Overview of DuckDaoDime

  • DuckDaoDime Is the token used on fundraising platform DuckDAO, a democratized early-stage investment space that sources and secures potentially lucrative investment opportunities for its expansive community; colloquially known Ducks.
  • DuckDaoDime (DDIM) 24 Hour Trading Volume Reaches $1.27 Million
    Thu, Apr 29, 2021 3:50 AM
  • DuckDaoDime price Index provides the latest DDIM price in US Dollars , BTC and ETH using an average from the world's leading crypto exchanges.
  • DuckDaoDime produces its own wallet software that is available for download on its website, which allows you to store DuckDaoDime on your computer.
  • DuckDaoDime Trading Up 13.6% Over Last Week (DDIM)
    Sat, May 1, 2021 4:14 PM
  • DuckDaoDime (CURRENCY:DDIM) traded 0% higher against the dollar during the one day period ending at 17:00 PM Eastern on May 1st.
  • DuckDaoDime's share of the entire cryptocurrency market is 0.00% with the market capitalization of $ 35.58 Millions.
  • DuckDaoDime’s market cap currently sits at $35,422,400.00 USD, holding up for a market cap rank at #671.
  • DuckDaoDime ile şu anda işlem yapılan en büyük borsalar LATOKEN, Bilaxy, ve 1inch Exchange.
  • DuckDaoDime bugünkü fiyatı ₺282.50 TRY, 24 saatlik işlem hacmi ₺7,011,767 TRY.
  • Are there any alternative platforms to buy DDIM or Bitcoin with credit cards?

    Yes.Changelly is also a very easy to use platform for buying Bitcoin with credit cards.It is an instant cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to exchange crypto fast and buy it with a bank card.Its user interface is very easy to use and the buying steps are pretty self-explanatory.

    Are there any quick ways to buy DDIM in Europe?

    Yes, in fact, Europe is one of the easiest places to buy cryptos in general.There are even online banks which you can simply open an account and transfer money to exchanges such as Coinbase and Coinmama.

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    Can I buy DDIM with cash?

    There is no direct way to buy DDIM with cash.However, you can use marketplaces such as LocalBitcoins to first purchase Bitcoin, and finish the rest of the steps by transferring your bitcoin to respective AltCoin exchanges.

    DuckDAO Tokenomics?

    The economy of the tokens on DuckDAO is managed in a way to create fair incentives for its community members.

    How do I buy DuckDaoDime?

    It is not possible to buy all cryptocurrencies with U.S.dollars.Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and other popular cryptocurrencies can be purchased with U.S.dollars using Coinbase or BlockFi.Once you have purchased Bitcoin using Coinbase, you can then transfer your Bitcoin to an exchange such as Binance to purchase other cryptocurrencies, including DuckDaoDime.

    One-side-burn: What Does it Mean?

    This system is based on a deflationary economy to secure the DUCK token from losing its value.The one-side-burn means that yield farmers will lose one side of their liquidity and will never get it back.Eventually, the returns they will earn for staking Liquidity pool tokens would be higher.

    Want Daily DDIM Price Updates?

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    What is Decentralizing Opportunity?

    When DuckDAO partners with projects, such projects would allocate tokens to DuckDAO users.These tokens are then shared to users who have joined the platform’s token-permissioned telegram communities.

    What is Duck Liquidity Pool?

    Duck Liquidity Pool, the brainchild of DuckDAO, refers to the name of the DuckDAO DeFi market maker.Users can deposit funds to DUCK-based liquidity pools through Uniswap and earn tokens via deployment through smart contracts.Consequently, the LP tokens received after deposits are made can be staked on the DUCK farm.

    What is DuckDAO?

    DuckDAO is a digital asset incubator whose primary aim is to grow promising projects into their full stature.

    What Is Duckdao?

    DuckDAO is a digital asset incubator whose primary aim is to grow promising projects into their full stature.It is a decentralized and democratized platform that offers various earning strategies to crypto investors.Furthermore, it opens up its users to several investment opportunities regardless of their invested capital.

    What is DuckDaoDime?

    DuckDAO is a community driven project incubator.The DackDaoDime (DDIM) is the social money of the community.

    What is DuckDaoDime?

    DuckDAO is a decentralized incubator designed to help promising projects achieve their full potential by leveraging the investment power and buzz making potential of its community.

    What is the value of DuckDaoDime?

    One DuckDaoDime (DDIM) is currently worth $34.26 on major cryptocurrency exchanges.You can also exchange one DuckDaoDime for 0.00061281 bitcoin(s) on major exchanges.The value (or market capitalization) of all available DuckDaoDime in U.S.dollars is $35.50 million.

    What is DuckDaoDime?

    DuckDaoDime is a cryptocurrency with a price of $ 34.07 and marketcap of $ 35,261,839.DuckDaoDime’s market price has decreased -7.53% in the last 24 hours.It ranks 663 amongst all cryptocurrencies with daily volume of $ 893,485.

    Where can I get DuckDaoDime wallet?

    DuckDaoDime produces its own wallet software that is available for download on its website, which allows you to store DuckDaoDime on your computer.For maximum security, you can store your cryptocurrencies on a dedicated hardware wallet such as a TREZOR wallet or a Ledger Nano X.If you do not wish to buy a hardware wallet, you may consider using a mobile wallet such as Atomic Wallet, Jaxx, or Coinomi to store multiple cryptocurrencies with some added security benefits.

    Who are our ducks?

    The Duck community is different from anything the financial world has seen before.Our ducks are proud to commit to long term success.

    History of DuckDaoDime