Overview of Fantom

  • Fantom blockchain is a layer-1 platform built on an aBFT consensus protocol, called ‘lachesis.’ The Fantom Foundation website states that Fantom’s “speed, low transaction costs, and high throughput make Fantom ideal for DeFi applications as well as real world uses.” In February, Fantom has yielded over 1500% returns for its investors.
  • FANTOM’s onboard TR-REC sequencer is fully modernized with sub-steps for ratcheted parts, motion control for per-step automation, and support for chords.  CONNECTIVITYWhile FANTOM is powerful by itself, its powers grow exponentially when connected to other gear like computers or analog synthesizers.
  • FANTOM focuses on the experience of playing, from its immersive keyboard action to its arsenal of performance controls.Players paradiseFANTOMs have Roland’s best keyboards ever, including the acclaimed PHA-50 on the 88-note model and a brand new semi-weighted action on the 61- and 76-note models.
  • Fantom also employs a feature called Liquid Staking, whereby stakers can mint sFTM at a 1:1 ratio to their staked FTM to be used as collateral in Fantom Finance, which is a suite of DeFi apps provided by Fantom, thus allowing users to get more use out of their staked FTM.
  • FANTOM’s creative process reflects how today’s musicians work, with fluid composition tools, instantly recallable creative environments, and deep computer integration.No modes, just seamless workflowWhen the creative juices are flowing, there should be no barriers.
  • Fantom is EVM compatible to meet the ultimate industry standards, thus, developers are able to instantly deploy Solidity and Vyper smart contracts the same way they would on Ethereum with the tools they are used to, at unrivaled speeds.
  • Fantom has been making waves in the cryptocurrency space due to its lightning-fast transaction processing speeds, and the upgrade still managed to improve performance time by reducing the time to finality to approximately 1 second.
  • Fantom has recently seen significant growth, with hundreds of thousands of transactions now recorded each day compared to just a number of thousand transactions each day earlier this year.
  • Fantom (FTM) announced on April 28 that HyperChain Capital, a digital assets management company, has invested $15 million in the Fantom ecosystem through the purchase of FTM tokens.
  • FANTOM consortium utilized a new technology, CAGE, to reveal that more than 63% of the genome — instead of the known ~1.5% fraction of protein coding exons — is transcribed as RNA.
  • Blockchain

    Quantum Fintech is a crypto hedge fund based in Abu Dhabi, led by Harry Yeh, a supporter of the Fantom Foundation, who personally led the sponsorship efforts.


    Fantom provides a fairly dynamic and lucrative staking structure for users.Users can stake their FTM at-will with a validator node for a 4% annual percentage yield (APY) staking reward, which is a common staking model.However users can also take advantage of Fantom’s Fluid Rewards by choosing to lock up FTM for a predetermined period of time — ranging from two weeks up to a year — to secure higher reward rates up to 12% APY.


    In FANTOM5 we are expanding the efforts made in FANTOM3 and 4 and aim to generate both a map of the majority of human promoters and comparative transcriptional regulatory network models of each cellular state.To achieve this we are carrying out deepCAGE sequencing on the Heliscope true single molecule sequencer on RNA isolated from every major human organ, over 200 cancer cell lines, 30 time courses of cellular differentiation, mouse developmental time courses and over 200 primary cell types.


    FANTOM4 used deepCAGE to monitor the dynamics of transcription start site (TSS) usage during a time course of monocytic differentiation.The expression levels from each promoter and transcription factor binding site predictions were then used to build a transcriptional regulatory network model (Suzuki et al.2009).Additionally, transcription intitiation RNAs, the expression of the ‘repeatome’ and at atlas of combinatorial TF regulation were published in FANTOM4.


    The Roland FANTOM-8 Music Workstation Keyboard is made for rapid production and expressive performance.Inspiring onboard production tools and deep computer integration fuel an experience that feels intuitive, natural, and full of possibilities.The expandable sound engine delivers Roland’s best electronic and acoustic sounds, with the depth and control to combine and shape them in exciting new ways.And it’s built from premium materials, with a purposeful design, and the best 61-, 76-, and 88-note keyboards Roland have ever made.CREATION At every turn, FANTOM fulfills the need to create.Its smooth, rapid workflow has no confusing modes, frustrating technical limits, or trade-offs with sound quality.With FANTOM, you won’t compromise your sound or suffer workarounds due to outdated technical limits.And forget worrying about what features work in which mode.FANTOM is always in full-on creative mode and your workflow stays consistent, no matter what.Make a sceneWhen you’re ready to create, so is FANTOM—and all it takes is a single touch.Your sounds, patterns, and performance layouts are arranged into custom creative spaces called Scenes.A Scene can be an entire song, section of a song, or a starting point with your favorite sounds laid out just how you like.Scenes can be chained together and changed instantly with no gaps or glitches. Everything, alwaysYou shouldn’t have to wonder how many effects are available, or if you can change sounds seamlessly without limiting complex patches.With FANTOM, you can focus on playing music, not rationing processing power.And with so much power under the hood, you can run all 16 parts with all available effects—simultaneously—with full patch-remain for seamless transitions.It’s like having the power of two complete FANTOMs in one.SOUND FANTOM’s flexible and expandable sound engine leverages decades of research and development, dishing out inspiring and authentic electronic, acoustic, and hybrid sounds by the bucketload.Combine different synthesis and sampling technologies along with the onboard analog filter for new and unusual sounds—and take advantage of new sound expansions and capabilities as they arrive.One engine, infinite possibilitiesDrawing from over four decades of genre-defining sounds, FANTOM’s expandable sound engine nails the classic synths but pushes into new sonic territory as well.Roland’s custom Behavior Modeling Chips power FANTOM’s core, with smooth and precise control, loads of polyphony, and full patch-remain.And FANTOM is part of an expandable platform, with new sounds and new possibilities coming.Authentic, evocative soundsFANTOM runs multiple synthesis technologies simultaneously for authentic acoustic and electronic sounds, both modern and classic.You can also sample your own sounds and trigger up to 2 GB worth of loops and one-shots from the pad matrix.There’s a fully routable analog filter for extra warmth and grit, and you can even mix soft synths with FANTOM’s internal sounds.The piano is keyConsidered by many as the king of instruments, piano sits at the heart of the creative process for composers across a range of musical genres.FANTOM uses V-Piano technology for pianos that don’t just sound real, they feel real.Craft pianos that play and respond like their acoustic counterparts and match your personal taste.Sonic superpowersFANTOM’s synth engine is based on partials.Each partial starts with a discrete synth voice–complete with oscillator, filter, amplifier, dual LFO, and effects.You can have up to four partials in a single tone, and a Scene can contain up to 16 tones for complex layers, splits, and sequenced parts.LFOMGLow-frequency oscillators add movement to static sounds.More LFOs mean more modulation possibilities and more ways to explore new ground.FANTOM has two LFOs per partial, four partials per tone—and since you can stack 16 tones, that’s a staggering 128 LFOs per voice.And FANTOM’s Step-LFOs have 16 steps of beat-synced automation with 37 curve choices per step.This creates long evolving passages, modular-style animated textures, and sounds with deeply intricate movement.PLAYABILITYAfter sound quality, what’s more important than playability?The way an instrument feels under your fingers, and how it helps you express yourself, is vital.Each feels solid, precise, and supremely playable, with the expressive capabilities of aftertouch.Roland make their own keyboards to exacting standards, each model an evolution of the previous generation.High-res, hands-on controlFANTOM has plenty of knobs and sliders for intuitive and immediate control, with high-resolution for buttery-smooth sweeps and fine adjustments.There’s a dedicated synthesizer section with oscillator, filter, and envelope controls, along with numerous buttons and pads for triggering and sequencing.Go ahead and express yourselfThere are many ways to play expressively on keyboards.Some players like levers, some like wheels, some prefer pedals, while others prefer aftertouch.With FANTOM, you can use any of them—or all of them.You can even connect USB controllers to any of FANTOM’s three USB ports for enhanced expression.SEQUENCINGFANTOM is a complete musical composition platform that excels at fast creation and fluid arrangement.You have RGB pads, a classic TR-REC style pattern sequencer, real-time recording with piano-roll editing, and a grid for recording and launching clips.Use any or all, whenever you want.From spark to fireDifferent musical genres need diverse production styles and specialized tools.You can create patterns on FANTOM in a variety of ways including real and step-time polyphonic sequencing, or the TR-REC pattern sequencer—perfect for rhythmic parts—as used on iconic drum machines.Clip-based sequencingA great way to build up a track is by arranging clips that contain musical patterns.Drums, basslines, pads, and other patterns can be recorded into clips that you can trigger individually, or in groups.It’s a lightning-fast way to compose and ideal for triggering backing tracks during live performance.TR-REC step-sequencerThe foundation of dance music is the step-sequencer, specifically the 16-step TR-REC variety found on drum machines like the TR-808, TR-909 and modern TR-8S.FANTOM can control software synthesizers directly from the touchscreen, drive modular and analog synthesizers from its dual CV/Gate outputs, and is also a high-quality audio interface capable of 16 stereo outputs and 3 stereo inputs.Computer expertFANTOM doesn’t just work with computers—it fully integrates.It’s a high-quality 16×3 stereo audio interface and can control DAWs and plug-ins from its touchscreen.It can integrate soft synths into Scenes, and send parts composed on FANTOM directly to your DAW.Deep soft synth integrationCustomize your sound by integrating your plug-in soft synths with FANTOM.Control Apple Logic Pro, GarageBand, and MainStage, and adjust soft synth parameters right from FANTOM’s touchscreen.Mix and layer soft synths with FANTOM’s internal sounds, and then route them through FANTOM’s analog filter section.Dual CV/GateWhile FANTOM provides enormous creative potential, you may also want to integrate analog synths or drum machines with your setup.FANTOM has two sets of CV/Gate outputs, so you can sync tempo or play them from FANTOM’s keyboard or its many pattern sequencers.DESIGN A clean and intuitive layout, premium materials, and best-ever keyboard action.The result?An instrument that begs to be played.Everything in its placeFANTOM is designed to propel the creative process and play beautifully.The placement of each control, and how it interacts with the creative heart inside FANTOM, has been thoroughly considered with today’s workflow in mind.Built to lastFANTOM is made of tough metal with high-grade components throughout.Everything about it is sturdy and built to withstand the perils of live gigs and life on the road.It’s the little thingsThe more you get to know FANTOM, the more you appreciate the thoughtful details that simplify your life as a keyboardist.From the slight curvature of the top-panel labels for rear connections, to the informative RGB-lit controls and buttons, FANTOM facilitates creativity and eliminates frustration.Firmware 2.0 Update


    “In 2017, I looked at technologies that could overcome the limitations of earlier blockchain platforms, specifically scalability issues that would hinder a wider adoption.I identified in Fantom, that features a revolutionary aBFT consensus fully compatible with Ethereum, an ideal candidate for a blockchain platform that could scale and serve millions of users with almost instant and almost free transactions,” says Stelian Balta of Hyperchain Capital, another early Fantom investor.

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    How Is the Fantom Network Secured?

    Fantom uses a bespoke variety of proof-of-stake algorithm to provide services and secure its network.Known as Lachesis, it is an example of a so-called asynchronous byzantine fault tolerant (aBFT) consensus mechanism.

    How Many Fantom (FTM) Coins Are There In Circulation?

    FTM is a proof-of-stake (PoS) token which in fact exists in several incarnations.

    How to buy FTM? How to store FTM?

    You can buy FTM on all major cryptocurrency exchanges.The exchange with the most volume and lowest slippage is Binance.You can buy FTM using BTC, ETH, USDT, or BNB.See this list to learn what other exchanges you can use to purchase FTM.

    What Is Fantom (FTM)?

    Fantom is a directed acyclic graph (DAG) smart contract platform providing decentralized finance (DeFi) services to developers using its own bespoke consensus algorithm.

    What is Fantom?

    Fantom is an elegant open source, object-oriented, software language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

    What Is Fantom?

    Fantom is a decentralized, permissionless, open-source smart contract platform for decentralized applications (dApps) and digital assets — one of many blockchain networks built to provide an alternative to Ethereum.The Fantom blockchain mainnet went live in December 2019 and its network architecture intends to provide a viable solution to the blockchain trilemma by providing a steady balance of scalability, security, and decentralization.

    What is FTM?

    FTM is the primary token on the Fantom network.FTM is used for securing the network through staking, for governance, for payments, and for fees.

    What is it?

    The latest version of Roland’s Fantom synth workstation has a brand-new, more direct interface, new sound engines and lots of connectivity/integration to bring things up-to-date.We’re looking at the 88-note Fantom-8 here, but you can also buy the Fantom-7 and Fantom-6, which have 76 and 61 keys respectively.

    What Makes Fantom Unique?

    Fantom attempts to use a new scratch-built consensus mechanism to facilitate DeFi and related services on the basis of smart contracts.

    What’s the process?

    On Fantom, you can access DeFi and trade directly from your wallet.

    Where Can You Buy Fantom (FTM)?

    Fantom’s FTM token is freely tradeable, and can be found on major exchanges such as Binance, and OKEx Korea.

    Which website?

    This website exists to provide easy access to community resources about Fantom.

    Who Are the Founders of Fantom?

    The Fantom Foundation was founded by South Korean computer scientist Dr.Ahn Byung Ik.Currently, the platform’s CEO is Michael Kong.

    History of Fantom

  • In 1989, British-born James Dyson (inventor of dual-cyclone vacuums) and Canada’s IONA Appliances (the predecessor of Fantom Technologies) made a licensing deal in which the company would manufacture and sell a line of commercial dual-cyclonic upright vacuums called Vectron, for SC Johnson Wax, on which Dyson held the patent.
  • In 1995, the vacuum was renamed the Fantom Thunder (AKA Kenmore Destiny).
  • In 1996, IONA Appliances became Fantom Technologies, Inc.