Overview of Debitum

  • Debitum Network connects small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with investors all over the globe.Leveraging blockchain technology, the platform gives SMEs newfound access to finance, helping thembypass traditional lenders and get started.From the get-go, we were brought on to guide Debitum Network through the complicated process ofmarketing an ICO project, via two rounds of crowdsales over 6 months.
  • Debitum is supported by the Ethereum blockchain with the core of its logic being powered by smart contracts, essentially pieces of code that execute automatically according to the agreed terms without the need for an intermediary.
  • Debitum’s ecosystem encourages the full payment of loans but in the case that a loan is not repaid on time or violates the loan agreements, the debt collection process in Debitum will cover the losses of the investor.
  • Debitum Network hit the headlines in October 2017, when they got the better of one hundred and twenty other participants to win the jury and audience awards in the highly rated ICO Pitch Competition at d10e Gibraltar.
  • Debitum Network bought back the entire amount invested plus interest from Aforti assets and returned it to its investors.Aforti has caused quite a debacle on several platforms including Viventor and Mintos.
  • Debitum solves this problem by launching its platform globally and effectively moving capital from developed countries to developing countries, where there is already a lack of trust in centralised banks.
  • Debitum Network was created with the belief that the only way to overcome the inadequacies of the existing funding system is to build a hub that brings together the local players for resource sharing.
  • Debitum Network does not have any publicly-available statistics on their website, so we reached out to the team to find key metrics you should be aware of before investing on this P2P platform.
  • Debitum Network‘s risk management policy seems to be very trustworthy – I especially appreciate the fact that the rating of the originators is outsourced -.
  • Debitum Network offers to invest in business loans and invoice financing; the interest rates vary between 6% and 11%, with durations from a number of days to two years.
  • Blockchain

    #DebitumNetwork is striving to operate as a platform that allows “borderless small business financing,” and is established to leverage the powerful and dynamic characteristics of the #blockchain to both stable and distribute fiat loans in the SME environment.


    The goal of the Debitum platform is to provide unparalleled access to the SME capital market which was not possible before due to outdated systems in the financing industry; with Debitum Network, investing in SMEs is no longer a task to scratch heads about.



    Fiat currencies are used in Debitum’s transactions which means that businesses can actually use the platform’s services from day one.Of course, digital assets are not neglected as the Debitum team utilizes a hybrid approach for the platform’s liquidity pool.

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    How Fast Can You Withdraw Your Money?

    Before signing up to a platform, you should be aware of how long it would take to withdraw your entire portfolio.

    The Circular Economy: How Does Your Company Measure Up?

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    What is the maximum plan size at Debitum Network?

    I am now creating a new plan for the auto-invest.I do not want to have a minimum balance on my account.BUT if you are interested in having maybe 100 Euros in cash on your account, just fill in the value in this field.

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    How do I invest on Debitum Network?

    If you are over 18 years old and hold a European bank account, you can register on Debitum Network.During the registration process, you will need to answer a few questions and verify your identity.

    Who is behind Debitum Network?

    Debitum’s core team is not new to FinTech.They are connected to the Latvian factoring company Factris as well as an invoicing company, Debifo, which was acquired by Factris in 2019, and a software company, Inntec, which helped build the technology for Debitum Network.Martins Liberts – the visionary and co-founder, is well-known for his interviews and talks about blockchain-based FinTech.

    Is Debitum Network Safe?

    You should do your own due diligence when choosing a new P2P lending platform.

    How much can you earn?

    Annual interest rates on Debitum Network vary between 6 and 12%, although at the time of writing, the ROI range of available deals is narrower – between 7.5 to 11%.You can receive an additional “penalty fee” paid by the borrower in case a loan is late for more than the grace period.The fee depends on the agreement between the loan originator and the borrower.It can vary between 0 and 15% (it’s 10% for most investments).

    Is Debitum Network safe?

    According to Debitum’s customer support, so far none of the P2P investors ever lost any money.All the delayed loans were repurchased by the loan originators.

    Quantity or Quality?

    When comparing Debitum Network with other crowdfunding platforms, some may find that Debitum Network offers a fewer number of loans and low-interest rates.However, the model chosen by the platform automatically rejects many loans that are too risky.A large spectrum of loans from a variety of lenders can be both good and bad.However, more does not mean better, and this is the hard truth that a lot of platforms learn when a loan originator goes bankrupt and is not able to fulfill their obligations to pay the principal and the interest.

    Are There any Suspicious Terms & Conditions?

    Debitum Network gives you the opportunity to view their terms and conditions as well as the assignment agreement before signing up.

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    Future times will show – do you invest too?

    Also I am not able to make a final resume about Debitum Network I am quite excited about the things to come up with.After the first months I will be able to rate the platform better.Until now I do not have any experiences with their repayments and interested payed, but those are to most important things for me.Let’s wait for the updates the next months and I will get back to you.

    What rate of return can you expect?

    The return you can get on Debitum Network depends on how you choose to invest your money.Currently, Debitum Network has an average return of 8.79%.Since this is the average return you can reasonably expect a similar return.

    Is Debitum Network safe to use?

    One of the key things we want to address in this Debitum Network review is the safety of the platform.

    What’s our opinion about Debitum Network?

    We have started testing Debitum Network since spring 2020.Our investment on the platform has always performed well and we did not experience any defaulted loans.

    Who can invest via Debitum Network?

    To be able to invest via Debitum Networks platform, it is a requirement that you are at least 18 years old is.At the same time, it is a requirement that you have the full and unrestricted legal capacity and that you are able to undertake monetary obligations.Of course, one must not be declared insolvent.

    What Rate of Return Can You Expect?

    The rate of return from investment depends on how much money you are willing to invest.At the moment, an average return of 8.35% is available on the.

    What is DEB? How can I use it?

    DEB is a special Debitum Network token which can be used for purchasing loyalty service on the platform.You can earn these tokens by investing and depositing funds on the platform.

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    Have you already invested with Debitum Network? What do you think of the platform? What do you think of the advanced buyback model? Are you thinking about signing up? Have you invested in other platforms? Please leave a comment or any question you have below.If you know someone who would like to get started investing or is already investing, feel free to share using the social media sharing buttons below.

    Who is Debitum Network best for?

    Debitum’s extraordinary risk management strategy will definitely appeal to conservative investors, who value safety above double-digit returns.But the platform’s offer is a good addition to any P2P investment portfolio.For one, it’s never a bad idea to allocate a share of your capital in safer assets.Second, it exposes you to the business rather than the consumer lending sector (as most P2P lending websites do).Remember, diversification is key.

    Does Debitum Network offer a buyback guarantee?

    Most of the loans on Debitum Network are secured by a 90-day buyback guarantee.Investors will receive the remaining principal, penalty fee as well as the accrued interest.

    What is Peer-to-Peer Investing?

    Peer-to-peer lending, for short P2P lending, is a type of loan service, where a P2P business lends money to companies and individuals online and matches lenders with borrowers.The P2P services are often offered online as it is cheaper than the traditional financial institutions.

    What happens to platforms that neglect risk assessment and due diligence processes?

    In 2020 there has been considerable turmoil in the crowdfunding market with P2P platform “Kuetzal” having issued “fake loans”, offering around 20% annual returns.The company even had a clause in the contract that it would not commit to a due diligence process with lenders.

    Is there a sign-up bonus for new investors?

    New investors on Debitum Network, that sign-up with our referral link and invest at least €250 over the period of 90 days will receive a €10 sign-up bonus.

    What problems is Debitum is solving?

    Nowadays, there are many individuals, companies, family offices, etc.who are looking for new opportunities to expand their investments and reap profits.But they face difficulties in investing their capital due to a lack of lending/investing infrastructure and transparent pledge security registries.On the other hand, many SMEs are willing to borrow money and confirm their credibility to pay for it but still, they don’t receive any finance options in the market.

    What does Debitum Network offer?

    Debitum Network allows you to invest in business loans and invoice financing deals with durations from a few days to four years.The businesses come from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Republic.They are categorised into 18 industries, including for example manufacturing, services, construction, financial, pharmaceutical, automotive, or health.

    What is Debitum Network?

    Debitum Network is a P2B platform specializing in small business financing.

    What is the Debitum token?

    The Debitum token is abbreviated to DEB.The token is used by the members of the Debitum network including risk assessors, investors, borrowers, a mean of payment for different services within the network.The DEB tokens will be used for multiple purposes.After analyzing the different token models, Debitum has designed this token to work on two major roles in the ecosystem.

    Who leads Debitum Network?

    Sergei Demchuk has joined Debitum Network as the company’s new CEO in November 2019.Sergei graduated from the Kharkiv University in Ukraine.

    Who owns Debitum Network?

    Debitum Network is founded by three Co-Founders Martins Libert, Donatas Juodelis and Justas Šaltinis.

    History of Debitum