Overview of Datum

  • Datum A: It’s the start of everything, the only tolerance you can apply to this surface is a flatness control Datum B: You can control form (flatness, straightness) irrespective of datum A and orientation (angularity and perpendicularity) to datum A Datum C: You can control form (flatness, straightness) irrespective of datums A/B and orientation (angularity and perpendicularity) to datums A/B
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  • A datum is usually given by a starting point and direction: it specifies where a clearly identifiable point on earth (the base point) should appear on the spheroid and it shows where a base direction, which include north, points on the spheroid at the base point.
  • Datum Reference Frame: A framework that consists of three mutually perpendicular datum planes, three datum axes (located at the intersection of each pair of datum planes), and a datum point (that is located at the intersection of the three datum planes).
  • Datum Feature Symbol: “The symbolic means of indicating a datum feature consists of a capital letter enclosed in a square frame and a leader line exseeming from the frame to the concerned feature, terminating with a triangle” [4].
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  • Datum target areas let you properly simulate the way an inspection fixture would hold the part wherever a spherical or pointed pin would be inadequate.
  • datum (third-person singular simple present datums, present participle datuming, simple past and past participle datumed)
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  • Blockchain

    Datum is a decentralized and distributed high performance NOSQL database backed by a blockchain ledger.Datum provides a marketplace where users can share or sell data onThis technology allows anyone to backup structured data like social network data, data from wearables, smart home and other IOT devices in a secure, private and anonymous manner.


    Depending on your particular design you could specify Datums B and C at MMC which would allow you to determine the virtual condition of each datum to use in your gage.Send me a pdf of your particular situation to *protected email* with a bit more of an explanation of what you are trying to do and I’ll see if I can’t help you out.This would allow you to slip the part onto the gage and again determine ‘go, no-go’.


    Datum is a decentralized network of storage nodes controlled through smart contracts.Now available on Ethereum Rinkeby.

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    How to convert NAD27 coordinates to NAD83?

    NRCan has added a note at the bottom of its maps enabling users to convert coordinates to and from the different datums.For users needing more precise coordinate conversions, the Geodetic Survey Division has developed a software package called the National Transformation Version 2 (NTv2) for converting coordinates between the NAD27 and NAD83 reference systems in Canada.

    What Are Datums?

    A datum is a plane, a straight line, or a point that is used as a reference when processing a material or measuring the dimensions of a target.

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    Vertical datums: How low (or high) can you go?

    While horizontal datums pinpoint a location on the earth’s surface, a vertical datum gets you elevation data.Vertical datums use the surface of a geoid model to establish a zero-point of elevation.When using a vertical datum, you can describe a point as being x-feet above or below the “Mean Sea Level (MSL).

    What is a Datum?

    The Earth is shaped like a flattened sphere.This shape is called an ellipsoid.A datum is
    a model of the earth that is used in mapping.The datum consists of a series of numbers that
    define the shape and size of the ellipsoid and it’s orientation in space.A datum is chosen to
    give the best possible fit to the true shape of the Earth.

    What does this all mean?

    This means that, because of the change in ellipsoid and datum, there will be a shift in every position on the map between the old edition (using NAD27) and the new one (using the new NAD83).Also, adjoining sheets may be in different datums, causing a loss or addition of detail at the map’s neatline.When a map is revised, it is automatically converted to NAD83.All of our digital products have been converted as well.So when using topo maps with adjoining sheets or with a GPS receiver, you should always check the datum note first.This note can be found on the south margin of the map and will state either “North American Datum 1927” or “North American Datum 1983”.You must set your GPS receiver to the proper datum in order to be able to use a topo map directly.

    What is a Datum?

    A datum defines how a coordinate system is seated over the ellipsoid.The origin of the new NAD83 system is the centre of mass of the Earth, whereas the old North American Datum 1927 (NAD27) had a different origin, making it useful only in North America.GPS receivers also use the centre of mass of the Earth as their system’s origin.

    What are the projection, horizontal and vertical datum, and resolution for 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) standard DEMs?

    All 3DEP seamless DEMs are provided in geographic coordinates (longitude and latitude) in units of decimal degrees, horizontally referenced on the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83).

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    What is a Datum and how is it Different to a Projection?

    This confuses many people.

    What is a Tidal Datum?

    Fixing the Level of the Sea – Not so long ago an
    interesting marine boundary called ordinary low water appeared in
    Virginia law.Its legal definition was “not spring, not neap, but ordinary
    low water”.So as long as you were not out looking for the low water mark on
    your property during a spring tide or any other extra-ordinary tidal condition,
    you’d be sure to find the boundary in question.Or so the lawyers said.

    What is an Ellipsoid?

    As everybody knows now, the world is not flat.Actually, it is not round either: it is flattened at the poles.It resembles a three dimensional ellipse called an ellipsoid.An ellipsoid can be defined by a number of mathematical characteristics.As our knowledge of the world has increased over the centuries, we have come to know the dimensions and shape of the world more accurately.Mathematical models of the shape of the world have therefore become more and more precise, and it has become necessary to change to a more accurate model.The new, more accurate model is called Geodetic Reference System 1980 (GRS80).

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    What is a datum?

    Map making begins with surveying.When you survey large areas, you need to take the curvature of the earth into account in your calculations.The earth is a lumpy bumpy three dimensional thing, that can be approximated with a nice clean mathematical ellipsoid.Various regions of the world selected an ellipsoid that best approximated their portion of the earth.

    What is a Projection?

    The Earth is curved and maps are flat.The process of flattening out the Earth onto a flat piece of paper or
    computer screen is a mathematical process called a projection.No matter how you try, the resulting maps
    always have distortions.


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    History of Datum

  • In 1764 Dom John Bolton, a Benedictine, went
    to Gilling Castle as chaplain to the Hon.
  • In 1980, a new spheroid, the Geodetic Reference System (GRS80), was developed from satellite measurements.
  • In the 1970s, the National Geodetic Survey changed the datum’s name to the NGVD when it became obvious that the sea is not actually level (due to, as we’ve already discussed, factors like wind, currents, salinity, etc.)