Overview of FFGame

  • Are you ready for the flight?

    The people who founded Asmodee, Fantasy Flight Games and Edge Entertainment are role-players.Maybe you are old enough to remember the historical catalogues of these companies with hundreds of role-playing game books that went through the hands of these teams.

    Can I play Garena Free Fire on PC?

    Garena Free Fire can be played on PC or Laptop using the official emulator provided by Garena.Apart from the official emulator, Free Fire can be played using the GameLoop emulator or BlueStacks.

    Is Garena Free Fire free to play?

    Yes, one can play Garena Free Fire for free by downloading the Free Fire App on their Android or iOS devices. Although the game is free-to-play, there are micro-transactions available in the game.

    Is Garena Free Fire offline?

    No, Garena Free Fire is an online multiplayer game.

    Is there any Garena Free Fire Tournament?

    Apart from local and regional tournaments such as Copa America and Free Fire Indian Championship, there are many big tournaments that are held internationally, most notably the Free Fire World Cup that is held annually.

    What are the characters available in Free Fire?

    As of now(January 13), there are characters available in the game.

    What are the maps available in Free Fire?

    There are two permanent maps on Free Fire as of now(January 13, 2020) and a new map Kalahari is in development.

    What is an advanced server in Free Fire?

    Advanced server is basically a public beta server, where everything that hits the live server, goes on the Advanced server.Anyone interested in acquiring an account on an Advanced server can pre-register on the official Advanced Server page setup by Garena. Only limited players are accepted by Garena in one batch and the best bet to get inside the Advanced is to register every time Garena opens a new batch.

    What is the total player base of Free Fire?

    As of August 2019, Free Fire has over 450 million registered users, and over 50 million daily active players.

    Which FF game do you want to play AFTER completing FF12?

    Maybe it's my love for Ivalice, but I always feel like playing original Tactics after this game.Being new to TZA I'm compelled to do a Minus run after this, but I always itch to play FF Tactics after FF12.

    Who are some of the popular Free Fire streamers?

    Free Fire has a huge community and plenty of streamers have made their name playing the game.

    History of FFGame