Overview of Elysian

  • Elysians’ silk and wool inspired visual is designed to emulate the fine texture, luster and finish detail found in luxury woven and hand-tufted broadloom.  Elysian modular carpet tile delivers affordable elegance in a portable, changeable format that, until now, has only been available in permanently installed carpets.
  • Elysian Holdings is leveraging the growing national and global support for industrial hemp cultivation as a sustainable and profitable 3-product — seed, oil, and hemp fiber — successor to more-depleting tobacco, corn, cotton, soybean farming.
  • Elysian, Elysium, or Elysian Fields of Ancient Greek mythology, was a conception of the afterlife in Ancient Greek mythology where mortals related to the gods, the heroic and the virtuous, could rest in a blessed and happy life after death.
  • Elysian is a team of Ecommerce and cryptocurrency experts with a plan to connect the multi-trillion dollar Ecommerce industry with the multi-billion dollar global cryptocurrency market by creating a revolutionary, new Ecommerce platform.
  • Elysian’s interior layout sleeps up to 12 guests in 6 rooms,
    including a master suite,
    1 VIP stateroom and 2 twin cabins.
  • Elysian, which means beautiful or creative, divinely inspired, peaceful and perfect; is a curated collection of elevated designs showcasing exquisite, meaningful craftsmanship paired with functionality and comfort.
  • Elysian is for the resilient brides of today; celestial, timeless gowns that honour all sense of occasion and celebrate the woman of style, substance and passion.
  • Elysian at Tivoli is conveniently located within walking distance to an array of exceptional dining and shopping options offered at Tivoli Village and Boca Park.
  • The Elysian is family owned and operated, giving you the superior customer service you deserve and modern amenities you’ve come to expect.
  • Elysian is currently distributed in at least 10 states and has collaborated with large brewing companies like New Belgium in the past.
  • Blockchain

    Elysian will build trust in Ecommerce by producing a substantially improved level of data storage security by using the Proof-of-Authority algorithm.Proof-of-Authority consensus will provide the Elysian ecosystem with a private blockchain to store encrypted credit card information and other user data securely over a distributed network.


    By joining with Anheuser-Busch we’ll be able to take the next steps to bring that energy and commitment to a larger audience.”Dick Cantwell, Elysian co-founder and Head Brewer added, “Throughout our journey we’ve been focused on brewing a portfolio of both classic and groundbreaking beers and supporting innovation and camaraderie in the beer industry through collaboration and experimentation.

    Need our help?

    Our expert team is available on
    email, live chat, phone and Skype.

    Can I purchase directly from your showroom & walk out with my gown?

    In our showrooms, you are able to try on all gowns from our range.When you are ready to purchase ‘The One’, your gown will be shipped direct to your door from our Australian studio where it is handmade.The only destination in the world where you can purchase a gown on the spot and take it home with you that day is our newly opened NYC Flagship.

    Right Service?

    Are you an NGO, Mining Company, Government body, Multinational National company? Then you’re in the right place, for Cargo & Freight
    Corporate Travel, Music & Film, Parties & Events, Private Travel & Sports.

    Do I need to make an appointment?

    Yes, we do require you to reserve an appointment.This allows for a one-on-one experience with your own GRACE stylist.

    How long do the showroom appointments run for?

    Bridal appointments run for one hour, which provides brides time to try on up to 5 of their favourite GRACE styles and accessories.We do also offer appointments to try on our everyday, bridesmaid and accessory collections if you wish to book in dedicated time to do this – and these appointments run for 45 minutes.

    What payment methods are accepted?

    As we are an online business we only accept payment in full, at time of ordering, via Visa, Mastercard or Paypal.If you wish to pay with an AMEX, we recommend setting up a Paypal account prior.For our Australian showrooms we offer GRACEpay – a payment option where you can pay off your purchase in 4 equal payments.

    What if I need to cancel my consultation?

    We get it, life happens! We do kindly ask that you provide 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or re-schedule as we are a small boutique showroom and can only see a very limited number of brides in a day.

    Am I required to purchase my gown on the day?

    We understand it can take time to make your decision.You are not required to purchase on the day.In fact, you are able to continue speaking with your stylist after the appointment via email.

    What do I need to bring?

    Your beautiful self, wear nude seamless underwear, minimal to no makeup and no tanning products.You can also bring along your favourite nude strapless bra or adhesive cups if you wish.

    Will I be guaranteed my desired appointment date and time?

    Our weekend consultations typically book out 6 -8 weeks in advance.We will always do our very best to accommodate you on short notice and we would be happy to add your details to our cancellations list for any appointment that may arise.We advise, for this reason, to book as soon as you know you want to wear a GLL gown.

    Do I need to select my favourite GRACE gowns prior to my appointment?

    To ensure we can best prepare for your appointment, be sure to list your preferred styles prior to visiting our showroom.You will be prompted to list your favourite gowns when making your booking.

    Did You Know?

    In classical mythology Elysium, also known as the Elysian Fields, was the paradise reserved for the heroes immortalized by the gods.Ancient Greek poets imagined it as the abode of the blessed after death.The first known use of the place-name as a word for a blissful state enjoyed by mere mortals is found in Shakespeare’s Henry V.Following the Bard, many other writers over the centuries have used “Elysium,” as well as “Elysian Fields,” to refer to paradisiacal places or states.Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) was the first to summon “Elysian” as an adjective for the blissful quality emanating from such places.

    How do I make an appointment?

    Book your appointment online by selecting your desired showroom under the ‘Showrooms’ tab on our website.Our online calendar allows you to select your desired available time, as well as send notes to your stylist about your favourite GRACE gowns.Alternatively, if you require assistance, you are welcome to your preferred showroom directly or Chat with us online.Locate your preferred showroom details here.

    Which styles are you interested in?

    Contact our helpful stylists to let us know which fabrics you love the most.

    History of Elysian

  • In 2001, Dave Cooley founded Northeast Los Angeles based Elysian Masters, the first audio mastering studio to embrace the specific needs of the independent music community.
  • In 2011, Anheuser-Busch acquired Chicago’s Goose Island and its approximately 130,000 to 150,000 annual barrel capacity for $38.8 million.
  • In 2013, Silent Tears was formed to …
  • In 2014, it bought New York’s Blue Point for somewhere between $18 million to $24 million.