Overview of Energo

  • ENERGO-PRO's Turkish subsidiary completed the construction of the Karakurt dam, including the construction part of the power plant, at the beginning of this year and started filling the reservoir as of today.Karakurt hydro-plant in eastern Turkey is ranked among the highest asphalt-core dams in the world.
  • ENERGO-PRO financed the construction mainly from its own resources, and in the final phase of the construction it used financing from the consortium of MUFG and ČEB banks in the amount of USD 175 million with insurance from the Export Guarantee and Insurance Company EGAP.
  • Energo Group: The dynamism of a young structure combined with more than ten years of experience acquired by all our engineers throughout the years of international activities allows our team to face the most advanced and diverse design issues.
  • Energo-Pro is the largest Czech company investing in hydropower for more than 25 years.  After connecting the two new Turkish power plants, the company will be operating a total of 38 hydropower plants in 4 countries around the world.
  • ENERGO-PRO Varna distributes power in north-eastern Bulgaria where it’s the sole holder of an appropriate licence, and supplies electricity to over 1.2 million customers including households and businesses.
  • Energo-Chromo-Kinese, also named ECK, is a pseudo-scientific and esoteric-oriented new religious movement founded in October 1987 in Villefranche-sur-Mer by Patrick Véret,[1] a former acupuncturist.
  • ENERGO-PRO purchased 100% of shares in Murat Nehri, a company developing Alpaslan 2 dan and HPP project, from Enerjisa Enerji, Turkish joint venture of German energy company E.ON and Turkish Sabanci Group.
  • Energo Tactica is a convergent communications application that delivers true Dynamic Interoperability by providing Convergence and Interoperability to users anywhere, regardless of network or device.
  • ENERGO TOP are briquettes having the longest burning/glowing time, a high calorific value, a full cross section, a high degree of compaction and a very low ash content.
  • Energo is one of few  European Companies with a Certified Commissioning Authority (by AABC Commissioning Group) and recognize WELL Performance testing organization
  • What is Energo?

    Energo is an energy trading platform that supports peer-to-peer (P2P) trading and auto execution.It utilizes blockchain and smart meters to connect energy producers with consumers inside the micro grid, thus accomplishing P2P energy transactions and making supply meet demand.

    History of Energo

  • In 2012, ENERGO-PRO used its experiences from the Georgian market in entering the power distribution market in Bulgaria.
  • In 2014 Penta inked a sales and purchase contract to dispose of its stake in PPC Investments, a.s., which is being purchased by a member of ISTROENERGO GROUP, a.s.
  • In 2014, ENERGO-PRO extended its activities via the acquisition of Litostroj
    Power Group, which had united these companies:

  • In 2018 alike in 2017 indicator of commercial losses calculates 8%.
  • In 2018 company purchased 5 927 mln kW/hrs electricity and pure consumption amounted 5 891.4 mln kW/hrs.