Overview of Cloudbric

  • Cloudbric provides an intuitive console that’s easy to navigate: the security dashboard displays malicious visit and attack data in a simple graphic format, and the settings panel allows users to make quick changes like adding dangerous IPs to the block list or issue free SSLs for encryption.
  • Cloudbric’s motivation to launch a reverse ICO is to empower all users to become the primary drivers of decentralized cybersecurity advancement and to become one of the first vendors to provide a suite of cybersecurity solutions powered by AI-based deep learning technology.
  • Cloudbric is an all-in-one solution — a Web Application Firewall (WAF) — offering website-level Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) protection and blocking specific IP ranges and countries, exactly what Wagner was looking for.
  • Cloudbric is an all-inclusive website protection service featuring a patented Logic Analysis Engine that protects websites against known and unknown attacks (including, but not limited to, DDoS attacks and SQL injections).
  • Cloudbric announced that its cloud-based WAF received a Certificate of Service Quality and Performance in the Cloud Computing SaaS category from the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) of Korea.
  • Cloudbric, a well-established and award-winning cloud-based web security provider based in Search engine optimizationul, South Korea is set to open its whitelist period for their upcoming initial coin offering (ICO).
  • Cloudbric Remote Access Solution requires no additional installation of software or hardware on either the client side or the server side, unlike other remote working solutions which include VPNs.
  • Cloudbric aims to tackle hacking threats, including the protection of cryptocurrency exchanges, in practice uses cases where cybersecurity and insurance will go hand in hand.
  • Cloudbric’s deep learning module known as VISION (patent pending) offer intelligent threat detections aimed at various end user devices, systems, and protocols.
  • Cloudbric ensures online businesses are in accordance with PCI-DSS standards as well, taking away worries that many first-time business owners may have.
  • Blockchain

    The Cloudbric Security Rewards Program will be a major component of Cloudbric’s decentralized security ecosystem.The rewards program will be a blockchain-based compensation system to help incentivize users to participate in the active growth of Cloudbric’s deep learning security detection capabilities, which in turn will provide more accurate and advanced security for all Cloudbric users.


    Cloudbric includes 24/7 live support.Cloudbric is a Korea, Republic Of software company that was founded in 1997, and offers a software title called Cloudbric.Cloudbric is IT security software, and includes features such as web threat management, and web traffic reporting.Cloudbric offers a free version, and free trial.Costs start at $29.00/month.Some alternative products to Cloudbric include DataDome, SiteLock, and WebARX.With regards to system requirements, Cloudbric is available as SaaS software.

    How does the CLBK Reward System work?

    All submitted threat data will be published on Threat DB first without Cloudbric’s threat level score.Cloudbric’s security analysts will first internally verify submitted data and evidence and then determine its threat level.Once verified, CLBK will be accordingly allocated to the user.Users can view their submission and reward status from their dashboard after logging in.Withdrawal function will be made available upon the release of the Cloudbric wallet service.

    Can I use Cloudbric on a Parked Domain?

    If your Cloudbric protected domain has parked domain(s), it is highly recommended that you secure your parked domain(s) via an .htaccess redirect.The redirect will reroute all traffic from your parked domain(s) to your main domain.This will change the web address (URL) in the browser to that of your main domain.

    What are the top countries that use Cloudbric?

    Around the world in 2021, over 16 companies have
    started using Cloudbric
    as web-and-mobile-application-security tool.Companies using
    Cloudbric for
    web-and-mobile-application-security are majorly from
    Korea, Republic of with
    2 customers.18.18% of
    Cloudbric customers are from the
    Korea, Republic of.Other top countries using Cloudbric are
    United Kingdom
    United States
    customers respectively.

    Why Do We Need To be Secured?

    Having highlighted the several loop holes through which our data can be pilfered over time.Taking the time to emphasize on the pros and cons of cloud computing, it is necessary to note that cyber attacks can take form in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from attack on a personal centralized network or a shared one.For the not so tech savvy amongst us who do not work in I.T companies but makes use of digital and computing device on a day to day basis, one thing to be considered is the fact that these hackers often utilize the sloppiness humans to break into any system even though this unauthorized access is initiated remotely.Hence we all need to acquire basic security technical know-how at some point in time as we all make use of the ever growing Internet.

    What is Cloudbric customer distribution based on
    company size?

    Majority of Cloudbric’s customers for the
    web-and-mobile-application-security category
    fall in the company size of
    11-50 employees (8
    1-10 employees (5
    51-200 employees (2
    .You can view a
    distribution chart of Cloudbric customers by company size

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    What is WAFER and Threat Index?

    WAFER is a tool that evaluates WAF performance on a website, so that the website owner can select the best security service to use.Threat Index targets security experts by showing the latest global web attack trends and provides vulnerability reports.Read below for Threat DB.

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    What is Cloudbric market share in the

    Cloudbric has market share of
    0.01% in
    web-and-mobile-application-security market.Cloudbric competes with
    73 competitor
    tools in web-and-mobile-application-security category.Top alternatives for
    web-and-mobile-application-security tool are
    WordFence with
    Sucuri with
    StackPath with
    market share.

    Must Cloudbric customers update their own DNS or will it be done automatically on activation?

    We will update the DNS of domains whose website DNS is hosted by xneelo.(This is the default configuration).Domains with website DNS (@ and www records) hosted elsewhere will need to have the DNS updated at the relevant host before Cloudbric activation can complete.

    Who are the top 10 Investment Companies?

    Investment is a very lucrative method for generating future income.However, it requires individuals…

    How does Cloudbric work?

    Cloudbric’s WAF acts as a reverse proxy server.We continuously analyze HTTP/HTTPS (ports 80/443) traffic via our logic analysis and AI-based detection engine.This engine in turn, acts as a filter for all requests to the website – while blocking any malicious website traffic.

    Can I trial the service for free?

    Yes, we offer a free, no commitment 3 month trial period.You may cancel the service at any time if you are not satisfied.After three months, you will automatically be billed.

    How does Cloudbric’s WAF compare with security plugins?

    One can not compare a cloud-based Web Application Firewall with an endpoint protection service such as a security plugin for your CMS.While there may be some overlap in the protection offered, it is a good idea from a security perspective to have both installed.Security plugins often offer malware detection and removal, which is not what cloud-based WAFs are intended for.

    What is Threat DB and CLBK Reward System?

    Threat DB is a user-centered database of threat information like hacker wallet addresses, phishing URLs, and Malicious IPs.Anyone upon signing up can report threat data.All contributions will be rewarded with CLBK tokens through the the CLBK Reward System.Threat data is also collected from Cloudbric WAF users, who are also rewarded with tokens.Not only can users view report threat data, they can also utilize it in the form of APIs.

    What are the top industries that use Cloudbric?

    Top industries that use Cloudbric for
    are Web Security
    (3) Cyber Security
    (2) Web Design
    (2) .Cloudbric is also used in
    2 other categories like

    Web and Mobile Application Security
    Perimeter Security and Firewalls etc.

    Does Cloudbric affect Google Analytics/AdSense?

    Cloudbric has no effect on Google Analytics.Cloudbric is located between the web server and traffic – not between Google servers and traffic – and thus has no impact on Google Analytics.Also, Cloudbric does not block search engine bots or crawlers, since they are considered safe and are included in the system’s ‘Whitelist IP’ list.Cloudbric has no effect on JavaScript, and thus will have no impact on AdSense as well.You do not need to add banner or ad code in order to use Cloudbric.

    My website has been hacked? Will Cloudbric fix it?

    While a web application firewall is a proactive security solution that can prevent you from getting into trouble, you should check if your website is already infected.If you weren’t previously using a solution similar to Cloudbric, your website potentially could have already been compromised.Cloudbric focuses on protection and prevention and not the cleaning of already compromised websites.You can have it cleaned by a reputable website developer or website cleaning service.

    Why doesn’t my email work after activating Cloudbric?

    If your email is setup using the recommended default xneelo settings, your email will not be affected.However, if you have used alternative settings, you may experience an error.

    What is the difference between the security that you already provide and this service?

    We ensure that our servers and network are free from security threats.Cloudbric offers website level security, which is a specialised service.

    Want to learn more about our Remote Access Solution?

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    What Does ‘Website’ Mean to CMS Users?

    The definition and concept of website will invariably differ depending on the demographic you’re questioning.

    You already offer free SSL/TLS, so why do I need Cloudbric’s SSL/TLS?

    With Cloudbric enabled, the SSL/TLS offered by us will cover the connection between the xneelo hosting server and the Cloudbric WAF server.Cloudbric’s SSL/TLS will cover the connection between the Cloudbric WAF server and the browser of the website visitor.

    What is a Web Application Firewall (WAF)?

    A web application firewall (or WAF) filters, monitors, and blocks website traffic to and from a website.A WAF is differentiated from a regular firewall in that a WAF is able to filter the content of specific websites, eg.WordPress, Joomla.By inspecting website traffic, it can prevent attacks stemming from website security flaws, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), file inclusion, and security misconfigurations.

    What determines the amount of CLBK reward received? Does it depend on the threat level?

    Cloudbric’s team of security analysts will assign a threat level score to each threat data submission based on its potential impact and reach.The CLBK reward amount is not synonymous with the threat level score assigned.Instead, each submission will be rewarded CLBK tokens based on the quality, quantity, relevance, and threat level of data and evidence submitted.

    Who are the top Cloudbric competitors?

    Cloudbric’s Top competitors in the
    category are
    WordFence Sucuri StackPath.You can view a full list of Cloudbric competitors
    here.Slintel uses advanced data mining and AI algorithms to track customers and
    of Cloudbric and 40,000 other technologies on the internet.You
    can also compare
    Cloudbric and its feature with top competitors here :

    Cloudbric vs WordFence

    Cloudbric vs Sucuri

    Cloudbric vs StackPath


    Will Cloudbric work with a custom SSL/TLS certificate, such as GoDaddy and Thawte?

    If you would like to use your own SSL/TLS certificate instead of the free Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS certificate, please provide us with both the certificate and key files via email to you have a custom Thawte SSL/TLS certificate that was provided by us, we will install this certificate on your behalf.

    Why can’t I FTP to my website after activating Cloudbric?

    This will occur if you are using your domain name as the host name in your FTP or SSH client.As web traffic is now routed via the Cloudbric servers rather than directly to your website, use your server IP address as the host name in FTP or SSH.

    You already offer DDoS protection, so why do I need Cloudbric’s DDoS protection?

    Our DDoS protection protects the network layer against direct large scale DDos attacks (layer 3 & 4).Cloudbric protects against the website application level DDoS attacks (layer 7).

    History of Cloudbric