Overview of DXDao

  • dxDAO’s main objective is to create a system with a large number of stakeholders to make sure there is no power concentration and that consensus is carried out in a truly decentralized and community driven way.
  • dxDAO, a community run organization that’s in total control of the DutchX Protocol went live and will attempt to create a ‘super-scalable’ organization through systematic consensus, May 31, 2019.
  • The dxDAO is an ambitious experiment, and one of the largest blockchain-based coordination endeavors to date since “The DAO.” The DAO was the first experiment at creating a decentralized autonomous organization.
  • DXdao passed a proposal Thursday night to halt the DXD bonding curve by setting the minimum investment parameters to an extremely high number, effectively preventing any further DXD minting from ETH investments.
  • DXdao will commit to repurchasing up to $1 million USD of DXD on the open market if this proposal passes, as long as the value of DXD’s outstanding circulating supply exceeds the treasury’s book value.
  • DXdao builds space for communities, while honoring the individual, and accepts accountability and responsibility for the actions and influences of the DXdao, in order to further self-improvement.
  • DXdao would expand its portfolio of DeFi applications either through forking existing protocols or developing new products in-house to further alternativeiate its offering.
  • DXdao is fully on-chain and minimizes its reliance on third-parties, controlling its products through ENS, and managing the treasury through binding, on-chain votes.
  • DXdao price Index provides the latest DXD price in US Dollars , BTC and ETH using an average from the world's leading crypto exchanges.
  • dxDAO — a DAO to manage DutchX, a dutch auction exchange built by Gnosis and maintained by the community, with over 400 participants.
  • Blockchain

    Additionally its on-chain nature means the history of DXdao can be viewed on the Ethereum blockchain with all decisions and discussions open for all to see.Anyone can claim to speak in the best interests of DXdao, but only formal proposals passed by REP holders on-chain can make decisions for the community.DXdao is on-chain, meaning no individual alone speaks for DXdao.It is a community with many voices that contribute to its permissionless, decentralized nature.


    Rails’ release is imminent, set to happen in the near future, however, no clear date has been provided by DXdao.The product itself can only process deposits, withdrawals, and transfers at this point, however, according to DXdao, this is just the beginning.


    dxDAO is a completely community run organization where users can stake ETH or any ERC-20 coin to gain a proportional share of voting power on the network.It is capable of scaling the DutchX Protocol massively, limited only by Ethereum’s scaling constraints which are likely to be resolved with ETH 2.0.


    On March 8, 2021, DXdao REP holders voted to pass a signal proposal in support of DXventures, a focused, internal investment fund to seek out and invest in promising projects that are solving the pain points of decentralized organizations.


    DXD token holders have an economic claim to DXdao’s revenue and it grants its owners future access to a suite of services and premium features in decentralized applications; including gasless transactions, feeless anonymizing of assets, reduced trading fees on DEX protocols and more.DXdao operates with a native ERC20 token DXD.

    What is DXdao?

    The DXD token is DXdao´s native token.DXdao describes itself as a decentralized community that develops, governs, and grows DeFi protocols and products.

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    What is Dxdao?

    The successful project describes itself as a sovereign collective of people keen on seeing the Ethereum financial ecosystem flourish.

    What are Keybase teams?

    A Keybase team is a group of people who can communicate with end-to-end cryptography.This means
    the team’s chats and files cannot be read by anyone outside the team, not even someone who
    breaks into Keybase’s servers.

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    How Does Omen Work?

    To better understand the reasoning behind the development of the conditional token framework which powers Omen, it’s helpful to understand the basic concept of a prediction market.

    What is DXdao?

    The DXdao is a decentralized organization that develops, governs, and grows DeFi protocols and products, owned and operated by the community.

    What is the DxDAO?

    In 2016, the Ethereum community was excited with the launch of The DAO, a new experiment in community governance.Such experiment, as we know, didn’t end well.

    Where Can I Find Out More?

    Join the community chat on Telegram.

    Active users?

    In a recent presentation about DAOs, a representative of DAOstack announced the goal of a DAO is to create a kind of organization that is so resilient it can be distributed around the globe and even the strongest national government in the world cannot destroy it.

    Why is dxDAO Important?

    The dxDAO revolutionizes the traditional governance structure by giving users of a protocol the opportunity to govern it.This distributes power from the central creator to the network’s edges.Corporations, governments, and other organizations consistently consolidate power into the hands of a few, create inefficient hierarchies, and limit those who are able to voice their opinions.The dxDAO aims to be a radical experiment in how organizations operate and how we as humanity cooperate with one another.

    How Can You Participate in dxDAO?

    It’s up to individuals of the Ethereum community to participate in an experiment like the dxDAO in order to change the system.

    What is DXDao?

    DXDao is a sovereign collective developed by Daostack and Gnosis.

    What is the dxDAO?

    The dxDAO aims to become a community-governed DAO with total control over the DutchX trading protocol.The DutchX is a decentralized trading protocol that allows anyone to add any trading token pair.

    What is dxDAO?

    The Second version of Decentralized autonomous organization(DAO) is dxDAO which designed to facilitate global open trade.It will develop, deploy, and lead decentralized trading protocols and platforms.

    How Does Voting Work?

    Participants are awarded voting power based on locking ETH or ERC20 tokens, trading on the DutchX protocol, or bidding GEN (DAOstack tokens).Tokens eligible for locking are those already listed on the DutchX protocol such as $DAI, $KNC (Kyber), $LRC (Loopring), $MKR (Maker), $GNO and many others.Participants are awarded “reputation” based proportionally to how much everyone else locks, registers, or bids.

    What’s in Store for the Future of dxDAO?

    Of course, dxDAO is designed to be completely capable of growing beyond the DutchX DEX, possessing the ability to do anything that is currently possible on Ethereum.The dxDAO will initially control the governance of the DutchX, however, it is a starting point, not an endpoint.Gnosis, DAOstack, and all the participants envision that dxDAO will fill a crucial gap in web 3.0 governance for the utility token ecosystem.Gnosis will step back entirely from the dxDAO by the Governance Phase (July 14th) giving control to the community.Its lifelong trajectory will ultimately be decided by what community stakeholders deem to be the most important pursuits.

    Where does Kleros fit into all this?

    Kleros has been integrated as a final arbitrator through realit.io within the conditional token framework and can be selected as an arbitrator for prediction markets created on Omen.

    History of DXDao