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Overview of DAO Maker

  • DAO Maker provides leading solutions in community incubation, fundraising, and other growth-related techs for tokenized businesses, featuring Social Mining SaaS for community growth, DYCO & SHO for fundraising support, and upcoming Venture Bond & YieldShield to create safe environments for retail investors.
  • DAO Maker is an incubator that leverages the power of Social Mining and omnipresent exposure to help projects acquire a community, and then uses the project's token to convert the community into value-adding and value-assessing members of a DAO.
  • DAO Maker continuously introduced new innovative products serving the cryptocurrency industry, ranging from popular structural funding products which include Data Driven fundraising to widely adopted SAAS solutions which include Social Mining.
  • DAO Maker’s offering also includes a proprietary Social Mining platform, enabling incubated projects to categorize acquired holders, and to further vet, train, and deploy these users as skilled contributors to the ecosystem.
  • DAO Maker’s approach to fundraising stands out since not only does it connect startups with funding, it also assiduously works to assist them in facing challenges in the initial stages of their development.
  • DAO Maker will work with Orion Protocol to create an onramp for the HUBs of respective platforms, increasing the onboarding of new users through making any HUB’s project token instantly accessible.
  • DAO Maker has created a compliant, retail-oriented funding platform, while pioneering in-built downside protection mechanisms for buyers and acceleration tools to boost success for startups.
  • DAO Maker, with an inhouse business development team, helps enterprises with an outreach for product usage and community expansion, acquiring both retail and institutional targets.
  • DAO Maker befalling as the number one launchpad within the DeFi space and TRON enjoying the partnership and support of many heavyweights in the crypto-space.
  • DAO Maker announces in a post that the alpha version of DAO Pad is now live, starting with our first Strong Holder Offering Alpha.
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    Additionally TRON projects can now participate in DAO Maker's SHO's and community.SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 20, 2021 / TRON And DAO Maker have announced a new strategic partnership, opening the door for all DAO Maker services to become accessible on the TRON blockchain.


    The latest TRON partnership with DAO Maker is a clear reflection to what extent TRON is poised towards expanding its blockchain ecosystem.This strategic partnership with DAO Maker will breathe new life into TRON as DAO Maker will integrate all of its cross chain functions of fundraising, incubation and other shades of growth-prone services into the TRON network, along with a possibility of having on-board initiatives that are retail focused.


    Founded in 2018, DAO Maker creates growth technologies and funding frameworks for startups while simultaneously reducing investors' risks.

    But who receives the loan interest?

    Each loan has a 1.5% interest rate which, when repaid, triggers the purchase and destruction of an equivalent amount in MKR, the other token of the MakerDAO system, which has a price that fluctuates based on supply and demand.By destroying a quantity of MKR whenever a loan is repaid, the value of each remaining MKR token tends to increase through reduction of supply.

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    DAO Maker ($DAO): can retail investors become venture capitalists?

    One notable challenge for every startup is finding the required capital to set up businesses.This is where concepts like venture capital help such businesses to meet the required level of capital to help them blossom.However, this has traditionally been a field accessible by funds and institutions with ample resources.

    Did you know?

    In September 2018, world-renowned venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz invested $15 million in MakerDAO to buy 6 percent of the total Maker (MKR) token supply.It was the first investment for the firm’s $300 million a16z crypto fund.

    Did you know?

    MakerDAO has been the most widely used and one of the longest-running projects in Ethereum’s Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem.To date they have about 2.3M ETH locked in their protocol, which is over 2% of the total ETH supply.

    How are MKR tokens produced?

    MKR is an ERC20 token that is created or burned depending on how close the DAI stablecoin is to the US dollar.The creation of new MKR is dependent on the stability of DAI.If DAI remains stable, more MKR is burned decreasing the total supply.If DAI fluctuates too far from the one dollar peg, more MKR is created, increasing the total supply.

    How do I buy DAO Maker?

    It is not possible to buy all cryptocurrencies with U.S.dollars.Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and other popular cryptocurrencies can be purchased with U.S.dollars using Coinbase or BlockFi.Once you have purchased Bitcoin using Coinbase, you can then transfer your Bitcoin to an exchange such as Binance to purchase other cryptocurrencies, including DAO Maker.

    How do you get hold of MKR tokens?

    MKR is available on major exchanges like OKEx and decentralized exchanges such as the Kyber network.

    So what could go wrong?

    The value of the DAI stablecoin, to remain constant, must be guaranteed by the fact that the collateral is always worth at least the amount that has been borrowed.For now, only ETH can be used as collateral, even though the project owners plan to add new cryptoassets.Ether is available for purchase and sale on the Coinhouse.com platform.

    So what exactly does the DAO Maker platform do?

    The team behind DAO Maker has been working on a singular platform that offers funding in tiered risk levels.In order to cater to the various risk appetites of retail, the platform has a few crucial features.

    Want Daily DAO Price Updates?

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    What can you do with MKR?

    Since holders of MKR benefit financially from a stable MakerDAO system, they are incentivized to act in the best interest of the MakerDAO protocol.As a result, MKR holders can vote on governance decisions such as how high to set fees and which collateral types can be accepted as collateral by the protocol.In the MakerDAO system, one MKR token equals one vote so people or organizations with large MKR holdings can have a large influence on voting outcomes.

    What else is different?

    If the threat of liquidation keeps the system honest, then Maker (MKR) token holders are the lenders of last resort.When the price of ETH crashes and too many loans are liquidated at once, MKR is created and sold off in order to pay back the loans.At the same time, fees must be paid for in MKR and liquidation penalties are used to buy back MKR, which are burned or destroyed.In theory, there should always be enough value in MKR to back up liquidated loans.

    What is DAO Maker?

    DAO Maker is a provider of a participation framework that allows retail investors (small-scale investors) to participate in global retail venture capital.Essentially, the primary goal of DAO Maker is to raise a fundraising platform that would allow for equal participation of crowd equity and tokens.

    What is DAO Maker?

    DAO Maker Token is the governance token of the DAO Maker Ecosystem built on Ethereum, allowing holders to govern the ecosystem.DAO Maker held a series of Dynamic Coin Offerings since late 2020, raising over 8 million USD.The DAO Maker Token aims to create a decentralized ecosystem, enabling a go-to platform for retail venture investing in equity and tokens.

    What is DAO Maker?

    There has always been an issue with retail venture investing in equity and tokens.However, one platform looked to change it all and make a go-to platform for ALL investors.The DAO Maker platform will provide low-risk participation frameworks which will be essential for global retail in the venture capital space.The ability to provide everyday people with a safe space to grow their capital while also improving their living quality is essential to the continuous innovation of the DAO Maker platform.

    What is DAO Maker?

    After the DAO hack, a hard fork has been implemented in the Ethereum blockchain to allow DAO token holders to withdraw their ETH.The easiest way to get your ETH back seems to be through https://www.myetherwallet.com/#the-dao.Another easy way at the moment is to install the latest version of mist https://github.com/ethereum/mist/releases and go to https://slacknation.github.io/medium/12/12.html (inside the Mist browser obviously).Press the first button, wait for 1 block, press the second button.This works only for addresses that have DAO tokens linked to them.

    What is MakerDAO (MKR)?

    How the quest for a stablecoin might be coming to an end? Cryptoassets always display a volatile, fluctuating price since their true valuation is constantly evolving through market forces.This characteristic, however attractive to investors and speculators, is a hindrance for daily currency usages.

    What is MakerDAO?

    MakerDAO is an organization developing technology for borrowing, savings, and a stable cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain.It has created a protocol allowing anyone with ETH and a MetaMask wallet to lend themselves money in the form of a stablecoin called DAI.By locking up some ETH in MakerDAO’s smart contracts, users can create a certain amount of DAI–the more ETH locked up, the more DAI can be created.When users are ready to unlock their ETH, which serves as collateral for their DAI loan, they simply pay back the loan along with any fees.

    What is Orbit Chain?

    What is Orbit Chain? To answer that, let’s start by addressing the problem.

    What is Pendle Finance?

    What is Pendle Finance? To answer that, let’s start by addressing the problem.

    What is the value of DAO Maker?

    One DAO Maker (DAO) is currently worth $6.58 on major cryptocurrency exchanges.You can also exchange one DAO Maker for 0.00012157 bitcoin(s) on major exchanges.The value (or market capitalization) of all available DAO Maker in U.S.dollars is $131.67 million.

    What technology is included in DAO Maker?

    The DAO is self-governing and not influenced by outside forces: its software operates autonomously and its by-laws are immutably chiseled into the Ethereum blockchain.Generally, DAOs are formed by groups of like-minded individuals with specific projects and goals in mind.Its identity is formed through consensus.Its authority is defined through voluntary endorsement and, ultimately, network effects.Would-be members of The DAO can, for a period of time Create DAO tokens by fueling The DAO with ETH.DAO Token Holders will have the right to vote on Proposals (proportional to the number of tokens held) as well as the opportunity to receive rewards generated by the output of the work from the Contractors’ Proposals.The DAO is software: it does not have the capabilities to manufacture a product, write code, develop hardware or sweep the streets.It requires actors in the physical world for most tasks—these are called Contractors.The DAO is free to work with as many or as few Contractors in the real world as it sees fit.Contractors submit Proposals for the development of products or services—these Proposals are written in plain English and backed by a software code in the form of a smart contract that defines the relationship between The DAO and the Contractor: deliverables, responsibilities, and operating parameters.The DAO Token Holders may debate the viability and profitability of Proposals off-chain through a service chosen by The DAO’s community (discussion forums like DAOHub.org, Slack, on-chain threaded discussions, etc).The immutable smart contract code of the Proposal binds the Contractor to the terms of the Proposal, the DAO Token Holders can elect to ‘pull the plug’ on the Contractor at anytime (subject to the terms of the accepted Proposal).This is a major advantage because it provides predictability to the Contractor while it considerably minimizes risk of default for The DAO.The DAO may also select a replacement Contractor for any given Proposal, meaning projects can continue where they left off rather than being abandoned outright.The DAO will be deployed as an exact implementation of the Standard DAO Framework.The Whitepaper therefore describes perfectly how the DAO functions and is a great place to start learning more.

    What’s so special about it?

    Without credit checks and people keeping each other honest, how does borrowing even work on the blockchain? The answer is liquidation, meaning the moment an asset is converted into capital in order to pay off creditors.

    Where can I get DAO Maker wallet?

    DAO Maker produces its own wallet software that is available for download on its website, which allows you to store DAO Maker on your computer.For maximum security, you can store your cryptocurrencies on a dedicated hardware wallet such as a TREZOR wallet or a Ledger Nano X.If you do not wish to buy a hardware wallet, you may consider using a mobile wallet such as Atomic Wallet, Jaxx, or Coinomi to store multiple cryptocurrencies with some added security benefits.

    Who Invented MakerDAO?

    Rune Christensen is the founder and current CEO of MakerDAO.

    History of DAO Maker