Overview of Dragonchain

  • Dragonchain also built several solutions in-house on top of the open source platform, including Dragon Factor (decentralized identity), Den (decentralized social media), Provably Fair Contest System (contests, casinos, lotteries, give-aways), Lyceum (Training courses & certificates on chain), and Eternal (archiving, legal proof, predictions).
  • Dragonchain is an affordable hybrid blockchain software development platform, offering secure and fast deployment of blockchain powered business solutions written in any programming language, interoperable with any external blockchain, legacy system, and application, hosted in any cloud or on-premise environment.
  • Dragonchain and ThreeFold share a common mission of providing developers and the digital world with a more inclusive and decentralized Internet infrastructure – one where data flows and is stored in a peer-to-peer environment, and where applications are computed by decentralized and community-owned protocols.
  • Dragonchain, an enterprise blockchain-as-a-service provider originally developed out of a Disney technology incubator, was awarded a patent for a loyalty system that tracks and monetizes time on the blockchain, according to documents published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
  • Dragonchain is a hybrid blockchain, allowing businesses to innovate using alternative levels of verification from basic transaction verification up to public blockchain verification on Bitcoin or Ethereum to provide independent witness or “proof of existence”.
  • Dragonchain is part of a brave new world in cybersecurity, operating as an open-source private/public platform that delivers blockchain technology as a service ― with the goal of providing security and integration flexibility for business applications.
  • Dragonchain’s public/private hybrid blockchain platform combines high performance and ease of use, allowing enterprises to build and deploy blockchain solutions and smart contracts in a matter of minutes.
  • Dragonchain (DRGN) Cryptocurrency Market infoOur Ai cryptocurrency analyst implies that there will be a negative trend in the future and the DRGN are not a good investment for making money.
  • Dragonchain will provide project incubation as well as professional services with strategic partnerships to develop successful tokenization ecosystems focusing on long term value.
  • DragonChain currently has 5 projects under incubation: Look Lateral – Liquid Art, Seed2You, LifeID, IDPay, and ClevX.
  • Blockchain

    Dragonchain provides a commercial platform for application developers to rapidly and securely deploy blockchain applications while maintaining existing language development environments (e.g.Java, Python, Node, C#, Go).The Dragonchain architecture is also designed to allow nodes to handle approval of transactions based upon five levels of network consensus to provide a spectrum of trust to data consumers; a level of security and flexibility unseen in the market by current blockchain solution providers.The objective is to provide a significant cost and speed to market advantage​.These design attributes​ ​position​ ​Dragonchain​ ​for​ ​exponential​ ​growth​[2].


    Community members securing Dragon Net’s 5 levels of trust can join pooled nodes, or run their own unmanaged nodes.For each DRGN held in a non-exchange wallet, they receive 1 TIME loyalty score per day automatically.For the Dragonchain community members who are running nodes, the amount of TIME each node runner applies to a certain level, determines their rewards.TIME is a loyalty score on top of the DRGN token.The more TIME someone applies to a L2, L3, or L4 node, the higher the reward granted when your node is selected through the matchmaking process.


    Java, Python, Node, C#, Go); a tremendous costing and speed to market advantage.These design attributes position Dragonchain for exponential growth.


    “It has alway been our belief that developers should have the freedom to build without restraint.As stated by Weynand Kuijipers, co-founder at ThreeFold, “dApps need to live outside the market-leading monopolies and we are proud to be able to provide secure, private and sovereign compute and storage capacity for the Dragonchain community.“

    Both ThreeFold and Dragonchain invite and support any and all Web2 and Web3 developers to build decentralized applications that have the potential to change the world and make it a better and more inclusive place for us all.Developers now have access to scalable industry-standard solutions like Docker, Kubernetes, S3 storage – and ThreeFold’s Quantum Safe Filesystem – to build applications for a decentralized environment.Further, the Dragonchain developer community can now build Web3-native and P2P cloud-native applications without the need for prior Blockchain experience.Now, developers and enterprises building Web3 applications can leverage and deploy Dragonchain’s Blockchain and advanced smart-contracts into their dApps, with the added benefit of utilizing ThreeFold to completely decentralize their cloud computing infrastructure – and deploy their solutions on the edge.The Dragonchain platform contains sophisticated and lightweight SDKs and enables enterprises to use their existing IT staff to deploy code in any coding language.ThreeFold presents a more cost-effective, distributed, autonomous, secure, and sustainable alternative to centralized cloud-providers.ThreeFold’s peer-to-peer environment combined with the Dragonchain ecosystem gives communities the ability to build their online presence without worrying about censorship over dissenting opinions, local outages, or unauthorized access to data.Today, Dragonchain and ThreeFold are proud to announce their partnership to further empower developers and enterprises around the world to build scalable dApps on Dragonchain, on ThreeFold’s peer-to-peer cloud.Together, Dragonchain and ThreeFold are decreasing friction and opening more avenues for inclusion.We’re happy to partner with ThreeFold to provide the tools necessary to easily build applications for a decentralized environment,” Joe Roets, Chief Architect, Founder, CEO at Dragonchain.


    Infinitely scalable, Dragonchain, which can securely process hundreds of millions of business transactions within 24 hours, also provides Prakat the flexibility and security to build its blockchain applications in containerized smart contracts.

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    Can I Buy Anything With Dragons?

    Dragons aren’t really accepted by online or offline merchants as currency.That functionality is really something that’s been well and truly dominated by popular crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

    Can I Mine Dragon Coins?

    Unlike Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies, the Dragon token cannot be mined.

    Can I Use Dragon Cryptocurrency at Disneyland?

    The idea of using cryptocurrency to buy things at Disney theme parks is definitely a cool one, and it isn’t too farfetched when you consider The Walt Disney Company has, in fact, experimented with creating their own currency, the Disney Dollar, in the past.

    Discovery Science to Premier Crypto-Funded TV Series About… Dragonchain?

    A new series about blockchain project Dragonchain is premiering on Discovery, and it’s been fully financed with $1 million in crypto.

    Discovery Science to Premier Crypto-Funded TV Series About… Dragonchain?

    A new TV series tracking the story of Disney-linked blockchain firm Dragonchain was fully funded in cryptocurrency.It’s scheduled to go live July 4 on Discovery Science.

    Dragonchain (DRGN) Price Prediction 2021-2025 – Should You Buy It Now?

    Dragonchain is a blockchain-based ecosystem that allows developers to create their decentralized applications on top of it.So functionality-wise it’s quite alright to compare Dragonchain with Ethereum, EOS, and other similar projects although there are several differences in place.For example, unlike Ethereum, this network is partly public.There is a portion of data that is not available for the public eye.Another serious difference from the main Dragonchain rivals Ethereum is that the developers choosing Dragonchain can use any code they like (Python, Java, C++, etc) while the Ethereum opportunities are limited to the use of the Solidity programming language.

    Golem (GNT) Price Prediction 2021-2025 – Buy or Not?

    Journalist, cryptocurrency enthusiast.I've being investing in cryptocurrencies since 2016.I hold a Bachelor's degree in civil engineering.

    How Can I Store Dragon Cryptocurrency?

    Dragonchain’s Dragon token can be stored in the MyEtherWallet software wallet.The Ledger and Trezor cryptocurrency hardware wallets can also be used for storing, receiving, and sending Dragons.

    How To Buy DragonChain?

    Now the token sale is over you are able to purchase the tokens on different exchanges.

    How To Get A DragonChain Wallet?

    According to their website FAQ section “We currently do not have a wallet but being an ERC20 Token, all ERC20 compatible wallets work for DRGNs.Currently we recommend MEW (MyEtherWallet) and are a default token there.

    Is Dragonchain a Cryptocurrency?

    Dragonchain is a blockchain network, not a cryptocurrency.It is, however, powered by a token called Dragon (DRGN) which can be exchanged on the Dragonchain blockchain to complete certain tasks.

    What Affects the Dragon Token’s Price?

    Like most other cryptocurrencies, the price of Dragon is affected by its limited number of units and the level of enthusiasm of traders on crypto exchanges.

    What Cryptocurrency Exchanges List Dragon (DRGN)?

    Support for the Dragonchain’s Dragon token on cryptocurrency exchanges isn’t as large as it is for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum.Some crypto exchanges that trade Dragon are Kucoin, FatBTC, and EtherDelta.

    What do you think about the Dragonchain today?

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    What Does DragonChain Do?

    In general terms, the purpose of DragonChain is to help companies quickly and easily incorporate blockchain into their business applications.Many companies might be interested in making this transition because of the benefits associated with serving clients over a blockchain – increased efficiency and security for transactions, a reduction of costs from eliminating potential fraud and scams, etc.

    What Is a Dragonchain Slumber Score?

    While you can’t use Dragons to buy a cup of coffee, they can be exchanged for services or products built on the Dragonchain blockchain.They’re also used to grant users more voting power on certain Dragonchain projects which gives them a secondary value of sorts beyond their individual market price listed on exchanges.

    What is DragonChain (DRGN)?

    The need to wane the unification of operations and affairs of businesses while simultaneously providing these same businesses with security services for their data; all these are part of an environment that allows for the interconnectedness of currencies and their interoperability led to the birth of DragonChain in 2015 by Disney.

    What Is Dragonchain Used For?

    Dragonchain is quite similar to Ethereum in that its blockchain network can be used by companies to secure transactions and protect their data.

    What is DragonChain?

    DragonChain is a blockchain-based company and ecosystem originally developed by Disney in 2014.The project started as the “Disney Private Blockchain Platform” and was later released as open-source software in 2016.

    What is Dragonchain?

    Dragonchain is a platform, that stores and secures business-client data, create smart contracts, crowd-scaled incubator, and marketplace.It creates ecosystem, with Dragos, as a fuel.

    What is Dragonchain?

    Dragonchain is a U.S.-based technology leader, offering Blockchain as a Service with security and scalability at the forefront of its operations.Dragonchain’s public/private hybrid blockchain platform combines high performance and ease of use, allowing enterprises to build and deploy blockchain solutions and smart contracts in a matter of minutes.It helps companies break into blockchain faster, without forcing them to change their existing IT infrastructure.As a service provider built by seasoned members of the tech industry, Dragonchain understands the needs of enterprises and is designed to handle prevalent issues in several industries.

    What Is Dragonchain?

    Dragonchain simplifies the integration of real business applications on a blockchain and provides features such as easy integration, protection of business data and operations, currency agnosticism, and multi-currency support.The company also provides professional services to build-out development and successful tokenization ecosystems with long term value utilizing an incubation model.The Dragonchain commercial platform allows business to leverage blockchain technology in a secure and scalable manner.- Serverless, scalable deployment on Amazon AWS
    – Established language support for smart contract development (Java, Python, Node, C#)
    – Security – protection of business data and operations

    Dragonchain was originally launched at Disney's Seattle office in 2015 and 2016 as the Disney Private Blockchain Platform.Over 20 use cases and applications were explored and documented publicly via the W3C Blockchain Community Group.The platform was later released as open source software under the Apache 2 license in October of 2016.Please contact us at info – at – dragonchain.com with any questions.

    What is the current price of DRGN?

    Thanks to our calculator, you can easily buy or sell DRGN at the best price.

    What sets DragonChain apart?

    Chiefly, DragonChain aims to resolve the issue of existing platforms restricting the creation of truly secure and scalable blockchain applications in real-world business use cases.

    Where Can I Buy Dragon Cryptocurrency?

    Dragonchain held an ICO (initial coin offering)where interested investors could purchase Dragon tokens in late-2017.With the ICO well and truly over, the easiest way to get your hands on Dragons is to trade some other crypto coins for them on a centralized or decentralized exchange.

    Where can we use Dragonchain Smart Contracts?

    Any agreement between parties or any business process automation can be modeled into smart contracts.The applications for smart contracts are wide-ranging since they can apply to virtually any set of conditional situations or process definitions.

    Where to Store DragonChain?

    DRGN is an ERC-20 token so there are several options for where to store it, namely in an ERC-20-compatible wallet.If storing your tokens in an online ERC-20 wallet, DragonChain recommends using MyEtherWallet or “MEW”.

    Which Industries Does DragonChain target?

    Since the blockchain aims to replace traditional contracts and payment systems with a more secure process, industries that currently suffer from fraud/scams have high potential to benefit.This means that companies dealing in real estate or law, for instance, could remove significant losses to fraud through Smart Contracts within DragonChain’s ecosystem.

    Who’s on the DragonChain Team?

    The DragonChain team is composed of eight members with Joe Roets as the CEO and Chief Architect.He formerly worked for Disney before leaving to commit full-time to the development of the DRGN platform.Joe Roets is also noted for his involvement in projects at Coinbase and Overstock.

    Why the DRGN De-Listing?

    Why would one of the exchanges de-list drgn if legit project / use-case? Looking for discussion on this.

    History of Dragonchain

  • In 2014, Disney’s tech-focused Seattle office started building what’s now known as Dragonchain, a blockchain protocol designed to allow for more data privacy than is possible on other enterprise-oriented blockchains like Ethereum.
  • In 2016 the platform was open-sourced, and The Dragon Company was born.
  • In 2016 the source code was made available for the public.
  • In 2016, Disney released the platform under an open source license.
  • In 2016, the Company approved the release of the original code demonstrating that it actively contributes robust code to the world and enabled developers to explore more use cases.
  • In 2018 Dragonchain released Dragon Factor, an application that chunks up and stores user data on a decentralized network in “factors” that can be used as needed without revealing more information than necessary.
  • In 2019 the price was fluctuating around 7 to 9 cents.