Overview of CatoCoin

  • CatoCoin NextGen Technology decouples Rewards and Collateral Requirements from the Blockchain.Their groundbreaking NextGen Technology transforms the way in which Rewards and Collateral requirements are calculated.CatoCoin’s NextGen Technology links rewards and collateral requirements to the number of Masternodes, not the blockchain.So the masternode collateral will update automatically for the MN holders, that's why CatoCoin has a patent-pending technology.
  • CatoCoin is the Next Generation of Masternode Technology that transforms Rewards & Collateral Requirements with Blockchain technology to GUARANTEE ROI now and in the future.
  • CatoCoin is a revolutionary Masternode coin with guaranteed ROI & accepted by millions of merchants worldwide.
  • CatoCoin does not generate an excessive number of coins.
  • Catocoin value was $0.000355.
  • CAToCoin &copy 2018
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    Our ground breaking NextGenTechnology transforms the way in which Rewards and Collateral requirements are calculated.Read our About & Innovation sections and White Paper to fully grasp the innovation and disruptive nature of CatoCoin and our Mission.We identified several problem areas and opportunities that could only be addressed through the introduction of a new coin with revolutionary Blockchain technology: CatoCoin; because all conventional Masternode coins are plagued with the same fundamental problems.

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    So, you probably asked yourselves, does $CATO coin has any purpose?

    Of course, it has!Cato team has launched a fully CATO powered Casino.( catocasino.

    History of CatoCoin