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  • Ether-1 (ETHO) was launched on May 23, 2018 and is a fork of Ethereum implementing a decentralized hosting platform (ethoFS) using a community-owned node network combining blockchain indexing technology and the IPFS protocol to deliver decentralized content on-demand. 
  • Ether-1 (ETHO) is a fork of Ethereum implementing a decentralized hosting platform (ethoFS) using a community-owned node network combining blockchain indexing technology and the IPFS protocol to deliver decentralized content on-demand.
  • Ether-1 is a community-governed, decentralized, content and web-hosting network.
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    9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Ether-1 is a first ever user-friendly blockchain based web hosting platform combining the power of Ethereum and IPFS for a truly seamless solution dubbed "ethoFS" that can be utilized by individuals, NGOs, SMB, or the Enterprise.SILICON VALLEY, Calif., Oct.


    – March 26, 2021 – PRLog — Ether-1 provides blockchain based hosting any person or business can use without the fear of being banned or censored by large corporations.”Nothing comes close to ethoFS functionality. Ether-1’s time has come.”About Ether-1The Ether-1 Project “Decentralize Everything” is an 100% open-source community-based effort to bring independence to data with the ethoFS platform and smart-contract management structure. Our storage platform has been live since 2018 making Ether-1 the oldest and most well-established solution in the market. The word is out.Ether-1 is powered by its own cryptocurrency ticker symbol: ETHO and can be found on, and other leading cryptocurrency exchanges.Every bit of data on ethoFS is decentralized.In fact, we don’t even know who you are.”The ethoFS decentralized storage protocol is powered by the Ether-1 blockchain and ETHO cryptocurrency that can be mined or purchased on crypto exchanges with complete anonymity.Mar 26, 2021 (PRLog via COMTEX) —
    Ether-1’s native cryptocurrency, ETHO, hit a new all time high today of $0.09 USD, with gains in excess of 1800% from a price low in 2020.Mr.No one can control the data except for the individual user, there is no delete button for us.People are tired of being censored, controlled, and operating under a fear of being outright canceled.Please visit our websites at or https://ethofs.comReilly continues, “The entire world is starting to push back on Big Tech.The ethoFS hosting solution is the exact solution people everywhere are looking to fight back against the new “Cancel-Culture” and seek a true free-speech hosting provider.SAN JOSE, Calif.The platform combines the power of The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and IPFS for a seamless solution called ethoFS.There is an elegant user dashboard that combines all the functions needed for anyone to publish their website or data.”While we don’t ever predict ETHO price, one only needs to look at other competitors in the space who’s currencies are trading in the $100 range to imagine the potential for solutions like Ether-1,” said Chris Terry, Director of Business Development.This entirely decentralized hosting/storage platform is utilized at a fraction of the cost of traditional centralized hosting services.”2020 was a turning point for our project and platform,” stated, James Reilly, Project Founder.Users then pay for hosting with ETHO.We are a 100% Community Driven Open Source Project that has been under the radar until now.With our solution, that is simply impossible.


    In addition to Pirate Chain, current members of the BPSAA include Turtle Network, Sentinel and Ether-1.The alliance aims to lead by example on innovation and cooperation and become a vocal champion for the blockchain industry.The Pirate Chain team has recently announced a partnership to form the Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance (BPSAA).

    How Do We Know?

    “But he that believeth these things which I have spoken, him will I visit with the manifestations of my Spirit, and he shall know and bear record.For because of my Spirit he shall know that these things are true; for it persuadeth men to do good.

    Where to store etho 1 safely?

    Where do I store it safely, I am willing to store it for a long time.

    How do I buy this?

    I'm very new to crypto and have been buying mostly on coinbase.

    What Is Ether?

    Ethereum is not owned by anyone.All of the programs and services linked with the network require computing power—and that power is not free.

    What Is Ethereum?

    Ethereum is a technology that makes use of the blockchain development that has undergirded most cryptocurrencies in the past several years.Before we can look at what makes ethereum unique, let’s explore some foundational concepts related to blockchain.

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