Compound Ether

Overview of Compound Ether

  • Compound Ether (cETH) is a token released by the Compound protocol.
  • Compound Ether had an all-time high of $71.79 about 18 hours ago.
  • Compound Ether is down 0.16% in the last 24 hours.
  • Compound Ether's market cap is $5.28B.
  • Compound Ether is traded on exchanges.
  • Compound Ether team
  • Competitors – Is Compound Finance Safe?

    Compound has undergone a number of security audits by reputable agencies like Open Zeppelin and Trail of Bits, all of which have been publicly disclosed.Compound has undergone a number of security audits by reputable agencies like Open Zeppelin and Trail of Bits, all of which have been publicly disclosed.

    Compound Finance for DummiesWhat is Compound Finance?

    At a high level, Compound Finance is a permissionless lending system built on Ethereum.Compound enables users to lend and borrow popular cryptocurrencies like Ether in exchange for interest or debt.

    Compound Finance for DummiesCan Compound Finance be trusted?

    Compound has been audited by a number of reputable security agencies including OpenZeppelin and has been rated on the Consensys-backed platform, DeFi Score.

    Compound Finance for DummiesHow does it work?

    To get started with Compound, head over to here, users are prompted to connect with their web3 wallet of choice.

    How do you get hold of cTokens?

    Anyone can mint or create cTokens using an Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask, Coinbase wallet, or Huobi wallet plus one of the crypto assets the Compound system currently accepts.As of December 2019, users of Compound could borrow or lend BAT, DAI, ETH, REP, USDC, WBTC, and ZRX.

    What else is different?

    When user’s locked assets are converted into ERC20 form, they become freely movable, tradeable, and usable in other decentralized applications (dapps).The use of cTokens represents a fundamental feature of the DeFi movement–the ability to combine different protocols as different building blocks – called money legos.

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    How Does CompoundWork?

    Compound leverages web 3.Compound leverages web 3.0 wallets such as Metamask, Argent, or Coinbase Wallet for access.0 wallets such as Metamask, Argent, or Coinbase Wallet for access.Once connected, users are brought to the Account Overview section.Once connected, users are brought to the Account Overview section.From here, users can select any asset(s) and unlock the market they wish to interact with.From here, users can select any asset(s) and unlock the market they wish to interact with.After an asset has been enabled, users are then able to supply or borrow said assets.After an asset has been enabled, users are then able to supply or borrow said assets.

    Did you know?

    Compound raised $25 million in its Series A funding round, which was led by prominent venture capital firm Andreesen Horowitz.The protocol also received $1 million in USDC from Coinbase’s “USDC Bootstrap Fund.

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    What is Compound?

    Like most Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols, Compound is a system of openly accessible smart contracts built on Ethereum.Compound focuses on allowing borrowers to take out loans and lenders to provide loans by locking their crypto assets into the protocol.The interest rates paid and received by borrowers and lenders are determined by the supply and demand of each crypto asset.Interest rates are generated with every block mined.Loans can be paid back and locked assets can be withdrawn at any time.

    Compound Finance for DummiesWhy Compound?

    Like the rest of DeFi, Compound Finance offers a unique system for further leveraging Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies.By supplying assets to Compound, users can earn a passive income knowing that the smart contracts that operate it are highly secure.Rather than having to worry about constantly collecting interest, users simply hold cTokens which accrue in value at every block.

    How to use Compound?

    The best place to use Compound is the native interface.Just enable any asset to start supplying or borrowing it.You can also check your balance and current interest rates.

    How are cTokens produced?

    New cTokens are created whenever a user deposits crypto-assets into the Compound protocol.If users want to take out a loan using ETH as collateral, they automatically receive cETH in return for their deposited ETH.If users want to use USDC to earn interest, they receive cUSDC when they deposit USDC into the system.

    What is Compound Ether?

    Compound is an algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol built for developers, to unlock a universe of open financial applications.

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    How are COMP tokens distributed?

    COMP tokens are not distributed evenly across all borrowing and lending made on the platform.Instead, distribution is proportional to the interest accrued in the market.If the total interest accrued in the USDC lending/borrowing market is 50% of the total interest accrued across all markets, then 0.25 COMP/block will be distributed to those in the USDC market.Current interest and COMP issuance can be found on Compound’s COMP dashboard.

    Want Daily CETH Price Updates?

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    What is Compound?

    Compound is an algorithmic money market protocol on Ethereum that lets users earn interest or borrow assets against collateral.Anyone can supply assets to Compound’s liquidity pool and immediately begin earning continuously-compounding interest.Rates adjust automatically based on supply and demand.Supplied asset balances are represented by cTokens: representations of the underlying asset that earn interest and serve as collateral.Users can borrow up to 50-75% of their cTokens’ value, depending on the quality of the underlying asset.Users can add or remove funds at any time, but if their debt becomes undercollateralized, anyone can liquidate; a 5% discount on liquidated assets serves as incentive for liquidators.The Compound protocol sets aside 10% of interest paid as reserves; the rest goes to suppliers.Compound initially launched on mainnet in September 2018 and upgraded to v2 in May 2019.The protocol now supports BAT, DAI, SAI, ETH, REP, USDC, WBTC, and ZRX.Compound has been audited and formally verified.As of May 2020, Compound has transitioned to community governance; COMP token-holders and their delegates debate, propose, and vote on all changes to Compound.

    Who Invented Compound?

    Robert Leshner, a former economist, is the founder and CEO of Compound.

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    What’s so special about it?

    On the surface, Compound resembles other decentralized lending protocols in that it uses crypto assets as collateral to borrow more crypto assets.Where Compound stands out is the tokenization of the assets locked in their system through the use of cTokens.

    What can you do with Compound?

    Besides earning interest on your crypto assets, which is a fairly straightforward process of depositing crypto assets on the platform and receiving cTokens, you can also borrow crypto on Compound.Borrowing crypto assets has the added step of making sure the value of your collateral stays above a minimum amount relative to your loan.If the value of your collateral drops too far, you risk getting liquidated – having your collateral automatically sold to repay your loan.

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    Why all the unlocks and prompts?

    Compound must receive permission from a web3 wallet for their smart contracts to perform actions on your wallets behalf.This establishes a bridge for Compound’s smart contracts to interact with a web3 wallet.Permissions need only be granted once and, because permission changes require Ethereum computation, they each require a small gas fee – usually between $0.01 and $0.05.

    History of Compound Ether