Overview of BOScoin

  • BOScoin co-founder, BlockchainOS CEO and BOS Platform board member Yezune Choi explained, "Problems are arising as the few foundation board members were not elected by the community, and have held control over the access and deliberation of foundation’s resources." He added that "Demands on an entire system management handover is bottom-line non-negotiable, because this would put the whole blockchain network at risk of being hacked or vulnerable to external exposure, which can lead to the worst case scenario of bringing the whole blockchain network to a full stop or even leading to a hostile takeover by third parties."
  • BOScoin Co-founder and CEO Yezune Choi said, "With BOSCON, our proposed blockchain-based financial governance model begins." "A new era where credit creation and investment decisions are made, based on democratic decisions by the community, and will overcome the limitations of existing capitalism." He also adds, "We will experience a changed world of finance with blockchain."
  • BOScoin offers
    threes alternatives – credit creation through participation, democratic impact investments and
    communization of certain assets to form a new ‘Public Financing (PF)’ concept to power better
    capitalism, solving the
    high interest rate problem in conventional project financing.
  • BOScoin, the first global cryptocurrency issued in Korea, is a
    cryptocurrency that utilizes the blockchain, ontology language, and
    timed automation technologies to solve persistent issues in
    decentralized systems.
  • BOScoin CSO Myungsan Jun expressed hopes that the Korean government swiftly introduces blockchain industry guidelines which will help prevent accidents, un-justness, corruption, national wealth & technology drain.
  • BOScoin uses smart contracts and a decision-making body called Congress Network to create a platform that perpetually adapts that will allow it to remain relevant in any future environment.
  • BOScoin enhances the way Social Capital is used to create products and services on our platform by funding projects which are expected to add long term value to the entire network.
  • BOScoin will use their in-depth cultural and business insights to support Humaniq’s Asian expansion, while Humaniq will support BOScoin’s European and North American expansion.
  • BOScoin has successfully completed Mainnet server migrations and started the Know-Your- Customer process to ensure one vote per person on November 28.
  • BOScoin’s presale in the domestic market already
    gathered over 2,000BTC (approximately 2 million USD) during a two month
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    Additional information such as the amount of coins issued, price at the point of issuance, allocation of issued coins, and distribution of profits further inform BOScoin participants.PF items are initiated on the Congress Network with the purpose and expected effects of the project.Project financing governance systems are handled through the Congress Network.The item is voted on the Congress Network using BOScoin’s fully homomorphic encryption technology which allows anonymous, equal voting while Preventing Sybil attacks.


    Discord in the foundation grew higher as the Mainnet development came closer to completion, the foundation demanded that BlockchainOS handover intellectual property, assets, control over the domain which the BOScoin services operate and ownership of the web servers that the blockchain network runs on.Immediately after completing the initial coin offering, one foundation board member had personally taken hold of 6,000 BTC which amounted to almost the total fund that was raised through the initial coin offering and BOScoin had to exhaust many resources to recover the funds.The background of BOScoin’s call for a decentralized foundation is because the foundation suffers from chronic issues continuing from early stage inappropriate fund management and potential security threats rising from inadequate demands for technology transfer.


    BOScoin is operated by the blockchain expert group of BlockchainOS Inc..Block ChainOS Inc.BOScoin is a group of people who want to change the world based on the BOScoin platform, which combines
    software engineering, financial engineering and Smart Contracts technology.has been
    growing together with the BOScoin’s ICO since.In particular, we are trying
    to implement the decentralization in the organization, which includes a blockchain technology.The BOScoin team consists of a development team, a marketing team, a PF team, a business development
    team, a management support team, and research institutes.Workers from Korea, France, China, USA,
    Netherlands, Russia, Taiwan and Singapore work together.


    Finally, the BOSCoin platform also has a feature known as the Byzantine Agreement Algorithm which allows for low latency transactions while also allowing for greater energy efficiency.Then there is the Incentive Scheme Together with the Issuance Plan which are used to create value for the coin while at the same time not incentivizing centralization of power.this platform does away with operational as well as technical issues that are very common when dealing with most cryptocurrencies.

    What is BOScoin?

    BOScoin is a self-evolving cryptography platform.The platform operates on trust contracts and decision systems called the Congress Network.

    What is BOScoin?

    BOScoin is a finance blockchain project to beyond capitalism in the most capitalist way.BOScoin offers
    threes alternatives – credit creation through participation, democratic impact investments and
    communization of certain assets to form a new ‘Public Financing (PF)’ concept to power better
    capitalism, solving the
    high interest rate problem in conventional project financing.

    What is Public Financing?

    Public Financing is credit creation by our community to accelerate the expansion of the BOScoin ecosystem.It is additional coin issuance for a specific purpose, and approved by the Congress Network.

    History of BOScoin