Overview of Eternity

  • Eternity, in common parlance, means infinite time that never ends (or the quality, condition or fact of being eternal).[1] Classical philosophy, however, defines eternity as what exists outside time – as in describing supernatural beings and forces, whereas sempiternity corresponds to the infinitely temporal, non-metaphoric definitions, as recited in requiem prayers for the dead.[clarification needed] Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) and many others in the Age of Enlightenment drew on the classical distinction to put forward metaphysical hypotheses which include “eternity is a permanent Now”.[2]
  • Eternity debuted in an epic 17-issue storyline dubbed “The Eternity Saga”, which occurred in the ongoing feature “Doctor Strange” in Strange Tales #130–146 (March 1965 – July 1966).[2][3] The character was first mentioned in the 10-page story “Earth Be My Battleground” in Strange Tales #134 (July 1965), and first seen in the 10-page story “If Eternity Should Fail” in Strange Tales #138 (Nov.
  • Eternity is also summoned by a contingent of superhero team the Avengers to reason with the cosmic entities the Infinites,[33] and observes the attempts of Thanos and several of Earth’s heroes to defeat several of his clones, who are dedicated to destroying the universe, and in turn Eternity itself.[34]
  • Eternity can warp space and matter into a manifestation that can be perceived by lesser beings, or form avatars from another plane of existence known as the Dimension of Manifestations.[25] On occasion it manifests by possessing the body of exceptionally spiritually-strong mortal beings (e.g.
  • Eternity is one of the last beings (together with the Living Tribunal and Infinity) to be overcome by Thanos when he uses the artifact the Heart of the Universe to undo the universe and then remake it minus a fatal flaw.[36] During JLA/Avengers he met Kismet and the two fell in love.
  • Eternity also “spawned” several “children”, or concepts that became separate, independent entities: Empathy; Eulogy; Expediency; Entropy; Epiphany; Enmity and Eon (Eon is eventually killed and replaced in turn by the concept Epoch[31]).
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  • Eternity allows all present to momentarily possess “cosmic awareness”, thereby allowing them to know that Galactus is a critical part of the universe, despite the continued extinction of entire species.[23]
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    Before Eternity, there was a single universe, whose animating force was the primal cosmic being that would later call itself The First Firmament.Creation would then evolve, die and be reborn six more times, each time evolving and changing to add new realities, forces and properties to itself-and all these changes would be reflected in the corresponding rebirth of Eternity.Eternity was created as the second sentient force supporting Creation.The climax of that war resulted in the Celestials’ weapons tearing the first universe apart.The core essence of the First Firmament and the surviving Aspirants desperately fled to the void Outside creation.The First Firmament was attacked by its creations, The Celestials, during the catastrophic cosmic war that erupted between them and their counterpart creations, The Aspirants.The torn fragments of the sundered first universe then coalesced into a new being that animated a new Reality that was made up of hundreds of universes.Therefore, after the destruction and rebirth of the Multiverse by the Beyonders, Eternity is in his 8th incarnation.[19]
    This Second Creation was the birth of the Multiverse and its animating force would later be called by the living entities within it Eternity.

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    History of Eternity

  • In 1995 her collection of verse “Lyubov” (“Love”) came out in Art of Russia.
  • In 1998 GODDESS( Elena Atyurjevskaya) created the Bel Canto Children’s Musical Theater in Saint Petersburg and composed musical claviers for its performances: The Chamomile and the Cornflower, The Little Rose and the Firefly, The Three Fishes, The Seed of Reason, The Great Lord, Zlageya and Azarina, The Bewitched Snow Maiden after her author’s collection of fairytales The Castle of Eternity.