Overview of Flits

  • Flits is the first decentralized mobile Masternode and Staking app that provides is users with a convenient and secure way of earning passive income with crypto!Because the Flits app is based on a deterministic wallet principle, you will be provided with a seed phrase.
  • FLITS Vocational Training Institute is the perfect training outlet in Colombo for a bright future paved in Engineering, Business Management, Information Technology, English and other related fields.
  • Flits is a Shopify app to manage and style your customer account page and improve retention by setting up loyalty, referral, wishlist and social login for your store customers.
  • FlitsApp leverages the decentralization feature of blockchain to give users total control of their wallets and ensure anonymity and security while transacting.
  • FLITS is backed by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission in Sri Lanka and is also endorsed by the City and Guilds-UK and ABE-UK.
  • Flits has lessons which motivate, lead to good reading results and do justice to the big differences in reading levels between children.
  • Flits of one
    message have the same color, although there may be more than one message
    of that color within the network at once.
  • Flits is an innovative method for reading in primary education and is available for the learning groups 4 until 8.
  • Flits offer a 2-factor authentication that features passcode and biometrics (fingerprints and face scan).
  • Flits, today, has proven itself to be a trustful, secure and safe partner for every crypto enthusiast.
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    Are there fees for holding coins?

    No! – It’s completely free to use the Flits app for safely storing your cryptocurrency.Only when you want to use our services we charge the fees.

    Can I get a invoice?

    Invoices will soon be available in the app.For this we need you to enter a invoice address.The invoice will include VAT when applicable.

    Can these prices change?

    There can be specific coins that require more server resources, and will therefore get charged more.We will always inform you about that in time.Flits always holds the right to change pricing.

    How can we pay for the fees?

    We have a internal credits system for the masternode fees.1 credit pays for 1 day of hosting per node, and a credit is priced $0.10.For staking you pay 5% when you withdraw your coins back to your wallet.You only pay this over your rewards, not over the initial stake.

    How does it work?

    Start using Flits and take your cryptocurrency everywhere.Start using Flits and take your cryptocurrency everywhere.

    How does it work?

    Start using Flits and take your cryptocurrency everywhere.


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    Want to dive in?

    Download Flits now and start earning and managing your crypto on the go.

    History of Flits