Overview of Etherparty

  • EtherParty has forged partnerships with many big name groups in the cryptosphere including RSK, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Jaxx, and [email protected] These four are especially well-known, with Jaxx being one the most popular mobile multi-coin wallets out there right now and [email protected] being a research program of the University of British Columbia.
  • Etherparty Smart Contracts Inc., a Vancouver blockchain tech company, is now accepting applications for its Rocket Three for Free contest, which will offer three projects or startups the opportunity to win full use of Etherparty’s new cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform, Rocket, free of charge.
  • Etherparty is eager and committed to compensating all affected contributors for the inconvenience.” That means that if you purchased Fuel tokens in that first hour, you’re still entitled to be an investor in their (decentralized) public offering.
  • Etherparty, a smart contract management platform, may have entered this wave with perfect timing, as its Beta version came online heading into 2018 — which will likely be another year of explosive growth for this new technology.
  • Etherparty walks you through the entire smart contract creation process, including security testing, launching them on the blockchain, managing transaction fees, and giving users monitoring tools throughout the entire process.
  • Etherparty did not reveal how much the attackers netted from the exploit, but the startup did say it would distribute tokens to any contributors who sent funds to the fraudulent wallet address prior to the website takedown.
  • Etherparty also gives Rocket users marketing intelligence after a launch, including placement in Etherparty’s marketplace, all of which is designed to help make a user’s experience into the world of blockchain successful.
  • Etherparty has created a smart contract wizard (currently available in working alpha) that lets you drag and drop smart contract terms into a template, then easily launch that template onto the blockchain.
  • Etherparty is led by CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Hobbs, Founder Lisa Cheng, Chief Architect Brian Onn, and Solidity & Full Stack Developer Jeffery Walsh.
  • Etherparty (FUEL) Price Up 41.6% Over Last 7 Days
    Sun, Mar 14, 2021 11:16 PM
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    Etherparty is also developing an Enterprise API, which allows companies to convert existing business contracts into Smart Contracts with just a few clicks.Unlike most smart-contract applications, Rocket can be used by entrepreneurs who don’t have the time or inclination to learn how to code in Solidity, the language of the Ethereum blockchain, which means consumers, small-business owners, and enterprise visionaries alike can execute Etherparty Smart Contracts in real time, leaving the work that really requires serious coding chops to developers.What really makes Rocket revolutionary in the world of blockchain, though, is its ease of use—the actors who play the genius coders on “Silicon Valley” would probably find it no more difficult to use than Snapchat.


    Etherparty is blockchain agnostic, which means when its first software product, Rocket, launches, Smart Contracts will be executable on either the Bitcoin blockchain, via Rootstock’s network, or Ethereum blockchains, with other networks soon to follow.FUEL tokens can be purchased directly from Etherparty using Bitcoin and Ether.Similarly, Etherparty’s services are paid for using its proprietary currency called FUEL, which is a transferable, ERC-20 compliant digital token that is deployed on the Ethereum network.Via a partnership with CoinPayments, FUEL tokens can also be purchased using any of the 55 cryptocurrencies supported by that popular payment gateway.


    “Unfortunately, this also means unwanted attention in the form of phishing and hacking attempts despite the vigilance of our tech and support team.”“We have received overwhelming support from our investors, partners and the community throughout the fine-tuning process for Etherparty,” said Kevin Hobbs, CEO of Etherparty.


    The FUEL token is a transferable ERC-20 compliant digital token deployed on the Ethereum network and will serve as a method of validating a user’s transactions on the Etherparty platform and its related products.

    Etherparty – FUEL ICO Create/Execute Ethereum Smart Contracts?

    Etherparty is a smart contract creation wizard that makes it easy to create smart contracts for any blockchain.Here’s our Etherparty review.

    What is Etherparty?

    Our Mission:
    Here at Etherparty we aim to build easy to use blockchain-based applications for the creation, use, and management of smart contracts.We want to bring immediate and notable value through blockchain technology to people in everyday situations.

    What happened to Etherparty?

    Just found out I have 714 coins that have lost 98 percent of value since 2018.

    What is EtherParty?

    EtherParty lets people create token generation events quickly and easily, and eventually it will allow users to create their own smart contracts with just a few mouse clicks.The company believes that for blockchain technology to reach mainstream adoption it needs to be simple and approachable for businesses and the masses.

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    What Is Etherparty?

    Etherparty is a contract wizard found online at wizard aims to remove the complexity of creating, managing, and executing smart contracts on any blockchain.

    Who’s Behind Etherparty?

    Etherparty is led by CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Hobbs, Founder Lisa Cheng, Chief Architect Brian Onn, and Solidity & Full Stack Developer Jeffery Walsh.

    What is Etherparty?

    Etherparty is a platform that removes the complexity and management of creating and executing smart contracts.

    What is Etherparty?

    Etherparty is a blockchain platform that allows users, even those without knowledge of smart contract programming, to create enforcable, self-executing digital agreement for transactions.

    History of Etherparty

  • In 2017, smart contracts built on the Ethereum network exploded in popularity as a method of crowdfunding for new blockchain-based products.
  • In 2017, Vanbex reportedly launched its cryptocurrency Etherparty (FUEL), a token that was purportedly designed to provide an ecosystem for the company’s smart contracts system, promising investors massive returns.