Overview of Elite

  • Elite team members work directly with first responders and senior law enforcement officials to advance the science and art of law enforcement and promote the exchange of information to improve law enforcement management practices through training and education among police professionals.
  • Elite is the first Remote Guarding company to receive a certification for our Los Angeles based command center for upholding the highest standards in active management of security events and subsequent engagement, including handoff and tactical support to law enforcement in real-time.
  • EliteShipper is a blockchain-based project that inseems to fundamentally change the container shipping industry through the development of industry-driven token called EliteShipperToken (ESHIP) supported by an EliteShipper Ecosystem.
  • Elites urged men to internalize this sexual strategy and make it a “philosophy” that shaped their daily interactions with women, and many users recommend that this philosophy not be shared with others outside the forum.
  • Elite advisory board bridges the relationship between Remote Guarding and law enforcement via a direct feedback loop from the on-the-ground first response teams to continually improve operating standards.
  • Elite Care is following best practices and recommendations from CDC, OHP, DHS, and infection control specialists to provide a safe place to live and work during the global pandemic.
  • Elite Interactive Solutions (Elite ISI) uses remote guarding to help prevent active shooters, vandalism, theft and loitering with real time monitoring and priority response.
  • Elite Care elegantly combines green living, holistic wellness, and intentional community without sacrificing access to nature, city amenities, and culture.
  • Elite is the leading luxury black car and ground transportation provider that the corporate and business community of New York City has trusted since 1986.
  • Elite Greenhouse Door Wheel Kit Suitable For Most Sliding Doors 30/22mm Diameter, Glass & Backing Set of 2-5×7 Ornate Gold Picture Frame.
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    History of Elite

  • In 2007, the event was hosted in Seattle, Washington, United States, with a total prize pool of US$4,000,000.
  • In 2008, the tournament was hosted in Cologne, Germany; it was the first World Cyber Games tournament to incorporate a mobile-game based tournament, with Asphalt 4: Elite Racing,[14] In 2009, the tournament was held in Chengdu, China, and featured a special promotion of the game Dungeon & Fighter.[15] The tournament was also coincided to run alongside the World Cyber Games debut reality television show, WCG Ultimate Gamer.
  • In 2014, Nguyen Quoc Huy was appointed as the general director of Green World Construction and Commercial Corporation, bringing with him the expertise of a construction engineer.