Overview of Electrify.Asia

  • Electrify.Asia is an Asian venture that aims to create a transparent, decentralized power production system, that is, a liberalized marketplace that gives its users the freedom to choose their own electricity retailers and the way they want to utilize energy.
  • Electrify.Asia uses the blockchain and smart contracts to sell energy and has transacted more than 30GWh of electricity for commercial and industrial customers since March 2017 using their token ELEC.
  • Electrify.Asia aims to enhance the existing company of ELECTRIFY by allowing consumers to buy their energy directly from peers or electricity retailers using the blockchain and smart contracts.
  • Electrify.Asia, a Southeast Asian online marketplace for retail electricity trading, announced today Omise Holdings/OmiseGO founder and CEO Jun Hasegawa has joined their advisory board.
  • Electrify.Asia is an electricity marketplace for Asian territories, mainly the southwest region and is addressing the need for transparency and security in the consumption of energy.
  • Electrify.Asia won 1st place at BlockShow Asia 2017 and recently announced a tight partnership with one of the most successful and innovative projects in the crypto sphere- OmiseGo.
  • Electrify.Asia price Index provides the latest ELEC price in US Dollars , BTC and ETH using an average from the world's leading crypto exchanges.
  • Electrify.Asia Whitepaper Introduction Worldwide, energy markets are subject to economic friction arising from centralised control and ownership.
  • Electrify.Asia's share of the entire cryptocurrency market is 0.00% with the market capitalization of $ 1.91 Million.
  • Electrify.Asia’s market cap currently sits at $1,905,570.00 USD, holding up for a market cap rank at #1574.
  • Blockchain

    (Description provided by CryptoCompare)The ELEC token is an ERC20 compliant asset in the Ethereum blockchain and is used within their marketplace to transact energy.

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    How Is the ELECTRIFY Ecosystem Different from the Current Energy Marketplace?

    To begin with, the current energy marketplace from ELECTRIFY is only available via the web application, while the new Ecosystem will also allow for a mobile application.The current business for ELECTRIFY is relatively straightforward, providing retail electricity contracts.The ELECTRIFY Ecosystem, however, has multiple components.MARKETPLACE 2.0 provides retail electricity smart contracts (instead of the regular retail electricity contracts in the current system) as well as SYNERGY, the peer-to-peer energy trading platform.Both the smart contracts and SYNERGY are supported by PowerPod and E-Wallet.

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    What are the benefits of the plug-in hybrid technology?

    Matthias Klöpfer is particularly proud of the all-electric range of around 100 km (WLTP¹).Because this makes electric driving possible for many, if not all, everyday journeys.For the new plug-in hybrid generation, driving with zero local emissions has priority, which is why the driving mode ELECTRIC is set as standard.The combustion engine is available for high speeds or long distance drives.Thus, a plug-in hybrid meets both demands and the question of whether you’ll get home with 20 percent battery capacity is no longer necessary.“No matter if freezing or summerlike temperatures are a strain on the air conditioning, or if you’re suddenly stuck in traffic: with a hybrid you always have a comforting range as you can rely on the combustion engine any time.

    What Are the Core Components of the ELECTRIFY Ecosystem?

    One of the major components of the ELECTRIFY Ecosystem is Marketplace 2.0.This mobile and web platform is the part of the Ecosystem that lets consumers buy their energy from peers or electricity retailers, utilizing smart contracts and the blockchain.

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    What Is the ELEC Token, and How Is It Used?

    The ELEC token is one of the key components of the ELECTRIFY Ecosystem.Energy retailers and producers use ELEC as a deposit for their listings and to gain access to the Ecosystem.Energy providers also pay ELECTRIFY’s transaction fees using ELEC tokens.These tokens are also used as loyalty rewards for the consumers.The actual payments from customers to electricity retailers remain in fiat, as do the payments via the SYNERGY peer-to-peer platform.

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    History of Electrify.Asia