Overview of Everex

  • Everex argues, with a few justification, that Sola found that federal law governed in that case because of federal antitrust, rather than patent, policy, which suggests that Sola applied federal law to that particular question of licensee estoppel because of the sweep of federal antitrust policy, not federal patent policy.
  • Everex had the pleasure to be a part of Money20/20, one of the world’s leading FinTech conferences which started with the vision to connect the most inventive and ambitious people shaping the financial world in the payments space — inventing new ways to spend, manage, save, borrow, share and protect money.
  • Everex is developing blockchain Stablecoin-powered SME cooperative banking for international traders and online merchants, With the key advantage of Stablecoin application for cross-border and bank card payments, Everex plans to deliver same-day settlements for their cooperative members.
  • Everex’s first cross-border pilot was executed in 2016, between Thailand and Myanmar, with more than 600 sign-ups and more than 100 unbanked users who transferred in total more than THB 1,000,000 as remittance payments using Everex’s e-wallet app.
  • Everex invests in its aggregated capital to provide microcredit services, settles transactions on the basis of Ethereum-based Cryptocash currencies, and has a global network of partners and vendors that accept Everex transactions as payment.
  • Everex technology enables its partners to usher individuals and SMEs, with or without access to banking services, into the new global economy and operates real-time fiat payments built on the distributed ledger technology framework.
  • Everex.io is a business incorporated in Singapore which creates a distributed ledger, digitally recorded ecosystem of data in packages called blocks built on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Everex made a nice addition to the Wangs’ group of companies, because, for only $2.3 million, it gave the Wang’s an immediate presence in the United States.
  • Everex is clearly adversely and directly affected pecuniarily by the bankruptcy court’s order denying the motion to assume and assign the Cadtrak license.
  • Everex develops blockchain based p2p and micro lending platform based on smart contract-built stable coin (cryptocash) wallet.
  • Blockchain

    ‘Accelerator Frankfurt’ has access to an outstanding network of those who have already succeeded in Europe’s biggest market.Connecting Everex to banks and other financial institutions in need of a blockchain solution is an amazing opportunity for us to explore new markets and to provide blockchain payment solutions in order to innovate the way financial transactions are done — making single payments and cross-border money transfers easier, cheaper and faster.


    1.Partnerships development Currently we are working hard to build our B2B partnerships.As we are seeing more and more interest in Everex’s financial inclusion objectives, we believe that having a strong partnership network amongst big business names across the globe will push Everex into greater heights.At Everex, we have a vision in which partnerships play a significant role for the benefits of all the parties involved.We aim to partner with financial institutions and corporates which will enable us to tokenize currencies and create the pool of tokencash required for to achieve the goal of financial inclusion to the…


    As it shifted emphasis to other numerous projects, Everex’s PC clone business lagged and fell prey to more focused competitors like Dell and Compaq.When competition in the PC business intensified, Everex’s clone business stumbled and cash flow from its other businesses was insufficient to support the entire enterprise.After posting sales and profits of $437 million and $24.5 million in 1990, Everex’s revenue leveled and the company suffered an embarrassing $48 million net loss for the 1991 fiscal year ending in August 1991.And sales and profits were slipping going into 1992.


    Thus, Everex enables transparent cross-border financial transactions, bringing individuals and SMEs – with or without bank accounts – into the new global economy powered by the distributed ledger technology.The blockchain technology eliminates the need of any third-party or central authority for financial transactions, by encrypting and storing transactions in participants’ account ledger, making it almost impossible to tamper.

    Is the License an Executory Contract?

    Everex argues that no meaningful performance remains on either side of the contract.If it were right on this point, Everex would lose the appeal since § 365 only allows the assumption and assignment of executory contracts.However, Everex is clearly wrong.This court has held that the meaning of that term in this context is “a contract …on which performance is due to some extent on both sides” and in which “the obligations of both parties are so far unperformed that the failure of either party to complete performance would constitute a material breach and thus excuse the performance of the other”.Griffel v.Murphy (In re Wegner), 839 F.2d 533, 536 (9th Cir.1988) (citations omitted).Cadtrak owes significant continued performance to the licensee: it must continue to refrain from suing it for infringement, since a nonexclusive patent license is, in essence “a mere waiver of the right to sue” the licensee for infringement.De Forest Radio Telephone Co.v.United States, 273 U.S.236, 242 (1927) (quoting Robinson on Patents §§ 806, 808).The licensee also owes performance: it must mark all products made under the license with proper statutory patent notice.Since failure to mark deprives the patent holder of damages in an infringement action before the infringer has actual notice of the infringement, 35 U.S.C.§ 287, the licensee’s performance of this duty is material.Therefore, the license is an executory contract under § 365.

    What is Everex?

    As mentioned above, Everex is a blockchain project dealing with cross border payments, currency conversion, and remittances.It began as another project meant to bank the unbanked and in 2016 conducted a successful pilot which proved the viability of their remittance system, allowing hundreds of Burmese migrant workers to transfer a total of 850,000 THB from Thailand back home to Myanmar.

    #3 – How to buy and store Everex?

    Everex’s token EVX is used as its internal reward system for the users and developers comprising the Everex ecosystem.Functions like membership, credit scores, and inventive mechanism are available only through EVX tokens.It is also utilized in the company’s governance for the capital-transfer system.

    Does Federal or State Law Apply?

    Whether 365(c) bars assumption and assignment of the Cadtrak license thus turns on whether or not “applicable” law excuses Cadtrak from accepting performance from, or rendering performance to, anyone other than CFLC.The bankruptcy and district courts held that the applicable law is federal law, and that federal common law makes patent licenses nonassignable.Everex argues that the applicable law is California law, and that the California Supreme Court’s opinion in Farmland Irrigation Co.v.Dopplmaier, 308 P.2d 732 (1957), does not bar the assignment of rights, or delegation of duties, under patent licenses.

    What is Everex?

    EVEREX is a financial technology company specializing in applying blockchain solutions to cross-border payments, trading and lending.Everex services create decentralized, global credit histories and scorings for individuals and SMEs.

    Does Federal Law Bar Assignment of Nonexclusive Patent Licenses?

    [6] Federal law holds a nonexclusive patent license to be personal and nonassignable and therefore would excuse Cadtrak from accepting performance from, or rendering it to, anyone other than CFLC.”It is well settled that a nonexclusive licensee of a patent has only a personal and not a property interest in the patent and that this personal right cannot be assigned unless the patent owner authorizes the assignment or the license itself permits assignment.” Gilson v.Republic of Ireland, 787 F.2d 655, 658 (D.C.Cir.1986) (Friedman, J.).See also Stenograph Corp.v.Fulkerson, 972 F.2d 726, 729 n.2 (7th Cir.1992) (“Patent licenses are not assignable in the absence of express language.”); PPG Industries, 597 F.2d at 1093 (“It has long been held by federal courts that agreements granting patent licenses are personal and not assignable unless expressly made so.”); Unarco, 465 F.2d at 1306 (“The long standing federal rule of law with respect to the assignability of patent license agreement provides that these agreements are personal to the licensee and not assignable unless expressly made so in the agreement.”); Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corp.v.Filben Manufacturing Co., 168 F.2d 919, 922 (8th Cir.), cert.dismissed, 335 U.S.855-6 (1948); E.I.du Pont de Nemours Co.v.Shell Oil Co., 498 A.2d 1108, 1114 (Del.1985) (rights conveyed by nonexclusive patent license are personal to licensee and not susceptible to sublicensing unless specific permission given).The only decision cited to the contrary is Justice Traynor’s opinion in Dopplmaier.While that opinion raises not insignificant questions about the actual holdings, relevance, and continued vitality of the nineteenth-century Supreme Court decisions which are cited for the origins of the federal rule, Troy Iron Nail Factory v.Corning, 55 U.S.(14 How.) 193 (1852), Oliver v.Rumford Chemical Works, 109 U.S.75 (1883), and Hapgood v.Hewitt, 119 U.S.226 (1886), those questions are not so significant as to compel departure from the uniform rule of modern federal decisions reading those precedents as defining nonexclusive patent licenses as personal and non-assignable.

    Where r y’all buyin your Everex?

    I just downloaded 2 crypto wallet apps, to buy some, after I saw that the other 2 I normally use doesn’t sell them…but I am unlucky, bc these 2 new apps I just downloaded took them out of the pool of available crypto.

    Do you want to know more about Everex's technology and services?

    By filling out and sending this form you declare that you have read and accepted the privacy policy and consent to the storage of your data in accordance with the European regulation for the protection of personal data n.679/2016, GDPR.You can cancel them or request a copy by making an explicit request to info@everex.cloud.

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    #5 – How is Everex different from other cryptos?

    One of Everex’s biggest competitors today is OmiseGo.Both of these platforms are remedying the situation of the unbanked individuals.Omise GO is, however, a rather B2B platform without the micro lending facility.

    What did your Everex ancestors do for a living?

    In 1939, Dairy pig Farmer and Unpaid Domestic Duties were the top reported jobs for men and women in the UK named Everex.

    How to buy Everex?

    EVX tokens are available for purchase on cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, HitBTC, KuCoin.It is an ERC20 token and can be bought via any Ethereum wallet.

    History of Everex

  • In 1983, Everex shipped its first hard drive, tape backup and graphics products.
  • In 1985, Everex began shipping personal computers under private labels, such as the popular IBM-AT compatible System 1800.
  • In 1989, moreover, Everex pushed worldwide sales to $377 million as profit surpassed $21 million, making Everex an emerging leader in the IBM-compatible PC business.