Overview of CargoX

  • CargoX has won a whole range of awards and accolades – which include being a finalist at the prestigious future-forging SXSW Pitch 2019 (among 800 startups), winners of the IRU World Congress Startup Competition, shortlisted at the Financial Times / RSG 2018 Intelligent Business Awards, and being awarded the #DataccioConnect Blockchain innovators Award).
  • CargoX helps match cargo with trucks available to transport it, and is a fewtimes referred to as the “Brazilian Uber for cargo.” Currently connecting 20,000 companies with 400,000 truck drivers, the company hopes to double the number of truck drivers it works with in 2020, at a time when the coronavirus pandemic has deeply constrained air cargo.
  • CargoX has developed a decentralized platform based on the Ethereum network, and their Blockchain Document Transaction System (BDTS) technology, and it has a pipeline of future products for the supply chain industry — among them the Smart L/C and other trade finance solutions, and Smart Air Waybills for the air freight industry.
  • CargoX is shortlisted in the category Supply Chain Management, comprised of the following companies: Anheuser-Busch InBev, BHP, CargoX, De Beers Group, Flex and Elementum, Hyundai Motor Europe, Kenco Group and Smart Gladiator, Nestlé and Starling (Airbus, The Forest Trust (TFT) and SarVision), Provenance, Unilever.
  • CargoX’ innovative platform enables the issuance and handling of original bill of ladings on an etherium blockchain encrypted platform, facilitating the digital transfer of the bill of lading and thus the related asset from issuer, to shipper, to consignee, to release agent.
  • CargoX will transform the global shipping industry by securing “Bill of Lading” documents using blockchain technology, thus providing a way for importers and exporters to exchange those documents digitally, securely and without counterfeit in an open environment.
  • CargoX also counts with the expertise of  two key executives in the directing body of the company: Oscar Salazar, the ex-CTO of Uber; and Eddie Leshin, cofounder of Coyote (the American startup with similar operations to those of CargoX in the USA). 
  • CargoX has continuously evolved its platform with new workflows and currently provides document transaction services to approximately 300 users across a broad spectrum of industries, including manufacturing, trading, finance, energy and services.
  • Cargox es una empresa dedicada a la consultoría y asesoría en Seguros de Transporte de Carga Internacional (tradicionalmente conocidos como “Marine Insurance” o más actual “Cargo Insurance”), Logística y Comercio Internacional.
  • CargoX has experienced impressive growth and we are
    excited to provide further funding to support continued growth,” said
    Hillel Moerman, co-Head of the Goldman Sachs Private Capital Investing
  • Blockchain

    The Blockchain session at#DataccioConnect Dubai, November 21 included presentations by blockchain experts across the globe and a panel discussion entitled, ”Blockchain – Looking beyond the Hype”, where participants included blockchain experts John Monarch, CEO, ShipChain, Vjeran Ortynski, CBDO, CargoX Ltd., Irina Heaver, Partner, Fichte & Co, Liji Nowal, Co-Founder & Managing Director, ODeX India Solutions Pvt Ltd, and Saurish Nandi, MBA, IPSCM., Co-Founder & CTO,


    The CargoX Platform provides global, neutral blockchain document transaction capabilities, military-grade encryption, confidentiality, and auditability for instantly and indisputably transacting ownership of documents of title.”


    In December, CargoX secured partnerships with both Global Cargo Alliance and ConsolFreight.How do you determine if an organization is a good fit for CargoX?Partnerships are an important pillar of our business development, because they can help us penetrate the market at a faster pace.So we evaluate their potential, especially their tech-savvyness, their focus on new technologies, and their drive to disrupt certain processes that should have been made history a long time ago due to their inordinate reliance on paper.


    CargoX is a transport company that has information generated by its technology, which, through connections with local transport companies and autonomous truck drivers, mantains a active network of transport in all regions in Brazil.Supports Ashoka Brasil with the Summit ASN program.


    “The CargoX Smart B/L™ platform, with their API for easy integration into existing IT systems or through ready-made web user interface is a perfect add-on in a modern working environment, not to mention that we all finally have all the documents archived and document transactions visible in one place.”

    What Is CargoX and What is CXO?

    The CargoX project with its CXO token is a unique gem in the crypto space that has brought to life an NFT-based transfer of Bills of Lading and other documents of title and original documents in the shipping industry, finance, and other industries B2B or B2G.Its smart contracts are fueled by their CXO token of which only 215 million have been minted at genesis in 2018 – and they burn a hefty amount for every document produced and transferred on the platform.If the company does not hold enough tokens, they need to purchase them on the exchanges.Please note the burn amount can be changed at any time by the management.

    How to find new cryptocurrency projects?

    One of the biggest challenges in the crypto space is to find the right projects at the right time.There are hundreds of projects launched…

    Any questions?

    We’re always keen to hear from our members, the business community, government organisations, academia and the general public.

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    How is management perceived at CargoX?


    Do you need a trucking company that you can depend on no matter what?

    Cargox a trucking company committed to delivering cutting-edge, driver-focused solutions.Our owner-operator fleet is extensive, ready to meet the needs of all our customers no matter what their needs are.

    Is GST about ease of doing business?

    Three years after its inception, compliance with GST procedures remains a headache for exporters, job workers …

    Why Choose Cargox?

    For more than a decade, we’ve been placing the utmost emphasis on safety, reliability, and efficiency.

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    History of CargoX

  • In 2020 it became only the sixth platform for electronic bill of lading transfer, approved by the prestigious IGP&I group of insurers.