Overview of EthicHub

  • ethicHub aims, through the use of technology and cryptocurrencies, to help eliminating major barriers to global flow of capital by contacting investors in developed countries (with low yield regarding the excess of liquidity), to solvent borrowers in developing countries (with low liquidity and high interest rates), benefiting both parties by obtaining higher yields and lower interest rates respectively.
  • EthicHub creates value from mutual benefit: Lenders provide affordable loans to the smallholder farmers (only coffee producers in early stage) and direct buyers (coffee roasters in early stage) offer faire prices for the crops, enabling farmers to have the resources to payback the loans and to get free from the poverty and low productivity cycle.
  • EthicHub is a benchmark in the use of blockchain technology applied to financial inclusion with impact, optimizing the growing crowdlending industry significantly, enabling a small group of people to collectively contribute alternative amounts of money to finance agricultural projects on the other side of the world. 
  • EthicHub is a High impact marketplace based in blockchain, using SmartContracts to directly connect groups of smallholder farmers with a profitable activity, with lenders from all over the world and with direct buyers, creating value to all parties: better standard of life, investing opportunities and fair prices.
  • EthicHub es una startup, nativa de la tecnología Blockchain, que aborda la industria del crowdlending con el objetivo de financiar a pequeños agricultores desbancarizados que, a pesar de tener una actividad muy rentable, se ven obligados a pagar tipos de intereses por encima del 100% anual.
  • Ethichub es una empresa española de impact investing que pone en contacto inversores interesados en generar rendimiento financiero y social a su capital con comunidades agrícolas en países de Latinoamérica (principalmente cafeteros mexicanos) que buscan financiación.
  • EthicHub, founded in 2017 and led by CEO Jori Armbruster, developed a peer to peer marketplace helping small farmers from Mexico with direct marketing of products (contract farming) so that farmers can receive higher prices for their sale.
  • Ethichub es una plataforma de impacto positivo centrada en la financiación de comunidades agrícolas productoras de café en México que nos ofrece operaciones de lending con un 15% de rentabilidad bruta desde tan solo 20 euros proyecto.
  • EthicHub ha cerrado una ronda semilla de un millón de euros, durante la cual ha contado con el apoyo como socio de referencia con BIDLab, laboratorio de innovación del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo.
  • EthicHub preseeme resolver esta situación y, utilizando la tecnología Blockchain, optimizar los procedimientos actuales para crear un ecosistema donde todos los actores involucrados ganen con la relación.
  • Blockchain

    By investing in small projects involving farmers in less economically developed countries and with very limited access to banking or financial services, EthicHub’s solution aims to democratise the world of finance.This proposal has granted EthicHub the Blockchain4Humanity Award as Best financial inclusion project at LaBitConf in Bogota, and StartUp with the Greatest social impact at Unconference Fintech Awards in Madrid.EthicHub is a global solutions platform that directly connects investors who are seeking socially impactive projects to fund.


    By investing in small projects involving farmers in less economically developed countries, EthicHub’s solution aims to democratise the world of finance.EthicHub is a social network that directly connects investors who are looking for socially impactive projects to fund.The crowdlending platform aims to achieve this by making these investment opportunities available to its users, whilst giving the farmers the money they need to develop their business further.


    Hopefully!We would very much like you to be a part of all of this and join the growing EthicHubers community.

    ¿Qué es EthicHub?

    EthicHub es una Plataforma de alto impacto social que conecta a pequeños agricultores desbancarizados, productores de café, con financiación internacional, generando un ecosistema donde todos los actores involucrados ganan con la relación.

    How many ethix tokens are there in circulation?

    Out of the 100 MM tokens of initial supply when EthicHub ran its presale back in 2018 (553 ETH raised 1 ETH = 5.000 ETHIX) 50 MM are allocated to the compensation pool, 25 MM are issued asyntothically for the next 16 years, 5 MM belong to participants in the token sale and bounties executed, 10 MM are reserved for staking by Lending Dev SL as credit originator, and 10 MM is reserved for the team and advisors with a vesting period of 4 years.

    ¿Por qué queremos ayudarles a vender su café?

    EthicHub pretende ir más allá de facilitar financiación.En la actualidad, estos agricultores son incapaces de vender su producción, más allá de un ámbito local que no valora la excelencia de su producto.

    Do you know that you can also buy coffee from our farmers?

    At EthicHub, we also offer the possibility of accessing the raw materials grown by our farmers without participating in the projects’ financing.We open international markets to the EthicHub communities and show the excellence of its product at competitive prices.

    ¿Eres una empresa comercializadora de café?

    ¿Eres una gran empresa que se dedica a comercializar café? ¿Quieres café de alta calidad? ¿Te gustaría destacar que tu café genera impacto social? Estamos para ofrecerte las mejores cosechas de café de los agricultores de Mexico.Ponte en contacto pinchando aquí.También puedes escribir a ellos te pondrán en contacto con la persona responsable dentro de EthicHub.

    What are our SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)?

    At EthicHub, we contribute to 9 of the Sustainable Development Goals, and we are very aligned with the 2030 plan promoted by the United Nations.We believe in a new economy, more inclusive and caring, environmentally-friendly, and caring for biodiversity.

    Have we convinced you to invest in EthicHub projects?

    Hopefully! We would very much like you to be a part of all of this and join the growing EthicHubers community.Remember that you can make your first investment with as little as 20 euros and that you will have all the support of the EthicHub members to accompany you in this process and guide you in your first experience.

    ¿Quién ya ha confiado en nosotros?

    Hasta el momento hemos logrado que pudieran vender, a través de nosotros, 18 toneladas de café a la conocida franquicia de cafeterías mexicanas “La Borra del café”, en un experimento piloto.

    Who can invest in EthicHub?

    Anyone of legal age, as long as they are aware of the existing risks and do not need to dispose of the funds invested while the project is open.It is also necessary to go through a Customer Identification process (KYC) to comply with European regulations on users’ identity.


    El Crowdlending es la financiación a empresas, proyectos o personas, por numerosos inversores.Se considera un modelo innovador porque permite encontrar  una comunidad de inversionistas, sin tener que acudir al banco u a otra entidad financiera tradicional.

    What is the Ethix token?

    Ethix is a token that bridges DeFi with productive economy.EthicHub has run a successful p2p lending operation for 30 months to coffee farmers in Mexico with 0% default rate and 500K USD funded.

    Do you want to know the work of our Local Node?

    The EthicHub Local Node is the person or responsible entity for locating communities of farmers who may want to join our platform: It explains EthicHub’s work to them, organizes groups of small producers, and acts as the “human factor” in an environment of technological disruption, ensures that investors’ money is used in the indicated productive tasks.

    Ready to try it out?

    Get started for free, then add your whole team.You can always talk to sales if you’re interested in advanced plans.

    Comment Ethichub protège les investisseurs ?

    Bien qu’ils n’ont jamais eu de défaut de paiement, Ethichub a l’intention de créer un fond de garantie pour rembourser les investisseurs en cas de récolte défectueuse.

    Why do we use blockchain technology?

    Because this disruptive technology already allows value transfers through the internet in a fast, traceable, transparent, safe, and practically freeway even in minimal amounts.

    What is Crowdlending?

    Crowdlending is an Anglo-Saxon expression that refers to a group of people (crowd) who get together and organize to finance (lending) together with an initiative or project in exchange for a stipulated interest.Crowdlending is a flourishing industry that grows year after year due to its advantages to lenders and borrowers.EthicHub has a P2P crowdlending platform where many small investors can finance small agricultural communities’ agricultural activities and receive interest in loans.Our platform, native to Blockchain technology, allows minimum investments of 20 euros through cryptocurrencies or with credit and debit cards linked to your bank account.


    We connect small farmers in emerging economies with lenders and buyers around the world in order to spark their economic growth.Through EthicHub, lenders provide farmers with affordable loans.This means that as there’s no middle man to split the prices with, farmers can afford to have slightly lower price points for their products – which also benefits those who buy their products.Small farmers can then receive the money they need with manageable interest rates and trade their crops at fair prices.

    What is EthicHub?

    EthicHub is a social enterprise that connects small farmers with the financing needed to work their land and sell their crops to direct markets.

    What do you think about the EthicHub today?

    Let us know by clicking the given button.


    We blend heart and benefit together.When we started, it was difficult for people to understand our model because there was a doubt whether it was possible to help and get a benefit out of it.I still remember someone telling me, “you can’t be social and profitable at the same time – I either donate or invest.

    Why is buying your coffee another way to support farmers?

    We are offering you an excellent coffee, classified as a specialty.

    History of EthicHub