Overview of Chromia

  • Chromia’s Relational Blockchain Brings Powerful NFT Features to My Neighbor Alice TLDR Section My Neighbor Alice (MNA) is an upcoming open world game that is fully blockchain based and incorporates NFTs to represent land parcels, in game items and player avatarsThe Chromia blockchain will be the cornerstone of the game’s backend functionality, and MNA will pay CHR to the network nodes.
  • Chromia is a new blockchain platform for decentralized applications, conceived in response to the shortcoming of existing platforms, and designed to enable a new generation of dapps to scale beyond what is currently possible.
  • Chromia and Nautica led them back to their boss, Windblade, who explained their mission, and subsequently the Lost Light was able to give Metroplex a jump, allowing him to spacebridge back to Cybertron.
  • Chromia, along with her teammates and the backup team of Ironhide and Ratchet, was ultimately rescued when Ricochet, who had evaded capture, came to the rescue of the entire Autobot party.
  • Chromia and her compatriots seemed confident that they could retake Cybertron on their own, though Elita One insisted that Optimus Prime was still their last hope to win the war.
  • Chromia rushed to the Titan and scaled up his body, breaching his body and arriving at his brain module just as Elita One had blown it into chunks, seemingly killing Windblade.
  • Chromia Studios is the gaming arm of blockchain company ChromaWay and has been launched to address the booming interest in developing games on the blockchain.
  • Chromia and her ward Flareup were part of an Autobot strike force tasked with destroying the Decepticon general Deathsaurus’ cloning lab on Ceti Alpha Seven.
  • Chromia can be a Layer Two to Ethereum, making use of cheaper and faster development time as well as cheaper and faster transactions.
  • Chromia-doped fuel pellets have a higher density and help to reduce fission gas release should a reactor lose cooling.
  • Blockchain

    Chromia Vault

    allows users to manage their tokens and dapps on the Chromia blockchain.


    1 #3 She arranged for Metroplex’s spacebridge to activate, Windblade vol.1 #3
    1 #4 and organized a jail break, successfully springing Windblade and the others.A Long Way Down They were attacked by the Terrorcons and Chromia went instinctively to Windblade’s aid, eventually managing to avoid being arrested when Starscream and Rattrap arrived.After Windblade discovered Starscream was trying to mine ore from Metroplex, Chromia joined a team that went down to investigate.As they headed for Metroplex, Windblade revealed that she believed Starscream wasn’t behind the bomb.Chromia stayed in Blurr’s bar while Windblade went with Waspinator.Chromia was guarding Windblade when Starscream paid her a visit, and afterwards encouraged Windblade to pursue the idea that Starscream was behind the bomb.Enlisting Ironhide’s help, they followed up a lead in the form of Waspinator whom Chromia had to physically tackle when he tried to run.Windblade vol.


    Ankr’s expertise in this area will streamline this expansion.As we move to onboard several dApps and prepare for an autonomous mainnet later this year, one of our areas of focus will be expanding the number of nodes in the Chromia network.


    By running these nodes, their team will assist in determining best practices for future providers joining the network.In addition to facilitating the onboarding process, Ankr will also support the Chromia mainnet directly.They have agreed to run two provider nodes on the Chromia: one general purpose provider node and one specifically in support of My Neighbor Alice.


    Read below on why Relational Blockchain makes development faster.This is how Hedget creates a marketplace for financial options, DeFi made faster playing well with Ethereum.

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    History of Chromia