Overview of Edgeless

  • Edgeless ICO concluded in March 2017 where 1000 EDG tokens were created for 1 ETH of contribution and it raised over $2.5 million, becoming the most successful Ethereum-based gambling ICO at that time.
  • Edgeless, a next-generation casino, is built on the Ethereum blockchain where all key operations are regulated by autonomous smart contracts, giving users a fully transparent experience.
  • Edgeless can be applied to turf around the perimeter of lawns, landscape beds, sidewalks, curbs, parking lots, driveways, posts, mailboxes, buildings, gravestones, and fences.
  • Edgeless' 1.1 version came with an improved UI/UX experience, including additional features for gamblers, which include history and statistics, and an improved mobile design.
  • Edgeless Liquid Turf Growth Regulator combines two turf growth regulators (TGR) to control turf grass in areas where you want to reduce the constant trimming or edging.
  • Edgeless was featured on Blockchain Superstars – the first documentary TV series to focus on blockchain technology, with interviews from industry pioneers and experts.
  • Edgeless.io casino is going live in few months and before that, the company is raising funds through a new crowdfunding method called Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
  • Edgeless is solving these two problems of house edge & lack of transparency by introducing a new business model and a new way of implementing online casinos:
  • Edgeless mops are lower in aqueous extractable matter than mops produced with other materials, so fewer particles bleed onto the surfaces being cleaned.
  • Edgeless Cities explores America’s new metropolitan form by examining the growth and spatial structure of suburban office space across the nation.
  • Blockchain

    Casino games offered on the platform include: slots, dice, crash, blackjack, and baccarat.Edgeless is a blockchain and cryptocurrency software development company headquartered in Lithuania and was founded in 2016 by Tomas Draksas, Tomas Lukosaitis, and Ignas Mangevicius.It features complete transparency, zero percent house edge, full anonymity, and the ability to earn without 3rd party commissions.The company offers a decentralized casino platform designed for the gambling industry that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.


    Blockchain technology, consumer tokens and staking are features that have never coexisted in one product before.Edgeless, its employees, directors and other partners shall not be held accountable for any loss of money.The Edgeless team does its best to be compliant and if necessary, Edgeless can make changes without prior notice in order to operate in line with emerging legal regulations.The law concerned with such features is in the early stages of development.There is a possibility that you can lose all or part of your money.

    #6 – Should you Invest in Edgeless?

    Edgeless is focused on bringing a major change to the gambling industry.With a successful ICO that raised around $2.

    Is there any assembly required?

    No, this ramp comes pre-assembled.

    Can the ramp separate into two sections?

    Yes, this ramp can separate into two sections for easier loading/unloading of equipment.


    NOTE: Weights and dimensions are approximate and subject to change.

    #5 – How is Edgeless different from other cryptocurrencies?

    With Edgeless, users will have access to an online gambling market which is completely transparent and fairer to them than the opaque systems they’ve been dealing with so far.It’s the coin for the casino economy and isn’t really competing with any of the other coins focusing on the exchange of monetary value.


    Edgeless computing within CROSSMobile-style networks is built on several key mechanisms.The first such mechanism is the ability to run pieces of an overall app as a set of communicating micro-services.The second is a set of mechanisms that allow micro-services to pass data between each other in ways that respect and preserve time-labels on data.The third is a programming language under development that allows app creators to think about distribution, fault tolerance, synchronization, and timing abstractly.We call this language TickTalk (based on the core abstractions for specifying and reasoning about clock synchronization).

    What is Confidential Computing?

    At EDGELESS SYSTEMS, we innovate in software.Hardware-wise, we leverage confidential computing technologies such as Intel SGX.Many processors are already SGX-enabled and are available in Azure and other public clouds.?SGX and related technologies enable the secure processing of data in isolated “enclaves” on potentially compromised servers.

    What is the difference between the Singlefold and the Singlefold Edgeless?

    The Singlefold Edgeless Ramp simply doesn’t have curbs on each side of the ramp so that it can accommodate wider equipment.The Singlefold Edgeless Ramp also conveniently separates into two sections, unlike the Singlefold, for increased versatility.

    Where can one get in touch with the devs?

    Seeing that Bitcointalk questions and ideas are being simply ignored by the team…

    Why use Edgeless?

    Explore below to see why Edgeless is a simple, secure, and powerful messaging app.

    What is Edgeless / What is an EDG?

    The Edgeless coin is an utility token used for playing the Edgeless casino games.It is an Ethereum based token and follows the ERC20 protocol.The token guarantees absolute transparency while playing casino games, and is essentially Ethereum’s smart contract based next generational casino.


    The network of the future will be the heart of the next computing platform, and we will use a new kind of “app” that runs in part on the smartphone (or IoT device), in part in the cloud, and in part on the network.Rooted in work done in the late-1990s and early 2000s, edge computing has become a popular catchphrase for moving computing out of the cloud and into the network — to the network edge.Our approach differs in several ways.First, we believe that to make the new type of app mentioned above become an economic reality in the same spirit as apps on smartphones, creating these apps has to be no more complicated than creating a smartphone app.Second, we believe that the premise of a network edge is essentially wrong.Our belief is in a programming and computing paradigm we call edgeless computing in which these apps can tap the resources of phone, network and cloud seamlessly and transparently.CROSSMobile is the name of our network architecture that captures the notion of edgeless computing and has served as the central touchpoint for all of our work.

    History of Edgeless