Overview of FansTime

  • FansTime invited a few of the renowned Chinese performance artists Tang Guoqiang, Guo Weihua and Lu Qi to award prizes to the community members of FansTime, “FansTime Annual Excellent Knight Prize” and “FansTime Annual Outstanding Contributor Prize.”
    FansTime signed with KBS Business at the show which has opened a new chapter of strategic cooperation to expand FansTime’s map to the Korean market.
  • fanstime-annouces-its-process-of.jpg FansTime annouces its process of public Blockchain development An insight on what we have achieved and are achieving in the process of developing FansTime’s Public Blockchain
  • FansTime will provide a vertical platform in the entertainment field to build a decentralized community where everyone can fully explore, develop, nurture and give back to their individual value, globally.
  • FansTime will also provide an international crowdfunding platform for FTI holders in addition to continuously connecting the terminal consumption scenarios to the Ecosystem.
  • FansTime will introduce high quality Individual IPs and more demand of segment markets into the community as to expand the scope of Exclusive Token using.
  • FansTime launched the tokenized Idol Group project and it will be opened to every community member for greater engagement in August and September.
  • FansTime (FTI) created the history of HADAX and was supported by 14 super nodes and successfully logged into the HADAX Exchange
  • FansTime is a blockchain project of global fan economy that links assets of the real world to the world of digital.
  • FansTime
    Marketing and PR Team, Korea
    Glory Chen, Team Leader
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  • FansTime to Belize dollar ayaa hadda la mid ah 0.001093 Belize dollar oo ku yaal 5 May 2021.
  • Blockchain

    In the future, the FansTime community will launch the community motivation system

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    What is FansTime?

    FansTime is a project that connects fans globally and links assets of the real world to the crypto world.FTI is an official currency in the FansTime ecosystem.

    What is FansTime?

    FansTime is a blockchain project of global fan economy that links assets of the real world to the world of digital.FTI is an official encrypted digital currency in the FansTime ecosystem based on the launch of FansTime Chain.FTI is the official token for any transaction conducted in the ecosystem and the backbone economic system of the ecosystem.

    History of FansTime