yes, we do ship our devices worldwide.They have been used in more than 100 countries.

    Does BluCon works with xDrip+ ?

    Yes, it does with US 14Days sensor.

    Does it only support US Libre Sensor?

    “NightRider support all libre sensors available worldwide.It has already been used in more than 100 countries so far.

    Does the Blucon connect to a smart watch?

    It does indeed.I don’t have an Apple watch, but they have a cool feature known as “Direct To Apple” the Nightrider and LinkBluCon app with display glucose readings from the FreeStyle Libre, FreeStyle Libre 2 and pro sensors on an Apple watch.This will allow parents, friends and family to monitor blood glucose levels too when away.

    Does the Blucon work with the FreeStyle Libre 2?

    Yes! The Blucon Nightrider works with Abbott's Freestyle Libre, Libre 2 and the Freestyle Libre pro sensors.

    How big is NightRider in size?

    It’s about 7mm thick and 34mm diameter, it sits on top of the FreeStyle libre sensor and does not touch the skin to avoid skin allergy people report with other products.

    How can i access my readings to Apple Health Kit?

    “To get the readings on Apple Health please go to the settings screen, there you can see the option Healthkit Access with switch.There you will ask for, to allow and to share the data to Healthkit.If you will allow then you can see the readings on HealthKit from next reading.

    How can I detach my Libre sensor from the BluCon?

    You can use a knife with a sharp tip and insert that between the NightRider edge and Libre sensor and twist the knife a bit.This way you can separate it.

    How can I get the extra battery cap as the one I received is damaged? And how can I pay?

    You can get a free battery cap if your NightRider is under warranty but you will be charged for shipping else each cap cost 10 USD.

    How can I keep my BlucCon on top of the Lilbre Sensor?

    “There are various options to keep the BluCon on top of the libre sensor.

    How can I open the battery cover if it is very tight?

    Please follow this link to open the battery cover.

    How does the Blucon Sensor work?

    The Blucon is super easy to set up.Your blucon sensor will arrive in a small box (as you can see below) alongside a spare battery, a small pin to activate the sensor and some waterproof stickers (if you have chosen that package).

    How it works?


    How long does the Blucon last?

    A lifetime (or as long as you look after it!).The Blucon will keep lasting as long as you replace the battery when needed.Which is the beauty of a one-time purchase.I’m sure if you run into any difficulties with it, they’ll be able to help too.

    How long is the warranty with the BluCon?

    “NightRider comes with 12 months warranty for the original buyer.Any physical damage to the device will void the warranty.The customer is responsible for the return shipping cost.

    How many languages LinkBluCon app supports?

    We are supporting now below languages but we are still trying to improve the translations.

    How much is the Blucon Nightrider?

    There are two types of Blucon system offered.

    How often do you need to replace the battery in the Blucon sensor?

    With my Blucon sensor I was given one spare battery but they are fairly easy to come by when you need them.

    How to replace the battery of the BluCon Nightrider?


    How to resolve connectivity issues when LinkBluCon app is running in direct-to Apple watch mode?

    If you find any issues with connecting back to iPhone after direct connection to Apple watch, you should go to phone settings and unpair the NightRider, then open the LinkBluCon app and pair again the NightRider.In case you are not getting new readings on Apple watch in direct-mode or Apple watch screen does not show any glucose numbers, reinstall the LinkBluCon app on the Apple watch.

    If I reinstall the app will my all data be safe?

    No, your all data will be lost if you reinstall the app.Please make sure you have export the history via email.Here is the screenshot for your reference.

    Is the Blucon a CGM?

    Technically yes.A CGM is “continuous glucose monitor” which means a device that continually gives you your blood sugar readings.The Blucon sends you your live blood sugar reading every 5 minutes.

    Is the Blucon good for travelling?

    Any device that makes it easier to manage your blood sugar abroad is good for travelling.So yes, it absolutely is! I’ll be bringing my Blucon with me around Asia so I’ll ge to test the full effects of it in the heat, whilst my swimming etc etc.

    Is the Blucon Nightrider sensor safe?

    The Blucon is safe, but I feel it’s important to note that it is NOT FDA approved for relying on the blood sugars to make medical decisions.So what that means is, you should rely on the readings to give insulin for food.You should do a finger prick for that decision.

    Is the Blucon waterproof?

    NOT the original.If you buy the non-waterproof version then no your blucon is not waterproof and it will break with contact with water.

    What apps work with the Blucon?

    Blucon Nightrider has apps for both Android and Apple.It’s called “LinkBluCon” and I only have android devices, so can’t vouch for apple, but so far it’s been working fine on my Samsung Galaxy s9.

    What are the benefits of the Blucon?

    Okay, so all these benefits are personal to me and how I’ve found the experience of using the BluCon.

    What are the shipping costs?

    Shipping cost for each order is $25 for up to 10 BluCons in one order.Shipping cost and method may vary depending on your shipping address, country, and region.

    What is BluCon?

    BluCon is an electronic device which reads data from any compatible NFC tag and sends data to any Bluetooth enabled device.BluCon is not a medical device.It is an electronic device which reads data from the Abbott sensor and sends that data to a mobile app without making any changes to that data.

    What is EIP-1559? How will it affect Everyday Users? Will it Pump Up ETH Price?

    What is EIP-1559? How will it affect Everyday Users? Will it Pump Up ETH Price? The EIP-1559 we will be talking about in this article is an example of Ethereum improvement proposal.This proposal was first put forward in November 2018 by Eric Conner, an ETH developer.It aims to reform the GAS fee bidding system of ETH, so to reduce the cost for users to transfer money on ETH.

    What is the Blucon Nightrider?

    Blucon is also referred to simply just “nightrider”, so I’ll refer to it as both during this article.

    What is the FreeStyle Libre?

    So in case you don’t know what the Freestyle Libre is, then I’ll give you a short overview here.However if you want full details on everything Freestyle Libre related you can check out my mammoth post here.

    What is the significance of two graphs and readings on App home screen?

     One graph and reading shows the Libre sensor value (without calibration) and another shows the calibrated value (Pink graph).

    What is your policy on refunds?

    If you cancel your order before it is shipped, you will receive a full refund within six weeks or earlier.No money will be refunded once the device is delivered.If the device stops working in the first 30 days of delivery you can ship it back to us.If it is found to be defective we will send you a replacement for free without charging you for shipping costs.In case the device stops working after 30 days, you can still ship it back to us and we will replace the device for free.However, you will have to bear the shipping costs.Ambrosia will not bear the shipping cost for the replaced device.

    What makes the waterproof version different from the normal how is it waterproof? Is waterproof sticker make it waterproof?

    Waterproof NightRiders have special water protection PCBs as per IP67 We provide stickers so you could stay in water for more than 30 minutes and go deeper than 1 meter of water.

    When will Ambrosia ship its products?

    We have received CE mark for NightRider BluCon and are already shipping it to all countries.However, if you have placed an order for Trans Am, you will need to change the order to NightRider BluCon by contacting customer support at contact@ambrosiasys.

    When will my credit card be charged?

    Your credit card will be charged immediately after placing the order for the full amount.

    Where and how can I buy a BluCon?

    We offer two types of BluCon — Non Waterproof NightRider and Waterproof NightRider.Both non waterproof and waterproof versions are reusable.  You can order your BluCon right here on our website.It is not sold anywhere else.We use CR2032 battery in BluCon.For a set of 10 batteries, it costs about $0.50 to $1.

    Where can I buy the Blucon Nightrider system?

    As of right now you can only buy the Blucon Nightrider system direct on their website.Remember if you buy through my link here you will get $10 off your first purchase wiith a blucon coupon code.

    Where is the Blucon sensor available?

    I believe they current ship worldwide, but I have emailed and asked for full clarification on that as I couldn’t find the right information.

    Why battery status is showing unknown if my device is new?

    “Please check the About screen of the LinkBluCon when NightRider is paired with the LinkBluCon app and see BluCon firmware version number, if it’s blank then you need to pair the NightRider with the LnikBluCon app again.Instructions are listed above to repairing the NightRider.Even if device is not in use, still battery leaks a tiny amount of current all the time so after 12 weeks it loose most of current.

    Why Calibration is requird on LinkBluCon and how to calibrate it?

    If you notice sensor readings are more than 20% different than the finger prick value then you can try calibrating the LinkBluCon app.Only finger prick blood glucose value should be used for calibration.To calibrate the app, you can simply tap on red drop icon on the App home screen.Best time for calibration is when glucose readings are stable like in the morning before any food or 3 hours after last food.

    Why did Dogecoin collapse last week? What is this project that skyrocketed 200 times in 2021?

    You’ve got that friend that is never into crypto and came to you and asked about Dogecoin? That’s how crazy Doge is all about.

    Why did Dogecoin collapse last week? What is this project that skyrocketed 200 times in 2021?

    You’ve got that friend that is never into crypto and came to you and asked about Dogecoin? That’s how crazy Doge is all about.

    History of Blucon